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Wednesday, November 2, 2011

just because...

i can...does not mean i should...
but i will anyway.
you're not the boss of me!

here it goes!

hellloooo blog world.

(i hear crickets...)

trending NOOOOOO!!!!!

1.      Megan Fox (is stalking me…again…i know she is hot and all, but i'm married...)
2.      Khloe Kardash… (fucking who cares about this hose bag stop. just. fucking. stop!)
3.      TJ Houshmandzada (making a comeback!)
4.      Zooey Deschanel (is having a baby…I swear it is not mine...)
5.      FBI and Juggalos (the posse is a gang? say it ain’t so, Joe)
6.      Jerry Seinfeld (new sit come in the works...)
7.      Supermassive black holes (suck)
8.      4G phones (suck even more than super massive black holes)
9.      HIV and teens (keep it in your pants, kids!)
10.   Heart disease (is a killer)

i have been busy.

i would tell you what i have been doing but then i would have to kill you...

the other day i was just sitting around wondering what it was like before i had a cell phone. or a smart phone.

i hate my smart phone.

with a passion.

that can kill whole societies.

smart phones suck for 2 reasons.

1. they cost more for service...
2. they do not make my morning toast.

there may be more. but those are the two biggest complaints i have.


that means my life is not so bad.

if you can only complain about your smartass phone.

things be pretty godamngood!

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Just Another Dog In Puppydise