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Friday, December 23, 2011

first post of 2012!!!!

merry! Christmas!
luv tUcKeR!

(possibly a replay)
1.Todd Bridges (whatchu talkin’ bout, Willis)
2.Janet Jackson (yet another wardrobe malfunction)
3.Angelina Jolie (has really big lips)
4.Lily Allen (getting hitched, too bad guys)
5.2012 predictions (I will become king of the world, or the world ends)
6.Kathy Griffin (funny chick)
7.Medicare (is really expensive)
8.Bon Jovi (I’m a cowboy.)
9.Small business loans (what, they loan money to small businesses? Why did I not know that?)
10.Parsley recall (nobody eats parsley)



and all that...

Not really, but...

OTR!  On the Rodriguez! The family is visiting other family, and tUcKeR and I are ManCaving it!

lots has happened in the past decade that i have been away (mebbe not quite that long, but...) from my BIA...

The Tom Cruise Underwear Dance. A staple of the OTR  traditions...
Imagine that dance by a guy with two left feet, older and BeerGutted, and mix in a little bit a ton of the "WhiteMansOverbite" . So, Yeah. I do this in my head. but frequently. i may be doing it right now. i may be naked.
in honor of my busy life Laziness  I have opted for replaying a classic Christmas post from last year!
originally posted DEC 27 2010

The weather outside is not fit for man nor beast. I am thankful I am not living on the street. I drive past these poor souls frequently and am thankful I am not one of them. *but for the grace...go I*

the following post is in real time...tic toc..tic toc...

The answer was coming home and hanging out with the TuckMonster, a few toddies, and a WINGS game. Yup. That was the idea. That WAS the answer. But I was in the  Alex Trebek alternative universe. AND I was stuck.

The question was what will Bruce do on the night before the night before Christmas...The question BECAME.... WTF is wrong with the furnace. I walked in the door and could feel the temperature was not quite right. Bummer dude.

It is 61 degrees F in the house. (On the main floor)

Thursday night, the night before the night before Christmas, is not the best of times to have a furnace go out, and I only find this stuff out the hard way. Life is a harsh task master. Actually, no time in the 9 month Michigan winter is a good time for the furnace to puke.

It needs to be fixed. I call my Landlord. I get voice mail. Prolly cuz she has my number in her phone and it is usually a problem for her to have to figure out when I call. I do not know. She prolly looks at it and…straight to voicemail…

There is also the California to Michigan time difference. No worries. I can never get this simple concept of time and where in the USA it changes or how many hours difference, quite right. So don’t even ask me to figure out what year it is, in, like, say Australia…

I then instruct my wife to take the chillin and go to her mom’s house where they would be safe, cuz it is too cold to stay here. I will make the supreme sacrifice and stay here with the TuckMonster. I toss my glasses from my face and rip open my shirt, revealing a large S for SuperBruce!!! .(L for LoserBruce) 

“Honey, save yourself and Mylibbean! I will handle this furnace debacle!”

Okay, I lied, they were going there anyway. The TuckMonster and I were OTR (And the WINGS were on!!!!)

Bo~nus! (Sing-song voice!))

But first, the little problem of the heat and furnace issue. I wander into the furnace room and contort myself like a yoga master to see if I can figure out WTF is wrong.  I IMMEDIATELY figure out the flame is not flaming. Cuz I am a genius like that.

Let me just say yoga is crazy, until you need it. If you don't practice it, a prescription to vicodin or several canadian whiskeys will help the after effects of said non-yogis. I am a non-yogi. I took both.


What to do?

My wife hits me upside the head with hands me the phone book. I turn to heating and cooling. The cooling part is fine. I am concerned with the heating.

I call ALLLLLLLL (at least the ones that have big splashy phone numbers) the “24 HOUR” HVAC companies. They all have answering services. Thankfully, the services all speak English and not Foreignish.

I wait.

And wait.

And f*ing wait some more.

Finally, some jackweasel calls me back.

And says “Well, until I hear from your landlord, I cannot fix your furnace.”

“Dude, I will pay you. I can work it out with her later. The WINGS are on tonight and I will be damned if I do not get to watch them from the comfort of my ManCave” I implore the guy on the phone.

“Sorry, no can do.” He doesn't even respond with an obligatory "dude"... the bastage!

It is now 59 degrees F. (On the main floor)

The ManCave is colder still...funny thing about cold air, it sinks. (or warm air rises, I REALLY shoulda paid a bit more attention to my HS physics class...)

