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Thursday, February 10, 2011

tucker invites a guest! bailey/ TT 2 10

TRENDING NO!!!!!!! TRENDING NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!
1.Jana Kramer (some dumb CW singer..blah.blah…blah..i do not giva damn!)

2.Brooklyn Decker (hot…)
3.X-Men: First Class (new trailer today)
4.Sienna Miller (breask up with Jude…like I care…no i do not!)
5.Ford (sells the LIONS to illitch…FINALLY a winner!)
6.Julia Hurley (hooters does make you smrter, er smarter, uh, smart?)
7.Charlie Sheen (arrested for peeing in public)
8.Ashlee Simpson (arrested for dui)
9.Obama ratings (dropping like my pants during a lap dance)
10.Hosni Mubarak (just f*king resign)

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woofcome to new BIA G at life coach uk and bar science

I am Tucker. I am a puppy! well, for two more days...then I am 1 year old! playin! playin! playin!

I am happy to introduce MY friend Bailey, owner and rescuer of Krissy at Talkative Taurus. Bailey is coming by to play today so after you read this run by and say woof! to Krissy and Bailey at Talkative Taurus.

My name is Bailey, and I own the woman you all know mostly as Krissy or Talkative Taurus. Hello, everyone. I said HELLO, EVERYONE! Oops, sorry if that was a bit loud. My momma tells me I have a problem with volume control, so I’ll try to use what she calls my inside voice. I really don’t understand the difference between that and the voice I use outside since I do mostly the same stuff in both places. Except going potty, of course. That is reserved for outside only! I learned my lesson about that the hard way when I was a puppy. Just a tip for all of you other puppies out there… There are no treats involved with going potty inside so DON’T DO IT!

Side note to Tucker: If you ever want to hear your Daddy use his “outside voice” (whatever that is), put your toys in places like the dark hallway. When he steps on them, I’m sure he’ll react JUST like my momma does. That’s the closest I get to understanding that indoor and outdoor thing, because she doesn’t normally sound that way.

That’s me doing one of my favorite things... Keeping an eye on the neighborhood!
But I am just sooooo excited to be around all of you people. I love people. I mean, there are people who are reading this right? RIGHT? New people I don’t know even? Wooo hooo! I’m so excited that I can’t stand it! And getting to have a play date with Tucker is icing on the cake. Wait, who said cake? Where is the cake? Give me the cake! Or ice cream would be even better, since I’ve never had cake but I LOVE ice cream.

Momma says I have something called ADD. I really don’t understand it, but apparently that is something that is bad. I can’t help it that she keeps distracting me from my bones or other things. Are there bones around here? I bet there are! Tucker’s Daddy rocks so I know they have to be around here somewhere.

What was I saying? Oh yeah. She keeps distracting me, and so do the friends and neighbors around here. If they would all just sit still already, I could concentrate. But you know I have to guide them everywhere they go because they couldn’t possibly get there on their own. People are kinda weird like that. Momma says that makes me a herding dog, but I just know it’s my job. Other than that, my job is to chew bones and play in water any chance I get. Water is the best invention EVER!! Well, that and bones.

 Bones and toys rule!!
 So I mentioned earlier that I own my momma, Krissy. Well, she tells everyone I’m a rescue dog and that’s because I rescued her. She was so pitiful before I picked her out at the shelter. I was actually sleeping and minding my own business when she came in, but I knew I had to interrupt my nap to do something to help her. It took us a couple of sleepless nights for us both to get used to having each other around, but we made it through. I sure hope my sisters and brothers ended up rescuing someone like her.

I don’t want to overstay my welcome, and me and Tuck have some serious playing to do! I’m going to distract him and then find those bones while I’m here, too. He’s just a pup so I bet it won’t be too hard. Stop by and see me and momma on our blog sometime. I play a starring role, because you know she’s pitiful without me! I’ll be sure to stop by and let you all love on me on the way out. Did I mention how much I love people? I would love you all much more if you would sit still. I said SIT! Geez, I guess I’m going to have to guide you all to the living room so you understand the concept.

Thanks Tucker and Tuck’s Daddy for letting me come and play!

I hope you all drop by and see my friend Bailey at  Talkative Taurus.

just another dog in puppydise

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

2sDaY with TuCkEr 2 08

TRENDING NO!!!!!!! TRENDING NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!
1.Egypt constitution (moving toward democracy)

2. Darth Vader (best commercial)
3. Cameron Diaz (feeds a rod)
4.Toyota recall (sushi the culprit, not electronics)
5.Katy Perry (has big boobs)
6.Fergie (arrested for drunk driving!)
7.Avril Lavigne (nudie pics!)
8.Insider trading ( is illegal? Damn…)
9. Selena Gomez (is dating Justin Bieber and finds that JB is really a girl)
10.Regis & Kelly (have been having an affair for years)

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Welcome new BIA

Tucker and SnowmageddonEleven

i need more toys!
my birthday is soon!
 from girls and boys!
your presents a boon
you know im a nut!
just taking a rest
am i cute or what?
oh yes im the BEST!

