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Wednesday, January 4, 2012

so then there is that...


so then there is that.

1.      Kim Kardashian (who the fuck cares what she is doing? Stop her insanity!, Annie, get your gun!)
2.      Dakota Fanning (Preggers)
3.      Yeti crabs (good eating, if you don’t mind the mercury)
4.      Eva Mendes (keeps calling me)
5.      Gold prices (plummet among fears that the stock market and economy will rebound)
6.      Mountain Dew (a full days’ supply of vitamin S)
7.      iPad rumors (have implanted tracking devices, big bro IS watching you)
8.      Gastric bypass surgery (who needs a full stomach? most of the world goes to bed hungry)
9.      Katy Perry (divorcing/Preggers/dead…pick one)
10.   Ron Paul (bitch slaps Mitt Romney and Michelle Bachman!)

overheard while watching MSU Spartans bowl game..yeah, don't ask which game it was, cuz i think it was the UPS/fritos/reebok/cancer awareness/kim-jong-ill bowl.

fuck! remember when all the bowl games could be played in 2 days?

i digress...

"Florida Gators vs Ohio State Buckeyes is like Satan vs Hitler...who cares who loses....mebbe they both will..."

so then there is that.

"if the Mayans calendar was so dead on balls accurate, why did they not predict their own demise at the hands of the greedy Spaniards?"

good question.

imagine being the Mayan guy that had to project that damn thing out til 2012...yeah, it is job security, but seriously? talk about a boring job...

so then there is that.

remember when a stadium was named for the team that played in it, like Tiger Stadium,  or some famous local person, like Joe Louis Arena?

now they are named all stupid and stuff like the "conglomerated federated multi-national first mercantile credit union diversified corporational synergy group place/arena/stadium"


everything is for sale. and we have allowed it to get so outta hand...

the greedocracy is rampant...

anyone that thinks any of these bozos that are running for presidential office have even the tiniest care for your interest need to re-think it.

Michelle Bachman Turner Underdrive withdraws from her presidential bid...mebbe that other loopy-bitch stupid palin will wise up too and drop out.

if only their daddy's had pulled out...

the richtards that are currently fighting within party lines, jockeying for position, to represent their party's agenda, will soon be pointing their vitriol laden vocalities at the other party.


it is a total fuckeroo...

how does this skullfuckery even come close to solving the problems of our nation....

oh that is does not...

so then there is that.

mebbe Hitler and Satan did both lose in the mutligrain cheerios/greengiant/dupont/outlook/microapple bowl...


mebbe the Mayan calendar is right and the world does end on or about December 21, 2012...


and mebbe the next POTUSA will save our country.


so then there is that.

Just another day in Paradise
Just another dog in Puppydise

Tuesday, January 3, 2012


and beer...

a free verse of sorts....

(not to be confused with FREEBIRD!!!!)


I am watching hockey today.

and drinking a few beers. 

well, tonight really.

focus bruce....


it is really all we have.

well, and beer, too.

we plan for tomorrow, 
dream of the someday, 
and hope for the future.

it all comes down today.

i was watching hockey one year ago today.

and enjoying a beer

it is what i do.
with a lot of my today's....

one year ago today I discovered a tumor.

one year ago today my life completely changed.

one year ago today, i stopped looking 5 years ahead.

and all the other beers i did not have.

and started focusing on today.
and the beer in front of me.

i hope i have a lot more today's.

and a lot more beers.

but i will be happy with the number i have already shared.

with all special people in my life.

and hey....

at least i did not discover flesh eating zombies...

that would REALLY suck.

just another day in paradise
just another dog in puppydise..