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Thursday, November 18, 2010


1. Christina Aguilera  2. Black Friday ads (better get used to this) 3.Amy Winehouse ((gettin' drunk again)
4. Rachel Zoe  5. Harry Potter (who cares) 6. Mario Lopez  7. George H. W. Bush (did he die?why else would anyone be searching for him?)  8. Beaujolais Nouveuea  9. Credit check  10. Stock ticker (ticker shock?)
    Every time I post a comment, to a blog and it is not a rarity, I have to enter in some stupid captcha or whateverthef they call them...being a the foremost blogocryptologist I have decided to interpret and define some of these words...this is this weeks sample in...


hipotlin   fr bloggerese   (hip o tlin) A naturally occurring substance found in the excrement of hypocrites. *Although "Huge"  had no cancerous cells around his anus, his head had significant levels of hipotlin*

thoingl   fr bloggerese   (thoing l)  The part of a thong that actually touches the taint. *Damn, my thong broke at the thoingl; looks like its PantiesFree Thursday

rutgrat   fr bloggerese   (rut grat) The stuff that collects on your shoes when you are walking the rut (doing your job). *I had to throw out the last pair of work shoes away cuz they were covered in rutgrat.* 

viscog  fr bloggerese   (vis cog) Short for visionary cognition which is also known as Nostrodamusing.  *My dreams are just viscogs, what I see will be.*

shiesses   fr bloggerese   (shi ess es) The act of straightening your hair with hot flat iron. *Conking may have been popular in the 60's but now everyone shiesess their hair.*

moonsdo   fr bloggerese   (moons do) The sheen of your hair in a full moon glow. *The Prom queens new style hair was spectacular in the moonsdo just before she was bathed in pigs blood.*

freebu   fr bloggerese   (free bu) When a guys sack falls out of his shorts and is visible to the world. *While Jeff was playing b-ball in his 70's era shorts he  tripped and there was a freebu incident drawing gasps from the crowd, and a more than a few people threw up in their mouths a little..

Quintera   fr bloggerese   (quint era) The section of the first Jaws movie when Quint was alive. The Quintera ended with Bruce the shark chopping Quint in half..

The best words are words that paint a picture all by themselves...jus' sayin'...


  1. LOL, u know what I hate is when u type in those letters the blog has nerve to say u didn't read the letters right! what nerve..

  2. That's's quiet interesting actually to come up with own definitions, I had read another post of similar kind by another's really annoying to type word verification though...
    I know I have it too..but oh well..

  3. KBH- yeah ikr? they think they know everything damn blogs..

    BH- yup, i think they are a pain but they do help from getting spammed...the worst thing is unless i magnify the screen my old eyes have a tough time reading them...

  4. Hate those captchas, ESP when trying to comment on the ipad


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