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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

2sDaY with tUcKeR 9 20

trending nooooo!!!!
1.      Brooke Burke  (Emmy bullshit)
2.      Julie Bowen (Emmy bullshit)
3.      Jeff Conaway  (Emmy bullshit)
4.      Julianna Margulies (Emmy bullshit)
5.      Retirement plans (ROB A BANK!)
6.      Melissa McCarthy (who cares)
7.      Dancing With the stars (another stupid reality???? Show that just plain sucks)
8.      Stress (kills)
9.      Cam Newton (Fig Newton, whatever)
10.   $3 trillion (is a metricfuckton of debt)

is it hockey season yet?
i am tucker. i am a puppy. not a little puppy, but a big puppy! i go on trips all over the world. i go everywhere! i am a superpuppy that travels! i have been to places that most other dogs will never go. cuz that is how i roll. i tell daddy where we are going and he takes me there!

(no tucker, no, you do not. you do not go all over the world. and i still decide when and where you go...sheesh...some puppies....)

last weekend we went to ANARCHY ISLAND! it is in  a special place way far away from where daddy and i live. we have to drive a long time to get there. like i try to sleep but it is hard. i am excited. it is my second time to go. last year there were all kinds of other dogs there. this year it will just be me.

daddy says what happeneded on ANARCHY ISLAND, stays on ANARCHY ISLAND!

we go there to fish and relax.

well daddy likes to relax.  and we both like to fish.

i like to run and search for all kinds of stuff. and chase squirrels. and snifferer all kinds of things. daddy sits around and i run around.

it works.

i know.
daddy says it shoulda been a pirate flag.
but this is all we had.

sometimes you just make do with what you got. if you do not have a bunch, then a little is all right.  Daddy and i did not have much, but it sure took a long time to get there and get the boat loaded and unloaded. Daddy said i am not a very good helperer, cuz i just want to play and run.


that is what i do. i am a puppy. i am very good at playin. daddy took lots of breaks, like he always does, and was always panting. i only pant when i do lots of runnin' or it is very hot.

it was not very hot. and i did not see daddy run.

he kinda moved fast a couple times, like when i jumped off the boat to shore and daddy did not have it tied off yet.

daddy moved really fast then.

he grabbeded a tree and the boat and nearly fell in the river. he said some of his favorite words and his face turned all red and he was panting. tolded me i was a bad puppy.

then i lickity licked his face and he laughed.

i could tell you more of what happeneded on anarchy island, but then i would have to kill you...

what happeneded on ANARCHY ISLAND, stays on ANARCHY ISLAND!

Monday, September 19, 2011

football is back...


the LIONS rrrrrrrreally won!!!


1.      Frances Bay (dies)
2.      Sofia Vergara (has a girl crush)
3.      Michael Vick (took a licking and did not keep ticking)
4.      Lea Michele (can you say cat fight?)
5.      Stock prices (crashing…invest in canned food and bottled water)
6.      Jada Pinkett Smith (hot and Preggers)
7.      Mariano Rivera (I’d rather have papa grande!)
8.      401(k) plans (buy a gun you’re gonna need it more than the IMAGINARY money in your 401 k)
9.      St. Louis Rams (moving again)
10.   Austin City Limits (hey all you hippie jujubes, lose the patchouli oil, please) 

a 2-0 start?
the lions?

"The worst was 2000, with an ending loss to Chicago and a 9-7 record. Instead of the playoffs, they got Matt Millen."     source

not to gloat, but WOW!

oh yeah and 

go jets, too!


(you'll just have to read it won't ya!)