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Sunday, February 17, 2013

tUcKeR is not doing his job and writing this blog like he promised.

but he is a puppy and it is winter so there are all kinds of things to do that do not involve writing and blogging.

btw he just turned 3!
that is like 21 in dog years

and like 36 in marriage years...

you know,

marriage years: the number of years, AFTER year one, cuz everyone is happy for the first year, you feel you have aged for every year you are married.

I have been devoting my blogging brain to  My business blog...

Which is not, contrary to popular belief, Yams (and a very special shout out to the simple dude.
if you don't read the simple dude, you are missing one of the best blogs in the blog-o-world...)


However, in my travels recently i saw this...

people need to be instructed on not leaving our baby unattended?

not much else to say, as i have been pretty busy doing work type stuff...

semi-retirement is killing me.
at least the semi work part is...

i turned 3 last month...
here i was a little puppy!
Just Another Dog In Puppydise!
Justt Another Day In Paradise!