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Friday, March 18, 2011

thematic thursday 137 late 3 17

1.Christina Applegate (declines comment on world peace)

2.Sandra Bullock (is having MY baby!)
3.Tiger Woods (is having more affairs)
4.Katherine Heigl (was MY surrogate mom, second choice)
5.GM trucks (break down as much as any other trucks)
6.Katie Holmes (is really too skinny)
7.Kevin Costner (WTF…seriously? Hottest actor of 2011?)
8.Stand By Me (oh, won’t you?)
9.Currency markets (fluctuate like a fifteen year old girls mind)
10.CH-47 Chinook helicopter (I have one for sale on craigslist, cheap!)

this week the JADIP blog is sponsored by

Brandon and Bryan
funny and well just flat out funny!

 Or you can go here.  i don't know what this link is? but i left it here for someone's amusment...mine or yours...IDK, R?

this weeks theme is late...and guess what, i am late...i know it is not thursday!

that is funny!

daddy's take!
is it too late to move somewhere hot?
to pull up roots?
to just be gone?
i'm frozen here, i would say, NOT!

tuckers takes!
on a snow hill
i am a king
you can call me
tucker king!
on this mound
i move about
watching me is

daddy took this picture
too late!
i move fast
cuz im so great!

the snow 's gone soon
and you will miss it
it is not too late
to go and kiss it
 issues have abounded this week and tucker has gone on strike for more scooby snacks...the little treat whore! if i did not have mr squirrel and mrs bunny running around outside like the second coming of jesus, i would not even be able to get this post out...

this may be my last JADIP post for a while...i am thinking i will be gone for a week mebbe two.

i may have a Tucker 2SdAy, if we can come to some kind of agreement and he ends his strike.

i do not know when i will be back. i will be... but not sure when and all that.

i will be posting a couple of ET blogs here and there. i have some collaborations in the works which will still happen. other than that i am taking a little break... 

it all started inconspicuous enough. a good dog here and a beggin strip there, an "oh your so cute and Tucker this and tucker that"... and the next thing you know he is acting like he plays american rules football or something...

never let them get a taste of snausages or beggin strips!

Tucker is the blog dog! He is holding out for a renaming of the blog, tucker is the blog dog...

can you believe it?
oh and a bag of beggin strips...

i mean, what the fuck?

i have a couple of posts for The Guy Book and Dreamodeling that i will post sometime in the near future.

i also have an award that i need to deal with from lovkyne at Muse on fire, but i just cannot do it right now.

i will still be jumping into your shit, however, i will read everyday, and fire off the snappy reparte and witty alcohol fueled comments as often as i can...but not as often as i have been...

those of you that need to bail and jump ship to find a more responsible and active bloggererer...that is your choice. i will be back, but i need some time to get my shit together...

and get that damn dog in line...

puppy my ass!

world dogamnation!

For more of this incredible display of
stop by Carmi's site at WrittenInc

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

tuCkEr 2sDay lucy w/ fur guest post! 3 15

editors note: the opinions expressed on this page are that of a puppy....
 a superpuppy but  a puppy none the less!
and i have a guest today!

1.Kristin Chenoweth (believes nudie shots will only help her career)

2.Snooki (is a troll…no seriously, she is a troll)
3.Alice Cooper (heading to the hall!)
4.Petra Nemcova (was a stripper before this gig)
5.Fish oil (the new green fuel)
6.Eva Longoria (keeps calling me, I keep telling her no…)
7.Carmelo Anthony (retires??? Sucks????is paid too much???who cares, it’s the NBA {No Body Around})
8.The Bachelorette ( is totally lame)
9.Snoring ( sucks!)
10.Oil prices (fall but it does not translate to the pumps…what the fuck else is new)


this week the JADIP blog is sponsored by

Brandon and Bryan
funny and well just flat out funny!

i am tucker. i am a puppy! i invited over a friend so daddy can take an extra day off...Lucy is the puppy over at Pearson Report. Jenny is the mommy, or moo over there and we love jenny. she makes daddy happy smiles. happy daddy means happy tucker! so without further ado... i am a puppy. and i said ado...i am FUNNY!

And i love my friend Lucky! lickity lickity!

