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Thursday, December 26, 2013

merry merry HO HO HO!

still alive
still a puppy!
hey everyone!
merry Christmas and all that jazz.
me and daddy tried to bloggerer yesterday and the 'puter was not co-operating. we (meaning daddy) got pissed off.  so no post.

mommy and daddy went to grama's house and I had to stay home. i openeded a bunch of my presents, even tho they were on top of daddy's chest of drawers, and ate all the snacky-wacks that were in the packages.

then i got pukin' sick!

merry Christmas mommy n' daddy! that will show youze guyz to leave me home.

daddy has been very busy and i have been kinda bored.

I hope that everyone got all the chewy toys and skeakers they wanted for Christmas and enjoyed the time spent with family. licky licks and wet noses all around!

mylibean and mr. saturday were not home for Christmas, and i missed them.

happy new year and all that! HO HO HO!

Just Another Dog in Puppydise