He calls back and says they are not doing any new rental accounts. I am outta luck.

Fine. Whatever. His company will never get my business, now. Vredervoodg, or however you spell it. Your name is mud in my book...

The ladies leave, saving themselves, and TuckMonster and I start a fire to keep warm. WinterCamping! Relax, kids, we have a fireplace, so, no, I did not start a fire on the carpet. Or a fifty-five gallon drum...Actually, we have two fireplaces. One fireplace is in the ManCave and one is in the main floor living room.

In the USA, or the land of USIES, (more on that in a future post) we live in the lap of luxury. We Take for granted the things like heat and A/C. We expect it. Until it goes horribly wrong. We are all just this close to living on the street. Or at least living like we were on the street. Then we panic. And cry like little school bitches kids. I, however, am The Last Boy Scout. (Not the Bruce Willis Movie...)

We retire to the Mancave, the TuckMonster and I, with fire roaring and behaving perfectly inside the fire box, and turn on the game. (It is heating up quite nicely)

I called every 24 hour service place and got no other replies.

24 hour service my ass!

It is now 56 degrees F. (On the main floor)

Finally, I hear from my landlord. She has arranged for her Jack-of-all-trades to come over and fix it.


He can’t be there till the next morning.


It is now 51 degrees F. (OTMF)

The wings lose.

It is now 49 degrees F. (OTMF)

We run out of wood. The fire goes out. I go upstairs. Upon crossing the threshold of the stairway, I have snotsicles forming on my nose. It is seriously cold. I search in vane for my fingerless gloves.

The TuckMonster jumps onto and I crawl into, the bed.

What a fine way to start out my holiday weekend. Good thing I started growing a beard like six months ago. For playoff hockey. Last season. I just never shaved it.

It is 44degrees F.(OTMF) My harmonica has frozen to my lips on a spitbubble.

I fit in well with the rest of the bums on the street.

Just Another Day In Burrrrrrradise!

Just Another Day In Paradise!!!

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

just because...

i can...does not mean i should...
but i will anyway.
you're not the boss of me!

here it goes!

hellloooo blog world.

(i hear crickets...)

trending NOOOOOO!!!!!

1.      Megan Fox (is stalking me…again…i know she is hot and all, but i'm married...)
2.      Khloe Kardash… (fucking who cares about this hose bag stop. just. fucking. stop!)
3.      TJ Houshmandzada (making a comeback!)
4.      Zooey Deschanel (is having a baby…I swear it is not mine...)
5.      FBI and Juggalos (the posse is a gang? say it ain’t so, Joe)
6.      Jerry Seinfeld (new sit come in the works...)
7.      Supermassive black holes (suck)
8.      4G phones (suck even more than super massive black holes)
9.      HIV and teens (keep it in your pants, kids!)
10.   Heart disease (is a killer)

i have been busy.

i would tell you what i have been doing but then i would have to kill you...

the other day i was just sitting around wondering what it was like before i had a cell phone. or a smart phone.

i hate my smart phone.

with a passion.

that can kill whole societies.

smart phones suck for 2 reasons.

1. they cost more for service...
2. they do not make my morning toast.

there may be more. but those are the two biggest complaints i have.


that means my life is not so bad.

if you can only complain about your smartass phone.

things be pretty godamngood!

Just Another day In Paradise
Just Another Dog In Puppydise

Wednesday, October 19, 2011



just thought i would remind you all, if you did not already know this!

Just Another Day In Paradise
Just Another Dog In Puppydise

Thursday, October 13, 2011

yeah... so i got that going for me...

today i paid off the final installment of this little incident...

oh and by the way...

cancer free for 10 months!

cigarette free for the same!

now i can only hope i live long enough to pay off the cancer bills...

peace love and happiness to all!


just another dog in puppydise
just another day in paradise

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

our trip to the land of oz..

trending noooo!!!!

  1. iPhone 5 (is totally stupid…don’t buy it, unless you are a fucktard)
  2. Jessica Rabbit (hot cartoon?)
  3. Christina Mil… (blah blah blah…)
  4. Elizabeth Olsen (not the twins)
  5. Susan Sarandon (keeps stalking me)
  6. Andy Rooney (say goodbye to hollywood!)
  7. Guns N' Roses (reunion tour!)
  8. Stock prices (dropping like a rock, sell now!!!!)
  9. Flu vaccine (or chicken noodle decide)
  10. Pink Floyd pig (flys over london! Fucking cool!)

tucker on steroids?

