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Monday, February 21, 2011

MFFT 2 21

1. Lindsay Lohan (falls off the wagon yet again…. milka wha?)
2. Ashley Judd (may have pushed lindsey off…)
3.Legend of Zelda (is based on an acid trip)
4.Hayden Panettiere (drunken driving? Preggers…who the f* cares)
5.NeNe Leakes (finds true love? Breaks up with bf? Having triplets? I don’t care!)
6.50 Cent (is twice as good as that rapper two bit?)
7.Rod Blagojevich (caught having sex with a dog? Or a boy? or  a boy dog? Or really ugly prostitute? or F*ing who cares?)
8.Fiji earthquake (bad vibes)
9.Oscar 2011 predictions (a bunch of dumb movies/actors/actresses win a bunch of dumb awards, causing the actors/actresses/movie moguls to demand more money and in the end it costs us more if we want to see their dumbasses…)
10.Presidents' Day (is stupid. Yeah, I said it.)

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1. say you want in..
(i eliminated any other rules.)

ya live until you die.

My father used to say this all the time. I never really understood the complexity of the statement. I always took it to be a literal thing. I just assumed it meant what it said.

But it actually means so much more.

It does mean we live until we cease to live. Our heart stops. We take out last breath. We die.


 It also means we die a little every time we fail to live. When we fail to overcome an obstacle. When we stop instead of going around, over, or thru what is put in front of us. We fail to live, while still breathing.

We accept this long suffering death.

We accept dying a little every day, not just in one fell swoop. Our life may end suddenly in an accident, but usually we have begun the journey to the River Styx, long before we actually arrive.

Do not let this be you!

Move past your troubles. Live for you! for your loved ones! Live, baby, just live!

Death is very difficult to accept. Do not accept it in small steps.

Die with your batteries totally cashed, and your life list so crossed off it looks like an anal retentives  one month shopping list!

On to more happy thoughts.

More Food For Thought Monday!

On the menu today!

Bruce's Guacamole
2 shots of Crown Royal
3- ripe avacados. (ripe avacaodos are soft but not too soft, the little nipple comes off easily.)
mashed but chunky to chunky-ish  paste.
3- whole green onions chopped fine.
1-half medium sized white or yellow onion diced to 1/4 inch scubes. (you know, square+cubes=scubes)
1-medium tomato diced ot 1/4 inch scubes
1- half small jalepeno (or less, depending on your heat tolerance...O.F.F.S. don't be a pansie!)
1- tsp salt
1-tblsp ground black pepper (i like it peppery, you can dial this back a bit  pussy)
1- tsp ground white pepper
3- tblsp diced cilantro (fine diced)
1/4 tsp tabasco sauce (about four shakes)
1/4 tsp worchesterhire sauce (about two shakes, this stuff comes out fast!)
1/2 medium sized lime
1/2 medium sized lemon

cut avacodos in half and remove pits, but save two pits
mix all the veggie shit with the avacado paste, sprinkle on the salt and pepper.

drink a victory shot!


add in sauces.
mix some more.

shoot 2nd shot of crown.

squeeze that half lime over the green shit.
squeeze the lemon as well.

pour another shot of crown.

mix the stuff again.
toss the two pits on top.


test with a chip.

If it ain't great, drink the third shot of Crown...

F* that, drink the shot anyway!

And serve anyway. Canned guac is complete shit. this is a total upgrade!

and after three shots of crown, it's a party even if the food is crap!

Just Another Day In Paradise!


  1. LOVE the picture of Tucker! I am sorry...I know that I should comment on your blog post but I can't! I just noticed it and a dog in a hockey jersey...AWESOME. Have I seriously been that oblivious that I missed that until now!? Wow...I need to brush up on my observational skills.

    Guac in a can is just gross...not that I've had it...but ewwww!

  2. I think I'm just a little bit in love with Lindsay Lohan.

  3. you better bring a big bowl of that to the party. sounds yum
    Oh and i am not so worried about you walking here, but I sure hope you are a good swimmer lol

  4. I apologize - I forgot to write "I WANT IN"

    There you go. Jeesh you and your rulez Bruce ::giggle::

    And although I do not like guacomole and guacomole doens't like me - I have to agree that is a most awesome recipe.

  5. okay, are those links supposed to work, as in, play music?

    i thought you were just teasing us! cuz i still can't get them to play anything.

    HI TUCKER!!!!

  6. I refuse to tiptoe through life only to arrive safely at death.

    'Nuff said.

