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Wednesday, September 10, 2014

play...just play!

tUcKeR says: it is raining...whats the big deal? lets go out and play daddy!

daddy says: Remember when we had to live without the pocket 'puter. i could go out and be away from my job. I could actually disappear...

 tUcKeR says: i don't remember that...any what? i. want. to. play! i only get 10 or so years and I am already nearly 5, so lets get on with it! lets go sniff some stuff and chase that black cat next door...

daddy says: I can't right now buddy, I have work to do.

tUcKeR says: you suck!
daddy says: I know, buddy, I know...

tUcKeR says: harrrumph!
daddy says: sorry buddy...but... it is what it is...

just play!
just another dog in puppydise!