My good friend Mynx at Dribble....
....had a little house warming party!  (and here) way back in the past. tucker decided to write about it...i did not let him post it. here it is...

yeah, i finally relented...

this is me!
the other picture is not me...

~i am tucker! i am a puppy! daddy let me do the drawererings!

(yes tucker....there's a stick, got get it! daddy has work to do!)

As you all know, I love a party! I promised Mynx that I would float on down to the party.

here we are!

this is me!
a puppy!~
it says daddy!
by tucker!
cuz i am cool!
and a puppy!
Thanks tucker!
Those are some good pictures!
(he also drew the following pictures as well and added them while I took one of my famous daddy naps!)

i have a boat. it is daddy and my's boat. we call it the BASSMONKEY. it is prolly not the best sea-farring vessel, but i do not care...daddy and i lovererly love it!

me in my's boat!

 daddy did some modifications to it...

"ho. ho. ho.
now i have a machine gun..."
bassmonkey amphibmobile
deluxe version...

Opps...Tucker! That is the wrong f*ing picture...

hehehe! daddy is so easy! i meant this one! i am tucker. i am a puppy!

bassmonkey amphibmobile
hey there's a squirrel...
mr squirrel...
gotta go!
gotta go!
gotta go!

While Tucker is off, I will let you know, we had to load up on supplies. As some of you may have heard, I like to  drink. Just a tad.

and yes i brought clean underwear.

THE RED LINE is there route I should prolly taken.

THE GREE LINE is the route I downloaded from my GPS tracking device! i may have gotten a  bit lost.

Just Another Day In Paradise
Just Another Dog In Puppydise

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

2sDaY with tUcKeR 9 20

trending nooooo!!!!
1.      Brooke Burke  (Emmy bullshit)
2.      Julie Bowen (Emmy bullshit)
3.      Jeff Conaway  (Emmy bullshit)
4.      Julianna Margulies (Emmy bullshit)
5.      Retirement plans (ROB A BANK!)
6.      Melissa McCarthy (who cares)
7.      Dancing With the stars (another stupid reality???? Show that just plain sucks)
8.      Stress (kills)
9.      Cam Newton (Fig Newton, whatever)
10.   $3 trillion (is a metricfuckton of debt)

is it hockey season yet?
i am tucker. i am a puppy. not a little puppy, but a big puppy! i go on trips all over the world. i go everywhere! i am a superpuppy that travels! i have been to places that most other dogs will never go. cuz that is how i roll. i tell daddy where we are going and he takes me there!

(no tucker, no, you do not. you do not go all over the world. and i still decide when and where you go...sheesh...some puppies....)

last weekend we went to ANARCHY ISLAND! it is in  a special place way far away from where daddy and i live. we have to drive a long time to get there. like i try to sleep but it is hard. i am excited. it is my second time to go. last year there were all kinds of other dogs there. this year it will just be me.

daddy says what happeneded on ANARCHY ISLAND, stays on ANARCHY ISLAND!

we go there to fish and relax.

well daddy likes to relax.  and we both like to fish.

i like to run and search for all kinds of stuff. and chase squirrels. and snifferer all kinds of things. daddy sits around and i run around.

it works.

i know.
daddy says it shoulda been a pirate flag.
but this is all we had.

sometimes you just make do with what you got. if you do not have a bunch, then a little is all right.  Daddy and i did not have much, but it sure took a long time to get there and get the boat loaded and unloaded. Daddy said i am not a very good helperer, cuz i just want to play and run.


that is what i do. i am a puppy. i am very good at playin. daddy took lots of breaks, like he always does, and was always panting. i only pant when i do lots of runnin' or it is very hot.

it was not very hot. and i did not see daddy run.

he kinda moved fast a couple times, like when i jumped off the boat to shore and daddy did not have it tied off yet.

daddy moved really fast then.

he grabbeded a tree and the boat and nearly fell in the river. he said some of his favorite words and his face turned all red and he was panting. tolded me i was a bad puppy.

then i lickity licked his face and he laughed.

i could tell you more of what happeneded on anarchy island, but then i would have to kill you...

what happeneded on ANARCHY ISLAND, stays on ANARCHY ISLAND!

Monday, September 19, 2011

football is back...


the LIONS rrrrrrrreally won!!!