    I think I'll go make some guac, but I'll take Cuervo with mine.

  7. Great post Bro. So true. So true. This recipe sounds great but if I ate it I'm afraid I would be visiting the River Styx myself. hehe. Thank you sooo much for the Sponsor of the Week. Wow. That is quite a compliment. Hugs, Sis.

  8. Brucie, baby, (Can I call you Brucie? Probably not, okay), no worries about your comment. I know you are happy for me. :-)

    In need to learn to live. I must. I just don't know how. Anxiety is so crippling.

    Also? Too funny because I just posted my own guacamole recipe on Yandie, Goddess of Pickles' website.

    An awesome friend gave me her secrets which include adding a clove or two of garlic mashed up, a dollop of sour cream, some salsa, and a shit-ton of cumin. (In addition to your list).

    She TOTALLY left out victory shots, tho.

    Also - you are on my blogroll now, mate.

    AND... cute trick - score the avacados by slicing a grid with your knife. Then you can essentially peel and pop off the avacado with minimal waste.

    I'll shut up now. (Never leave me alone with a bottle of red).

    Seriously?... Reeeally??... Seriously?


  9. If you can trade out the crown royal for Patron I could eat that.

  10. Jewels- YzerTuck has been there for a long time...since june of last year...i yeah, iknow...i see some stuff on other blogs and i am like how long has that been there?

    Dudemeister- that is cool...those dirty girls can be fun...but love? no, man! it is lust...believe me...and that is why cyndi lauper wont return my phone calls...

    Mynx- i can swim...but i think i will just walk across the water....LOL...

    skippymom...okay you're in...but ::sheesh...:: there is only one rule now! ::grins:: not like that evil petey...hugs!

    kage- i don't know...(are you sure you are not like still on dialup? kidding)

    i blame tucker.

    i think he may have a drinking problem...when i drink, he casues problems...i sent you some links via e-mail...

    Mrs. Hyde- jose cuervo is a friend of shot at time...any more than one and stuff that can't be discussed in this blog occurs...possibly jail time...

    BB-you are the best, sis. i know not everyone can eat week it will be different..

    stephanieC- anxiety is crippling...i have always been an out going person but i nearly quit performing completely after the you said what in church? episode...

    but i hear ya! we all bear our crosses...

    with the way you write in your blog, i would never guess that you were anything but outgoing and take charge type of gal...

    you still rock my world on a semi daily basis!

    and i love the hints for the guac! i will try the cumin, but the garlic in its raw state is a no go for my family (read: wife)

  11. Oft- sound good...but i can't do the tekillya, more than single shots.

    people (mostly me) get seriously f*d up when i tangle with the big T...i must post the tequila days post some time soon...

  12. great post and yay for Barb being the sponsor

  13. I never said I want it, did I?

  14. Dang, hit enter before I said I want

  15. Well, that's funny. I posted a guac recipe on Yandie's site too, just like Stephanie. I almost always read all the comments before i post, but I missed hers. Once, it was "Steam Engine Time," and everyone invented steam engines at the same time. I guess it's guacamole time. (My recipe did not have the whiskey though.)

    Also, your old man was right.

  16. Hayden is HOT! Don't talk down on her!

  17. Great post- thanks for reminding me to get over myself and the stupid things that are taking up way to much space in my head!! Love the guac recipe too....
    I want it BTW!

  18. I'm feeling like I'm drying a little today. X_X

    That guacamole sounds soooo good though. I love Mexican food.

  19. My outlook on life is: have fun! You only go around once.

    BTW, the guac recipe is interesting. Might have to try it soon....

  20. Love that saying - and you're so right that it has a lot of depth to recipe too :)

  21. Some inspiring words on life, an awesome guac recipe, and all of it chased down with some crown royal?

    This is easily my favorite post of the day.

  22. becca-thanks and Barb is the bees knees!

    Mynx-of course you are mine er uh in...

    Rick- Yandie was kinda my inspiration for this recipe, but i did not want to try ot type that much in a comment...

    elexerdelex- she is hot, but i did not check what she was being searched i made it up...i do that occasionally

    JM- thanks and you're in!

    Kat- get better soon... sucks your not well.

    colenic- you're in! and thanks!

    On my soap box- it is so much better with the crown royal! enjoy!

    G- thank you sir!

    Beer for the shower- awesome! appreciate the kind words!

  23. i think the secret to living while i'm alive is following that recipe ^_^

  24. Lovkyně-can't go wrong with three shots and avacado


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