Hi everybody, I’m Lucky.
But I am also called - Lu, Lucy, Lucifur (when I’m a little devil) and Lucy with fur.

I'm just waking up
so my hair is a bit messy
and I'm
yawning too

Do you think it makes me happy
to wake up to
bright lights


Okay, that's better
I'm ready to start my day

I’m half Jack Russell and half Shih Tzu.
So…my mommy (she’s called Moo) tells everyone I’m a little Jackshit.

Mostly it’s because when I was little
and I was sooooo cute
I was left at home alone
one day
yup all alone…with a stack of Archie comic books
they belonged to Moo’s other daughter, Sweetpea
and the comics were so much fun to play with
play play
they didn’t last very long and there were lots of little pieces all over the living room
when Moo and Sweetpea came home
Sweetpea was not a happy camper – that’s what Moo said to me
she said, “Tsk, Tsk, Lucifur – Sweetpea is not a happy camper.”
those were her words, but she smiled and tried not to laugh
then she went and hugged Sweetpea who was very sad
then I was sad too
I stopped being sad and I went and licked Sweetpea’s face and she played
with me and all the little paper pieces – and we had fun

The End

Okay, not the End yet…

I’m all grown up now, and that was sooooo long ago when I was a puppy
Now I’m ten – oh yes, people say I look good for my age
Moo takes me for long walks – not her famous walk-abouts
no no
different ones - she calls them run-abouts
mostly Moo walks really fast
and I run
and run
run run run run run – yup, I like to run
because I’m little-er I need to run
when I take Moo for a walk
I have sooooo much fun
I love my Moo

Moo brushed me good today 'cause I get to play with this really cute puppy
named Tucker – I can’t wait – I hope he likes me
I'll play nicely…
Moo said, “Play nicely.” But she knows I always play nicely, right?

And, Tucker just had his birthday, so I’m bringing him something of mine
a chewie bone I found under my sofa
I have lots of chewie bones
but Moo doesn’t know where I hide them
they are all over
some are brand new, some are just little pieces, like Archie comics pieces
and I hide them
I’m going to have Tucker over too and he will find them all

Okay, almost the End...

It was fun meeting all of you nice people that love Tucker  so much – lucky Tucker
but I am Lucky too
'cause that's my name

I like snow too
me and Tucker can run around and around
like crazy outside

at my place snow forgot to come
it all went to Tuck's place and that makes him happy
I hope I can play with mr stick too

it would be fun to chase mrs bunny and mr squirrel
when they come out to play with me

oh oh it’s almost Time to go...

My Moo told me to be a good doggie and say THANK YOU to Tucker's daddy, Bruce
She said, “Make sure it is a very big thank you.”
Moo says you can never really say a big enough thank you, but she said to try anyway
okay I will try
I had fun at your place
Tucker is funny (he's cute too)
I like Tucker
he plays nicely
just like me

Lucy with fur (and diamonds too!)

The End. (for real – except my awesome video)

Sweetpea and me went to Agililty classes
and back then
my name was Powers of the Universe
Moo and Sweetpea go over the edge with names
but this one worked for me
take a look
I did go fast
yup, yup...I did

i am tucker. i am a puppy. i loveded the bone that Lucky brought me and loveded that Lucky came over!
i had lots.
and lots.
and lots.

of fun!

see ya next week when we discuss stuffs that is very importants-ish!

Just Another Dog In Puppydise!

Monday, March 14, 2011

mfft Monday 3 14

More Food For Thought Monday
1.Natalie Maines (my second pick)

2.Annette Funicello (died)
3.Clint Eastwood (getting married…that old dog!)
4.Lisa Rinna (has nose surgery)
5.Social Security (new rules, work til 80, get nothing)
6.Mario Lopez (getting divorced)
7.Aflac duck voice (is lame as hell)
8.Lost city of Atlantis (see underwater tales)
9.Cloud computing (rain rebooting…both get you wet)
10.Bank of America (stole money from all of us…they fucking suck!)

this week the JADIP blog is sponsored by
Brandon and Bryan
funny and well just flat out funny!

One of my most supportive bloggy friends Jenny, at Pearson Report  has a daughter that just started a blog!

Courtney at underwater tales is actually making a NEW mermaid tale. She has made a few, already! Stop by and say hello!

