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Monday, February 10, 2014

snow day(s)!

i am tUcKeR. i am a was a puppy!

i know, you all think i am still  a puppy, but i am 4 years old now, and i think big dog thoughts!

i was a puppy before but  now i am a big dog!

i am adulthooded!

daddy is busy doing daddy things, cuz he is busy...busy busy busy!

no time for tUcKeR... so i decided to bloggerer a blog!

i will tell it like it is...

my dogvise to you whiny little bitches...(see how i did that, with a dog reference?  but i used it to describe your behavior?...when daddy is not watching, i do whats i want! when i wants! i roll like a big dog!)

see... I am a big dog! i used big dog words...i am soppissticated! 


love the snow, and quit whining.

it is winter, get used to it.

me? i have been loving up me some snow!
always IPP!

be ready for everything!

 the world DOGMANATOR!
wait. what? what WAS that.
try to catch a snowflake on your tongue! it is easier if you have a big tongue but i betcha can do it!
yummy snow! take a bite out of life! every day is precious snow or no snow!
always smell it first! and don't eat it if it smells like pee or poop!

mark your territory!!!
when ya gotta go, ya gotts ta go!

well... I gotta go!
till next time!

Just Another Dog In Puppidise!