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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

2sDaY with tUcKeR 7 28

1.     John Wayne  (STILL DEAD)
2.     Megan Fox (hot, but way too bitchy)
3.     Charlie Sheen (poor bastard)
4.     Jennifer Aniston (new tattoo…I- HEART- B­-R-U-C-E)
5.     Pope tweet (FUCKIN KIDDING, RIGHT?)
6.     Rachel Weisz (secret marriage to ????)
7.     Amanda Knox (knoxed up?)
8.     Smartphone stocks (plummet as new dumb phone technology hits the market)
9.     NFL lockout (thank fucking GOD for NHL)
10.  Casey Anthony (guilty!)

i am tucker.
i am a puppy...
world dogmanator!

hi ya
misseded me?
i misseded
youz guyz!

i know i have been gone for a while, but i am a very busy puppy! daddy is not still feeling well, but we have been fishin a lot!

we spend a lot of time casting, but not a lot of time catching!

me and daddy...

a super beautiful sunset!

me watching my pole!
i think i got a hit!

a super beautiful sunrise!

i sometimes control the trolling motor!
sometimes i just stare at the lake!

after a long fishin trip...
i take a nap!

congrats to the boston bruins fans...
next year the cup comes back to