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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

2sDaY with TuCkEr 2 08

TRENDING NO!!!!!!! TRENDING NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!
1.Egypt constitution (moving toward democracy)

2. Darth Vader (best commercial)
3. Cameron Diaz (feeds a rod)
4.Toyota recall (sushi the culprit, not electronics)
5.Katy Perry (has big boobs)
6.Fergie (arrested for drunk driving!)
7.Avril Lavigne (nudie pics!)
8.Insider trading ( is illegal? Damn…)
9. Selena Gomez (is dating Justin Bieber and finds that JB is really a girl)
10.Regis & Kelly (have been having an affair for years)

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Welcome new BIA

Tucker and SnowmageddonEleven

i need more toys!
my birthday is soon!
 from girls and boys!
your presents a boon
you know im a nut!
just taking a rest
am i cute or what?
oh yes im the BEST!

I am tucker. I am a puppy. I had a lot of fun this week. Puppies always have fun. Life is fun for puppies. At least most of the time.


I will be having a birthday on 2-12-2011.You can buy me chew-y stuffies! I love them!

This week I survived SnowmageddonEleven! It was awe.some! and fun! Daddy says this huge storm was an early birthday present for me!

before anyone came out i made sure it was safe!
cuz i am a good puppy!
I played dog of the hill! I always win at dog of the hill! I. am. awesome!

go ahead,
take your best shot!
im dog of the hill
and you are not!

I flew through the air, cuz I was SuperDog!

i was flying around like superdog!

I loved this week! I went sledding!

sledding down the hill!
you wish you were me!
SnowmageddonEleven was fun
for this one puppy!

One other fun thing that happened this week was I watched puppybowl VII. Daddy and I watched the second quarter? There was a black puppy that looked a.lot. like me! But small and baby puppy-ish. So not really so much like me...Cuz I am getting big.

Remember I also like skeakers and squeakers! See you next week when I am no longer a puppy!

Just Another Dog in Puppydise


  1. Looks like Tuck likes the snow? Took my cat out in the little snow we had and she freaked! lol

  2. Hey Tuck, don't eat the yellow snow.

  3. There's no need to fear, reincarnated Underdog is here!

  4. You'll always be a puppy to me, cutiepie.~

    PS-I love the dog on the hill pic!

  5. Oh Tucker, that snow looks like so much fun. Happy birthday beautiful puppy. Oh I know, you are getting grown up but you can still have lots of puppy fun

  6. sounds like lots of fun and happy birthday tucker

  7. Tucker can come to South Carolina and play on the beach chasing seagulls for his birffday.

  8. AWESOME Tucker shots! Especially Dog of the Hill that one puts me there. Happy Happy birthday Tuck, may you never lose your sense of FUN. Tell Daddy I said he needs to give you a steak bone for your birthday ... he'll know I'm right (I'd mail you one but it'd be right nasty by the time it got there)

  9. What great photos! I think Tucker may love the snow more than just about anybody.

  10. This just makes the world a better place to be Bruce.

    I can't thank you enough for posting Tucker's escapades.



    Your birthday is just 2 days after mine Tuck! We are best friends you and me. I just decided.

  12. TuckMonster replies!

    Kalie's Best Friend-Kitties are not puppies so they don't like snow! i have not seen my kittyfriend abner since is snowed.

    Oilfield Trash-I don't eat yellow snow...i am a smart puppy!

    G-I am the new underdog!

    Katsidhe-woof! dog of the hill!

    Mynx-daddy says all i do is have fun! that wil not change!

    Becca-thank you!

    Bouncin' Barb-both mommy and daddy say they want to go right. now. I think it would be so much fun!

    Mustang Sally-daddy says he will eat a t-bone for my birthday, and give me the bone!i love to have fun!

    On My Soap Box-I love the snow! more than anypuppy!

    She Writes-daddy says hello! thanks for stoppping by! and i can't think of anyone who cand blame me..

    Skippy Mom-(daddy says) you are most welcome...comments like yours make me smile, and the world needs more smiles! (tucker says) I am the best puppy in the world!

    Shelby-saaaweet! throw me the ball. throw me the ball. throw me the ball.!

  13. Hey, hon! I tried to email you, but I don't think your email is turned on for blogger. me because I have info about a work at home opportunity that you might be interested in.

    Tell the Tuckmonster I said Happy Bday (cuz I might forget by Saturday)!

  14. the snow looks amazing - following

  15. Happy birthday, Tuck! Bring your dad a dead squirrel to celebrate. He'll love that.

  16. Happy soon birthday Tucker! You just wait! I'll get you the biggest baddest bone when I can! It won't be this year...but SOON! You keep playing in that snow.

    visions unto myself

  17. I don't know about how anyone else feels, but, let's pretend that I was a member of Black Eyed Peas. I would have been arrested for Public Intox because, I would not get in my car, but I would have hammered, and I would have gone public to apologize.

    Bappy Hirthday Tuck Monster. I can't believe it, daddy's little boy is almost all growed up.

  18. mrs hyde-(tucker says)thanks for the work idea for daddy. i like when he is home. (daddy says) you are a doll and i will check it out!

    G-welcome aboard! the snow is amazing..if you are a puppy!

    Beer 4 shower-Mr squirel has been hiding lately or i WOULD!

    kara-where's the bone? where's the bone? where's the bone?

    ib-(daddy says) i hear ya...mebbe a specail edition saturday wushi finger is needed! tucker says thanks!

  19. Happy birthday Tucker! Have a nice day officially not being a puppy anymore. Glad you had fun in the snow!

    The Adorkable Ditz' Missteps

  20. You'll always be a pup at heart, Tuck! Bailey is 2 and she still has tons of fun every day. Happy early birthday!

  21. krissy - thanks! i am sure that i will be a puppy for.!


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