I am tucker. I am a puppy. I had a lot of fun this week. Puppies always have fun. Life is fun for puppies. At least most of the time.


I will be having a birthday on 2-12-2011.You can buy me chew-y stuffies! I love them!

This week I survived SnowmageddonEleven! It was awe.some! and fun! Daddy says this huge storm was an early birthday present for me!

before anyone came out i made sure it was safe!
cuz i am a good puppy!
I played dog of the hill! I always win at dog of the hill! I. am. awesome!

go ahead,
take your best shot!
im dog of the hill
and you are not!

I flew through the air, cuz I was SuperDog!

i was flying around like superdog!

I loved this week! I went sledding!

sledding down the hill!
you wish you were me!
SnowmageddonEleven was fun
for this one puppy!

One other fun thing that happened this week was I watched puppybowl VII. Daddy and I watched the second quarter? There was a black puppy that looked a.lot. like me! But small and baby puppy-ish. So not really so much like me...Cuz I am getting big.

Remember I also like skeakers and squeakers! See you next week when I am no longer a puppy!

Just Another Dog in Puppydise

Monday, February 7, 2011

MFFT Monday 2-7

firstly...big condolenses to my friends
Oilfield Trash at Make Daddy a sammich

their team fell short at the the superbowl....
i FEEL their pain!

and stop by and see SimpleDude
as there are too many packer fans near him that will be infesting his world.

1.Fergie (I fail to see the attraction to thisreally limited in talent bitch )

2.Christina Aguilera (despite flubbing words …Worst. Rendition. Ever. )
I just gotta say..if you are gonna do the SSB, stop trying to remix it with warbling and bullshit whitney wannabe vocals. just f*ing sing it. Worst. Rendition. Ever.
3.Dana Carvey (died)
4.Jillian Michaels (quits weight loss show, gains 58 lbs)
5.Flu vaccine (completely gone)
6.Rachel Bilson (loses bet Has to dye her hair green and gold)
7.Troy Polamalu (jackasses are blaming troy? F* that…therapistberger threw 2 picks!)
8.Tablet computer (causes brain cancer in lab rats)
9.Puppy Bowl VII (was tuckers favorite part of yesterday)
10.Carnival floats (go up in flames…bummer dude)

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SemiTrue ToryStellar 
Can U Relate

I was gonna write about my favorite  superbowl commercial, but I am sure that is as played as a two bit hooker near cowboy stadium at 2 am last night. And they just were pretty bad.

But not as bad as Christina Aguilara's pathetic rendition of the star spangled banner. Worst. Rendition. Ever. (had to say it again!)
Then I thought I would give you the recipe for my Super Bruce Bowl of Chili, but the thought of food right now is kinda making me a wee bit queasy. And it was not from all that alcohol. I drank much less than I ate. AND I did not eat much...I picked up a flu bug and my ass is getting kicked. pass me some of those saltines...
Instead I am going to take "Off the cuff for $500, Alex."

I am going to repost a post that StephanieC at Seriously???....Really???....Seriously???  found humorous and asked me to repost. I hope you also enjoy it!

Why Is IT?

Why is it that the drug companies feel that they should tell us what a drug’s side effects are in double time? So we do not know what bad things will happen and only focus on the “cure?” Are they just tring to bamboozle us? Common side effects may include dry mouth, headaches, nausea and anal leakage. Anal leakage? Seriously? May cause sharting…wtf..?!?

jus’ sayin’…

Dry mouth is a side effect of a drug I used to frequently enjoy but we called it “cotton mouth”

Why is it that the drugs that work for headaches are not just added to the mix? “I’m not depressed anymore, but I have a splitting headache and I feel like puking…” I do not know, but it seems to me that I would then be depressed again, but for different reasons.

It seems like a waste of money and a large part of the gianormonous ill that is the debacle know as health care in the USA. The rampant over medication of our populace is driven by greed. Why is it we feel as a society it is okay to drug ourselves silly, with prescription meds at ridiculous profits to the drug merchants.

And yet the side effect is sometimes worse than the problem.

Does every drug with that anal leakage side effect have Olestra as a component? They could just say that you may shart, so if your ailment is that bad, pick your poison. I would choose to live with the pain rather than wear a diaper, or walk around like I was wearing a dirty one.

olestra is fun!

