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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

dude...4-20 jus' sayin'

editors note: this blog is about pot, dope grass, weed, spliff, drugs, and other things from my wildly checkered past. if this kind of stuff offends you or goes against your sensibilities, it would be best that you go here, today and come back tomorrow when i post something else that is either mildly less offensive or totally offensive but not illegal, or mebbe illegal, 

or whatthefuck ever...


  1. pot
  2. bongs
  3. dope
  4. hippies
  5. drugs
  6. bowls
  7. gettin' high
  8. joints
  9. grass
  10. weed

i mean really? if this offends you, we need to talk...

a little history

hippie new year

jus' sayin'

hope those of you that still puff the magic dragon, had a great new year...

that is all...

Just Another Drugday  Day In Paradise


  1. Happy 420 to you too Brucey! Things that are not awesome: dirty hippies.

  2. I remember singing this innocently as a child. Now I am wondering how many in that audience are getting the joke

    And I have a feeling I am going to be singing it all day now lol

  3. I live in Washington state, soooo rockin' the ganj is practically legal here. Although I don't personally partake in the tokin of the grass, I think it should absolutely be legal everywhere. Amiright??? Cheers! SF out.

  4. I have a dragon in my closet named Puff...he comes out on occasion.

    happy 420 Bruce!

  5. Love the post. I actually scolded myself when I realized it was 4/20 at like 4 pm and suddenly felt really old. There was a time when this was a holiday for me, worthy of cutting classes and getting crazy. The last 8 years or so it has passed without me even knowing it---I'm lame!

    Happy 4/20 though, love.

  6. Yeah I knew a guy one time.....
    Excuse me I have a CHRONIC headache.
    My the air smells funny in here.

  7. i just now realized what 420 stood for my blonde is showing again

  8. I had to explain to my mom what 420 means today! I'm allergic as hell, so you can puff a fat J in my honor, yeah?


  9. To think that all these years I was thinking Puff was a sweet little dragon friend of children far and wide...

  10. ha ha ha I still sing this to Jack at bed time! I am seeing it in a whole new light now but still I will sing it but chuckle away while I am doing it.

  11. ok, I have no idea what 420 is. Please enlighten me

  12. kbf- figured a cali girl would be okay with this.. :) love it!

    Jewels- dont feel bad, love, i too, nearly forgot, except i had this post idea in my drafts from a while back

    bushman- EaR back at ya!

    Jo Anne- thanks, you are like my biggest fan! i dig all your comments!

    Becca- lol, but you did get it so all is good! you still rock my blogS

    empress- i think the puff thing is just a myth...those young kids in the first video would NEVER smoke pot...

  13. hey, so i went to youtube to have a watch/listen to michael franti's 'ganja babe' in honor of 4/20. the song os supposed to run 4min., 20sec., you know, kind of as a *wink*. but lo and behold youtube changed the running time to 4min, 19sec. conspiracy? or maybe i'm just paranoid?

  14. Umm...4/20?...Puff the Magic Dragon?...

    I've a feeling there is something going on here that I'm not quite getting...o0?


  15. I loved how that whole Puff business was worked into Ben Stiller's flick - Meet the Parents.

    Hope your "Hippie New Year - 4/20" rocked! Here's to the 'Waldos' for making it happen.

    Since I'm keeping it legal, these days, I raised a glass of red to you!

    Cheers, Jenny

  16. Since I was once engaged to someone who was addicted to it, I don't have a good opinion about it, sorry.... Watching someone go through withdrawals every morning until he got a bong hit was horrifying. I don't wish withdrawals like that on anyone.

  17. omsb- i am not a smoker any longer but still pal around with some burners...

    any addiction and withdrawal is horrifying...


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