My daughter used to watch that mermaid movie with Ariel and for the life of me I do not remember what it is, and I really do not care, but suffice to say, and my point is, she really loved it...mebbe not as much a s the Lion King, but whatever.

Mermaids are cool to both men and women. And guys if I have to explain to you why they are cool, then it is time to turn in your ManCard and put your nuts back in your wife's purse and well whatever...

All kidding aside, go check her out!

My Monday Food For thought is this:

I wrote a comment to Courtney at underwater tales ...

"art is more than what we hang on the wall; it is what we give to make  the world more beautiful..."

So many of us struggle with the idea of are bloggereres artists...

Are we artists? 

Yes, we are.

I tender the aformentioned statement about art.

When I read each of your blogs and comment, I smile. Well, most of the time. And when I do not?  I know I am not alone in the world and that I am not the only one that has down days...


A smile does make your face more beautiful, and hence the world more beautiful and thusly, you are an artist!

(defining art is very subjective as well... embrace your artiness! and a smile)

so enough mushy and kinda nice-y nioce shitty, shit!

On the menu today!

MFFT Monday!

Pulled pork on a bun!

Hey Skippy! This may have few enough steps for you!


oh and boobies!

you will need:
8 shots of good booze/beers. (I use Crown or Grey Goose, but Oily likes Patron and Tucker is partial to Molson (Canadian)) WTF? why not call this section cooking with a drunk guy? 


  i like to drink!

1 large crock pot
2 pkgs buns
one large pork loin
pork bullion (or veg, chix, or beef work as well. I usually get pork bullion from ramen (pork flavored) noodles)
1 medium onion
1/2 tomato
1 tbsp diced fresh jalapeno
8 cloves garlic (diced small)
a few sprigs of parsley (chopped fine)
1/4 cup diced red pepper
1/4 cup diced green pepper.

whatever kind of BBQ sauce you like

1 tsp of each of the following
salt, pepper

1/4 tsp of each of the following
cumin, cayenne pepper, celery salt'
onion salt, garlic salt.

shoot down one shot or beer, no one cooks well when they are not lubricated...

get one one deck, too!

add all the seasonings together
mix well
toss the pig meat in a large mixing bowl
dump seasonings on pork
rub well
let sit for at least 2 hours, overnight is better.

drink two more shots.
blog, comment, watch a movie, do your spouse, something, while waiting on the pork.

i usually take a nap!

upon waking, or after a couple hours, hit that 4th shot.
toss the pork, and all the other shit into the crock pot.
float with water.

cover, turn on high (4ish hours) or low (6ish hours)

auto shift...what the f* is auto shift? does it require tranny fluid? i have never used that function of a crockpot, but i think it has something to do with the Ghostie dimension...either high or decide. there is no wrong answer...

AND THEN! commence to drinking, (you still have 4 more shots) blog, comment, watch a movie, do your spouse, something, while waiting on the pork. or you could actually go to work, if it is  a workday.

when the pork is cooked pull it out of the crock pot and pull it a part...that is why we call it pulled pork..duh!

I use a masher to break it up.

strain the cooked veggies outta the juice
and mash about half of them into the pork...
(or not but, the veggies give it more flavor)

Since my famdamily  likes different types of bbq sauce I do not mix my pork with the sauce. I let the individuals mix it with the sauce of choice.

And then I also let them put it on their own bun(s)

Oh yeah!

who's your pimp daddy?

who's your iron chef?

i am...

you know it!

Just Another Day In Paradise!

Sunday, March 13, 2011

sunday snippets

1.Japanese disaster (thoughts and prayers)

pause...a moment of silence...

2.Olivia Wilde (will be available soon)
3.Tokyo Disneyland (closed for 10 days)
4.Liza Minnelli (died)
5.Zach Galifianakis (man-crushing on Bradley Cooper)
6.Melinda Gates (pissed about something, who fucking cares)
7.Daylight saving time (forward is bullshit)
8.Flu treatment (nyquil, coffee, and grey goose shots will cure anything)
9.Aftershocks (more prayers)
10.Airfare (is going up again, greedy oil barrons)

this week the JADIP blog is sponsored by
a collage of words and images that make you think and feel

A warm BIA (follow link to figure out what BIA means)welcome to Megan at  life-less-times...