Why is it that the actors and actresses that are in these commercials are so unbelievable? They never look unhealthy. They never look like they need anything except one less trip to the gym. I do not ever want to ask my doctor for a ‘scrip for Viagra, but if I did I sure would not walk around the house or stand in front of the mirror rehearsing. And really what is so wrong about a 4 hour erection? I spent most of my teen years in that state and from what I remember, everything else worked pretty well then, too.

How is that a problem?

Why is it that a game on television takes about 30 minutes more during the playoffs than the regular season game, because of commercials, but the commercials are just as bad? Thank god for the magic DVR. (i originally wrote this right after the suprbowl, last year) However, the Superbowl always seems to have a few really good ads. Did you notice that there were very few drug company commercials during the SuperBowl?

Unless you count beer ads.

Alcohol is a drug. Yet it casues a disease. I'm confused?

Why is it that we pay for cable or satellite TV, but we still have to endure commercials? And why do most non beer commercials leave me feeling like I lost intelligence points after I suffered thru the fifteen to thirty second spot? Does anyone ever review what they are saying? Or do they just say “Well, I guess that is the best we can do for the price, let’s just run with it.” Man, I gotta say if the guys putting these commercials together are the best and brightest, we have bigger issues than global climate change and terrorism. The dearth of intelligence from the supposedly educated is a VERY scary thing.

Maybe they are just over medicated....jus' sayin'...

Damn straight those beer commercials are spot on. While they do not get me to switch beers, they sure do entertain and most times I remember the beer that they were pitching. They become iconic phrases of our pop culture. Waaassssuppp? And True, while not the best beer commercials ever, definitely got played in every day vernacular during their heyday. Any guy that says they did not yell Waaassssuppp? To one of his guys during those days is either lying or was in a coma. “Watchin’ the game, havin’ a Bud.”

Why is it that the best days seem to fly by, but the bad ones seem to feel like they run for 28 hours? I know that if we eliminate Monday’s we would then still have a Monday but it would be a Tuesday, so what is the point? Why is it that if you’re having a bad day that some one will always say to you, “Looks like someone is having a case of the Mondays”

Why is it that some people ask you ,”How’s it goin’?” and then immediately start to tell you how bad they have it? Just looking for the magic pill to cure the ill. Sometimes it is just venting. Hey, it's a bunch cheaper than buying a bunch of drug company spoilsmakers...

That and listening is not YET getting taxed.

Why it that it takes what is twice an eternity to get to somewhere you want to go, but it takes no time to get home? It would seem to me that the distance is the same to go there as it is to come back.

Unless Sheila is f-ing with me.

Why is it that the rich bad guys (you KNOW that they made THEIR millions on drugs both legal and illegal) in movies and TV always have a crystal looking decanter of whiskey? It is always in a decanter, so you never know if it is Rich and Rare or Crown Royal? Do you think they drink the good stuff when you’re not around? I would bet that they are offing the rot gut on you….

jus' sayin'…

Why is it they ask if you want a drink, no matter what time of day it is? Do you think that it is a subliminational message? (I know that is not a word, but Norman, the spell checker has not had to work too hard in this blog.) I would bet that the stuff they are offering you would cause a headache, some nausea and quite possibly some anal leakage.

Well, depending on how much you drank and all that.

Just another day in paradise

Sunday, February 6, 2011

sunday snippets 2 06


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hey! so i won an award....
and i am humbled and happy about it...
Katsidhe at tapetum lucidum  awarded me...
this one!
a single award!
stylish blogger!

On behalf of the dog puppy and myself, i hope we passed the audution! Thanks Kat! for the award!

Now here are the rules to this Stylish Blog Award. (which i copied and pasted from Katsidhe's place!)

Thank and link back to the person who awarded you this award--CHECK!
Share 7 things about yourself --see below
Award 10 recently discovered great bloggers
Contact these bloggers and tell them about the award!

1. I fail to find the humor in the movie/show Jackass. While I enjoy fart jokes, guyshit, and the ilk, the show/movie is stupid! And demeaning.

2.  I have written a check to myself for $100,000.00 and then cashed it! and it cleared!

3. I lost a half million dollars in the end of 2005. If you want to hear that story you will have to buy the book how to suceed in business and what not to do!

4. I am still writing that book and may start a fifth blog early next year to get the buzz.

5. I was not quite old enough to vote in 1980, but I would have voted for Reagan.

6. If 48year old Bruce could talk to 17 year old Bruce, 48yob would tell 17yob he is a complete idiot. Both Reagan and 17yob...

7. If I could wear jeans and flannel everyday, I would...oh wait, I can!

I will pass this on later in the week!~ I have a Thematic Photography Friday post to do on the sunday snippets post. BTW. I will be drunk a.lot. tomorrow! I love the superbowl!

More correctly, I love drinking! Or mebbee the excuse to drink!


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