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Friday, April 22, 2011

flash back friday 4 22

editors note: guess who is super lazy? 
hey! wait! you all answered that kinda fast....
a repost...
i has been over a year since i lost brown dog and the fat white girl...this is a tribute the them and the other puppy we all know and love....originally posted 4/26-ish 2010....     

1)     Rachel Bilson ( who cares…cuz next...)
2)     Kate Beckinsale ( totally hot)
3)     Jon Bon Jovi (cancels his tour)
4)     Heather Morris ( the cat)
5)     Matchmaking sites (are a scam, everyone is a  55 Yr old man living in his mother's basement in Cleveland)
6)     Amy Smart (is not stupid)
7)     Killer bees (attacked by killer ants)
8)     Small cap stocks (are a good buy)
9)     African Cats (lions and tigers and lepards, oh my)
10) Earth Day (i burned leaves, dumped a gallon of gas on the lawn, changed my oil and poured the waste on my neighbors rosebush, and peed on the sidewalk…take that MotherEarth!)

I am a dog. 

In a past life I was a dog.  

In the next life I will probably be a dog. i hope not  a little yippy-yappy slipperdog, tho... 

It is another Saturday. I wake up to no Browndog. It is still difficult. They say time heals all wounds and I know it does, but...I still hear his Browndog rapping when I pull in the driveway. I open the door to let him out and then I remember the old boy is gone. He has only been gone for a few weeks, but I have been without a dog for too long.
When you get home the dog is always so excited to see you. People should all greet each other like dogs. Okay, maybe not the ass-sniffing, but the excitement level. 

“Oh! Man! you are HOME!!!" 

"Love me up!”
Life goes on. 

The company I work for is moving into a new office, and I have to go do some things at the new space, but I am feeling like I was over served last night. That last one always seems like a good idea at the time. It was probably not, but oh well. My wife calls me on my cell phone. She says that there is a dog expo at the Delta Plex. She asks me if I want to go. 

Of course I want to go to the used dog show. 

I WANT another dog. 

I am dog and I am a dog person.
We get to the show and walk in. There are so many dogs to see and so much dog shwag. We find a bunch of dogs. I could take all of them home. It is sad that people can abandon their dogs or their cats. I am not much of a cat person, but animals are part of the family. However, the human animal can be really cruel, and unkind. Just ask those kids at Columbine and all those poor dogs that didn’t come home with us this time.
I can watch a movie of humans killing each other. I can watch a war movie, or a horror movie. Granted it is just a movie, but still…I feel very little emotion. I cannot watch that commercial about pets that are abandoned. 

It kills me.
We check out all the dogs. There are so many sad eyed take ME home looks, it is difficult. We spend time with a couple of puppies. We see one that looked just like ‘Cino, but we cannot get an identical dog to one we just lost a few months ago. We move on. We find a setter mix that is sooo cute, but it is very shy. Too shy. 

The next dog we get needs to have some PERSONALITY!!
I find a dog named Jimmy. He is a Sheppard mix. I ask to take him out. He has some weight issues, he is skinny, and needs a bath. I walk him around out back of the show. We bond. He has some personality. He has some love to give. If it were just me, I would take Jimmy home. After all, a dog named for the WINGS starting goalie is not  a bad thing. Unfortunately, he also has some aggression issues. Jimmy is a one person, one dog, dog. 

We need a dog friendly dog. 

It is a shame. 

It looks like we will be dog free for another week, or longer. Dammit!
We are about to go home. We have seen all the dogs. We cannot make up our mind. Then my wife and daughter find a black lab puppy. He apparently was almost adopted. A family spent about an hour and a half with him. But then decided they didn’t want him. He was worn out, and sleeping so he was kind of lost in the shuffle. 

Libby says, “OOOHHHH! He is soooo CUTE!” We spent about 10 minutes with him and knew it was THE DOG.

He is a lab, so I am in for the LOOOONG puppiness that comes with labs. He looks enough like ‘Cino and ‘Spresso, but he is black. He is smart and already knows how to sit. He will not fill the hole in my heart that was left by ‘Cino and Browndog, but he will be a great addition to the family.
here's tucker!
and yes i really do have 100's of pics when he was small...

His name is Tucker. With my proclivity to drop the f-bomb, we may have to change that name.

Just another day in paradise
(oh and by the way, i did not do any of the things i said i did in the earth day trending nooo...


  1. Ah this was the first post about Tucker. Too cool!!!

  2. The used dog show...heh. That was funny.

    Great post, Bruce. Puppy pictures melt my heart.

  3. Finding TTTTTucker was meant to be. He's so cute I bet he was adorable as a little pup. Hope you guys have a nice weekend. Chat soon! Hugs, Auntie Barb

  4. I just love this one. So glad you reposted it.

  5. I had lab once. He used to tear everything up though and like never sleep. One day he just took off running and never came back. The weird thing is that he took my wallet. I found out later that it was because he was a METH lab. DON'T ever get one of those!

  6. I sometimes think about when my brown dog will go and I almost cry. My dogs are everything to me. I have no kids of my own so they are my children. I feel for your loss and am so happy you got Tucker to help.

  7. I celebrated Good Friday eating a whole bunch of cheeseburgers!!

    Take that, Jesus!

  8. A very warm and thoughtful repost.

  9. Great post Bruce. It was lovely to read about how Tucker became a part of the family. He is one very lucky pup! Have a wonderful weekend my friend!!

  10. Cute post! Tucker is one handsome pup! :) :)

  11. The origins of Tucker! LOVED IT!

  12. What a cool post it was great reading about when you got Tucker.......I also can not watch add about dogs being abandon I just don'tget how some people can do that to animals....... That said we had a cat well it was my daughters cat and we had it in the car with us one day and we stopped at our shopping centre and the damn cat jumped out and took off and we couldn't catch it.......have not seen it since.

  13. What a lovely story about Tucker and such a cute photo. I'm a sucker for a happy ending :)

  14. Hey Bruce,
    I changed my site address and name.
    Look forward to seeing you there!

  15. aw the first ever post about tucker how sweet

  16. bushman- got your change of webber was the hardest day in forever when i put old brown brown down...with fat white girl, we had so many close brushes with death it was much more expected... still difficult but not a surprise...

    Dude- yep...cheeseburgers!

    empress- he is the best of pups...we say to you...back at ya! great week ends all around!

    Jewels- we are twin brothers from different mothers

    Jo Anne- i had a cat that took off once too, i found it three days later...i got really lucky..cats are very independent...

    Becca- yep, i think i had like 11 followers when this post came out.. and they all knew me in the 3d world...

  17. there isn't a whole lot in the world cuter than a black lab puppy. i had one when i was in jr. high. used to sleep on my pillow until he got too big. ^_^

  18. I share your sentiment completely. I'm definitely a dog person... or did owning 4 dogs not convey that strongly enough?

  19. Hey Bruce! I'm back again!! Muahahahaha!! :P :P
    I've passed on an award to you.. Would love for you to drop by and pick it up.. :) :)

  20. lovkyne- they get too big too fast...

    beer4 shower- dog people are the bombdiggity!

  21. Yay! I love hearing about pets adopting humans! Winners all around. :-)

  22. I'm the same way, boss. Blow up a building full of nuns and it doesn't bother me, but show one dog being left behind in a movie and I'm bawling.


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