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Friday, February 25, 2011

thematic photo 135 letters

1.Moammar Gadhafi (more trouble in the middle east? Say it ain’t so!)
2.Two and a Half Men (cancelled?)
3.Union rights (blocked in Wisconsin…stock up on cheap beer if it is your particluar poison.)
4.Glenn Beck apologizes ( not really, this guy is a complete dippityshit)
5.Drew Barrymore (new boyfriend…good on her, she was taking our break up pretty hard!)
6.Randy Quaid (flees to Canada, may just stay)
7.Brooke Mueller (back with Charlie sheen?)
8.Thunder thighs dino (Fred Flintstone asks for the drummy)
9.Lauren Graham (decides to age with grace… for now)
10.Tonya Harding (attacked in subway by Nancy K, turnabout is fair play?)
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photos of letters..

last night
i had
cans of tuna

i was playin a game of
tic tac toe
on the counter
counting on
counting the
number of letters
it was all
if U can imagine
i may have been drinking
but i was ready
with the cure
U know me....
there is always an element
of danger.
things get heated.
call the burn unit!
i love the shocking display
of a hot night of

but the drinking???
"he knows, you know?"
was ready to play as well.
at the end of the day.
and the game was done!
it was time to brush up.
i really had fun!

For more of this incredible display of
Thematic Photography 135 letters!
stop by Carmi's site at WrittenInc


  1. Is it wrong that I am confused?

    Other bloggers make me feel so dumb sometimes. I lack the creativity. *sigh*

    Seriously?... Reeeally??... Seriously?


  2. I'm confused as well and now I'm thirsty.

  3. I don't do canned tuna. I can eat fresh tuna just fine. But that canned tuna shit smells like canned cat food and makes me want to vomit.

  4. sorry to hear about you and Drew (LOL) but those LDR can be hard on a couple right?! It's always fun to see your collection of now letters too, but photos and all the funny things you twist around make my morning Bruce!

  5. 4 cans of tuna?? u r kidding right? my gag reflex is startin' dude....
    love the tic tac toe.. was that before, after or during the Canadian?

  6. Just how much did you have to drink last night, my friend?

  7. Was the four cans of tuna before or after the whiskey?

    visions unto myself

  8. yuck - the drink and the tuna. Harsh night ;)

  9. What a wonderfully bizarre blogger I’ve found. Pull up a bottle of JD my friend and let’s talk about letters.

  10. lol fun times it seems. Now I feel the need to crack open the wine....mmmmmmmmmm

  11. ::wandering over to the confused group with Stephanie::

    Heehee - I feel stoopid because I don't get the 135 letters part of this - or I am too lazy to count something - but the tic tac toe was cool.

  12. loved the tic-tac-toe...and as for Games and Drinking :)

  13. There is not enough booze in the world that would make me eat canned tuna. Now raw tuna, on the other hand, goes great with sake!

  14. The tic-tac-toe scene is brilliant. Then again, your perspectives always are...I love how you see the world, Bruce. You always make me smile and think.

  15. i am proud that it was my country's whiskey that led you down such an unusual path. go canada!

  16. I'd want the Royal Canadian as well after three cans of tuna and one of coke. Inventive lettering!

  17. StephanieC- you are creative, i am jsut plain wierd..and an avid drinker.

    DudeMiester- absolutly!

    JM- Just getting my crazy on!

    OfT- hear ya bro...i don't really eat the tuna...i agree, dog vomit smells better.

    Karen- It sure was a hard breakup with are right about the LDR's very tough. but it was for the best. glad i can make you smile!

    KBF- no on the tuna... just thought it would be funny... i was 3 drinks in...

    Krissy- i had 6 b4 bed...i was bit wound up when i took the pics

    Kara- no tuna, really...but i was well on the
    way drink wise.

    shelby-not so much, i hate tuna

    Me- welcome to my world...thnks, wonderfully bizzare is a cool compliment!

    Lyndy-more wine!

    skippy- this is the 135th weekly thematic thing... letter is the subject..i did not count either....and you know i just usually write waht ever pops into my crazy...head

    AD- it was FUN! tucker is a poor looser tho'

    G- you are the god of bar tricks...

    OMsoapBox- i did not really eat the tuna

    Carmi- thank you! this was great concept for TP...I get inspired by some odd stuff...glad i can make you think..

    Kage- jsut wait til i can afford crown royal! world domination!

    Bob- thanks for stopping by.and thanks for the compliment!


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