Does anybody really know what time it is? The clock time change thingy has got me all befuddled so I will be re-posting a classic from the archives...written when we adjusted backward and gained an hour...oh that crazy timewarpage that is daylight stupid saving time.

losing an hour is complete bullshit...

spring forward?

bullshit i say!

total suckage!

withouth further ado!

the alarmclockfromhell!
NOTE: check the blogroll for some xcelent other blogs...and don't forget to stop by  Bruce's EvilTwin... i was slept in this morning so he may have a new post...

In our kitchen, we have 3 clocks in very close proximity. I like to call this area the BermudaTriangle...our BermudaTriangle consists of  a stove, a microwave and the AlarmClockFromHell.

None of these clocks EVER reports the same time.

Unless I go over and  adjust them. Which I just did. Well, to be honest I adjusted just the microwave to read the same as the stove. The AlarmClockFromHell, not so much.

It is always 1 hour or so off...

I understand that very few people really like alarm clocks. I do not like to have an annoying beep go off and takes me away from the world of slumber, nor do I like to be awoken by The Nitty Gritty Dirt Band. Unless I am getting up to go fishing, then it does not matter what kind of noise it is, it is a good thing that I am going to go to do, so okay...  
The AlarmClockFromHell has a radio that goes off at odd 2 in the afternoon. It goes off, I jump outta my skin, and hastily run over and attempt to shut the damn thing up. And just so you know, moving without your skin, while it sits in a  pile under the desk, is very difficult.

Putting your skin back on even more so.

I know, you are prolly asking, "Bruce why don't you just unplug it?" I have tried that...remember it is the BermudaTriangle and all that. Strange, odd things happen there. Unplugging does not seem to work...battery back-up? nope...

MysterySpot  Bermuda-ish stuff, yes.

One time, after a random AlarmClockFromHell encounter, I put my skin back on wrong and had three nipples. I think the third nipple was actually my belly button, but it was not long before the AlarmClockFromHell went off again, and I had to re-apply my skin, this time taking the proper care to line the belly button up correctly..


I am pretty sure the third nipple was not my bung-hole...

Jus' sayin'

Who on earth would set an alarm clock for 2 in the afternoon when everyone has a day job or school? My wife swears she did not set it, my daughter says she didn' t do it.  The TuckMonster couldn't do it and I sure as hell did not touch the damn thing.

Demon possession or the earths magnetic field must have something to do with the discrepancy in these clocks. Eerily similar to the Bermuda Triangle...mebbe I disappear for an hour when I walk in this area and the only clock that does not change is....

the AlarmClockFromHell

AlarmClockFromHell is impossible to adjust. Unless you have an advanced degree in nuclear physics or you are some kind of math genius, the damn thing just likes to report what ever time it decides.  To make my life easier, and I am all for that,

I adjust the other clocks to AlarmClockFromHellTime. usually...

Since we just fell back, in this neck of the woods, the AlarmClockFromHell reads 1:51. Mr. Stove and Mr Micro both report that it is 2:49.  My laptop reports it is 2:52. As does my Cell phone. There is something very wrong with this picture.

If we fell back shouldn't the oven and micro read one hour before the AlarmClockFromHell?

I did not even remember to set the clocks back this year. Usually I use this day to get and extra hour of sleep and an extra hour of drinking. Now I have to wait a whole year before I can take advantage of this phenomenon. DAMMIT! and half way thru I LOOSE an hour and that is not good.

I will operate under the assumption that the AlarmClockFromHell is like three time changes wrong, and go with my gut. Both the computer and the cell phone say it is 2:52, and so that is what I will believe. Some crazy stuff happens in our BurmudaTriangle. Time stands still or moves crazily ahead.

Or so I would believe.

I did attempt to take a picture of the AlarmClockFromHell but it refuses to show up on the camera. Mebbe I went back in time to be fore I hit the shutter. Mebbe I was in a different dimension. IDK, But I do know I am staying as far a way from the AlarmClockFromHell as I can...

and the next time it goes off, will be the last time, as I introduce it to my little friend...

I am not sure even that will work...

oh and...

sorry if you get hit by a stray bullet from the crazy timewarpage...