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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

2sDaY with tUcKeR 7 28

1.     John Wayne  (STILL DEAD)
2.     Megan Fox (hot, but way too bitchy)
3.     Charlie Sheen (poor bastard)
4.     Jennifer Aniston (new tattoo…I- HEART- B­-R-U-C-E)
5.     Pope tweet (FUCKIN KIDDING, RIGHT?)
6.     Rachel Weisz (secret marriage to ????)
7.     Amanda Knox (knoxed up?)
8.     Smartphone stocks (plummet as new dumb phone technology hits the market)
9.     NFL lockout (thank fucking GOD for NHL)
10.  Casey Anthony (guilty!)

i am tucker.
i am a puppy...
world dogmanator!

hi ya
misseded me?
i misseded
youz guyz!

i know i have been gone for a while, but i am a very busy puppy! daddy is not still feeling well, but we have been fishin a lot!

we spend a lot of time casting, but not a lot of time catching!

me and daddy...

a super beautiful sunset!

me watching my pole!
i think i got a hit!

a super beautiful sunrise!

i sometimes control the trolling motor!
sometimes i just stare at the lake!

after a long fishin trip...
i take a nap!

congrats to the boston bruins fans...
next year the cup comes back to


  1. omigod tucker, you look so handsome in that jersey!

    say hi to your dad for me :)

  2. Gl@d you've h@d the stre*gth to t@ke the puppy fishi*g. Good to h@ve 8lessi*gs to cou*t. Miss you 8oth 8u*ches. :)

  3. Tucker, I am glad you are back. I like the new name as well.

    With fishing you have to understand that it is 5% catching fish and 95% relaxing and spending time with who you are with. The fish come with time but the memories are priceless.

    Take care of your dad!!!

  4. Tucker - You had me all the way up until your Stanley Cup prediction. I think you meant to say the cup will be coming to the State Of Hockey (Minnesota) next year.

    Keep up the fishing - and good luck with the catching!


  5. Tucker! Yay! Good puppy! What a fun time it looks like you are having fishing with your Daddy. You are a handsome pup for sure. Enjoy your summer and your fun fishing days. I am sorry, I love ya, but I bet you a new chew toy that the cup is coming to the city of Brotherly Love. Sorry sweets.

  6. TUCKER!!!
    Lickity, lickity, lick, lick! Hugs too. I missed you buddy ... bigtime. It's really good to see you and YAY more pictures.

    Fishing huh? Are you sure that's not a fish story? LOL I guess it can't be a fish story since you have the pictures to prove it.

    Yep, fishing is one of those "It's not the destination, it's the journey" things. Always more casting than catching, but out there on the water ... the world is your oyster, yesiree.

    Can you send some Puppy love Moppet's way? She's getting better and I think she's going to make it now but she's still feeling a bit rough. She could use some puppy vibes.

    Welcome back Tuck ... you are the World Dogmanator

  7. Welcome back Tucker! Love your hockey prediction you smart puppy!!!

  8. Hi Tuck so ya been going fishing alot but not catching much well that's not the point of fishing I know that sounds silly but for a lot of daddy's they like fishing because it can be peaceful....
    water is peaceful and relaxing unless you're drowning then it is just scary well until you die then there is peace........ok I have no idea how I managed to get onto death so I will leave now backing away saying not

  9. Tucker! My favourite puppy after my Shiloh and Loki, long time no hear. Tell Daddy hi from us. Miss you guys but glad you were both able to get out fishing. Hope Daddy is starting to feel better :)

  10. My lovely Tucker, so happy to see that Daddy has given in and given you his JADIP blog just for you.
    That will give daddy more time for fishing and drinking and mancave stuff.
    Now you have to be nice to the postman in the next couple of weeks as there is a little parcel coming for you and Daddy. But no chewing it ok.
    Hugs and cuddles and licks

  11. Jasper and I are jealous of your life Tuck!

  12. Tucker, you are good company for Daddy when he's not feeling well. Sorry to hear, Daddy! The pics are great and that fresh air helps I hope. Not the pain but the breathing? Chat soon and take care of yourself!!!

  13. YEAH!! It is soooo good to see TucKeR 2sDaY again! I have missed it, and am sending a big lickety lick your way and a big hug Daddy's way. :-) Tucker, you are such a good, caring boy for taking Daddy fishing. It is good to get him out of the house when he's up for it. Oh, and those bright, little things with feathers are not toys....

  14. awww, what a nice freckled puppy tongue!
    hugs and love to the puppy daddy, and catch one thiiiiiiiiiiiiissssssssssss big!

  15. Adoooooooooooooooorable.

    That is all.

    Carry on.


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