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Sunday, January 6, 2013

the politics...

...of pupydom!
i am tUcKeR...i am a puppy!

i haves assumed control of this blog...i am the blogdog, after-all! 

rooooroooof rooooroof...grrrrr. 
mr squirel?

where was i?
oh yeah...

i am doing well. i am nearly 3 years old! 

i had to wear the cone of shame this last summer. i could not stop biting and licking my tail. because i can! and you cannot! i am better now.

i am a celebrity at the bank where daddy goes. they all know me. they always give me treats and love me up! i think they like daddy too, but i am sure they loves me!
i am tUcKeR...i am a puppy!

daddy mommy and i moved to a new daddy den. it is nice. i like it now. i did not like it at first. it has all wood floors and it scaried me.   daddy and mommy put down a bunch of rugs to make it easier to walk around.

rooooroooof rooooroof...grrrrr. 
catty kitty?

where was i?
oh yeah...

daddy is doing ok. he is slow and i can runs so much faster than he can. sometimes i make daddy chase the ball just to see if the old dog can still do a trick or too...

he can't...but he is funny to watch...he limps and pants...he is an old dog. he will  not learn new tricks...i have trieded, but he is not too bright.

he throws the ball...i pretends to be sniffing things and be more interested in stuff, and make daddy "go get it." then just as he is ready get it i sometimes run and get it before him...

it is fun. you should tries it some times!

it has been a while since i have been here... i have been very busy doing very important puppy stuffy...we have a new yard as well and i have to make sure i mark every branch, fence post, tree, bush and of course the picnic table too...

i do. because i have too!

but it takes time!

rooooroooof rooooroof...grrrrr. 
mrs bunny?

where was i?
oh yeah...

daddy gets a bit pissed at my pissing on the table, but it is ours now...i have marked soooooo many times!

i wroted youz guyz a little poem!

tUcKeR says, "i loves the snow!"
i do not eats the yellow
cuz that may be the huskies go...
it don't taste like mellow yellow

i also says to give a whirl
to bones and toys to chew
and friends of mine like mr. squirrel
and  mrs bunny, too!

and i loves that catty kitty 
very much more than daddy
cuz it is fun to chase catty kitty 
even if it drives him batty

daddy says he is outta here
he is goin' to the darkside
me, tUcKeR will still post here and there
snippets about my bark side!

and lastly friends i'd like send
lickity lick to all youz guyz
and daddy says he is at wits end
but the world dogmanator is alivez!

youz guyz can still find daddy at his new daddy den...

Just another day in Puppydise....
Just another day in Paradise....