1.      Frances Bay (dies)
2.      Sofia Vergara (has a girl crush)
3.      Michael Vick (took a licking and did not keep ticking)
4.      Lea Michele (can you say cat fight?)
5.      Stock prices (crashing…invest in canned food and bottled water)
6.      Jada Pinkett Smith (hot and Preggers)
7.      Mariano Rivera (I’d rather have papa grande!)
8.      401(k) plans (buy a gun you’re gonna need it more than the IMAGINARY money in your 401 k)
9.      St. Louis Rams (moving again)
10.   Austin City Limits (hey all you hippie jujubes, lose the patchouli oil, please) 

a 2-0 start?
the lions?

"The worst was 2000, with an ending loss to Chicago and a 9-7 record. Instead of the playoffs, they got Matt Millen."     source

not to gloat, but WOW!

oh yeah and 

go jets, too!


(you'll just have to read it won't ya!)

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

tUcKeR 2sDaY 9 6 11

editors note!
the opinions expressed in this blog are that of a puppy.
any advice, direction, or ideas should be judged accordingly! 

1.     Aerosmith (Farewell tour!)
2.     Prince Harry (Not Harry Potter)
3.     Amanda Knox (is prolly hot but I really don’t care who she is)
4.     Appetizer rec… (?Rectums?)
5.     Sarah Palin (said yet another really stupid thing)
6.     Joe Jonas (pregnant!)
7.     Carlos Zambra… (ski?)
8.     USPS broke (really?)
9.     Babesiosis (urban
10.  Bankruptcy (the financial system in the USA)

i do not remember.
it was all so cool!
i am tucker! i am a puppy. i wented to minnesota with my daddy, or as some of you call him, bruce.
i just call him daddy! and i lickity hims all the time! we had lots of adventures!
i discovereded minnows!
i was looking in the water and i saw some little fishes. daddy calleded them minnows. i calleded them fun for hours! i never caughteded one, but i spent a lot of time chasing thems. i also chaseded a lots of frogs!
lakes superior!
lake superior looks very much like lake michigan. daddy and i loved the water! me more than daddy. daddy got mad for a bit. he said something about blowing out a flip flop and stepping on a  pop top....then he laugheded. daddy also said flip flops are a sound of summer, and he should wear them all the time!
i make friends!
i met a bunch of new peoples! i also met a bunch of new dogs! this dog was very short. it had little legs. i was much bigger than this dog. it had a name, but i don't remember it. it does not matter. puppies rely on the smell of another dog to remember. daddy says to say something about butterface and it is the butt of the joke, but i don't know what it is all about...sometimes daddy says stuff that is not very sensible. i just look at him, and get all wiggily-jiggily.
i caughted all these fishes!
well me and daddy did!
i fished everyday at least once! we threw a lot of fishes back. we kept some. this day daddy and jimmy and i caught a bunch. i had to be a good puppy and watch cuz jimmy was using my fishing pole.
last morning on the dock!
i spent a lot of time on the dock. i learneded to jump off the dock and daddy was so proud of me. i jumpeded after treats, or the monsters of the deep would eat them! i even jumped after a duck or two. but they just swimeded away.
the bass monkey on the fresh painted trailer.
all loaded and ready!
daddy and i painted the trailer for the bass monkey! i helpered a lot when i was not hunting frogs and minnows. daddy painted it black, instead of white, so i would not look like i had a lot of paint on me, when i helpered him! it took daddy for. eve. er to get it painted. he took lots of naps. i took lots of naps! we had lots of fun! it lookeded really good!
we all need more sunrises in our life!

Sunday, August 28, 2011

so like... yeah...

trending noooooo!!!!!

1.     Snooki (is a troll)
2.     Zoe Saldana (is definitely not a Loser)
3.     UFC 134 (watch live streams?)
4.     Jennifer Aniston (preggers! Not mine…dammit!)
5.     Bruno Mars (I don’t know who this is and do not care)
6.     Rashida Jones (is stalking me)
7.     Oakland Raiders (sold for one dollar...ik,r? is seems like too much money)
8.     First aid kits (end of days people…end of days)
9.     Mental illness (fucking sucks)
10.  President Obama (re-elected!)

i was surfing YouTube listening to all kinds of old music...

billy don't be a hero...cats in the cradle...if you could read my mind...gypsies tramps and theives..

and then i came across this...

i remember this show...

mebbe you do too...

if you really watch it you can really get the flavor of the late sixties and early seventies in here...
takes me way back...

seein this again reminds me of how stupid the human race can be...

peace on earth...

was all it said...

Just another Dog in Puppydise!
Just another Day in Paradise!

Saturday, August 27, 2011

to whom it may concern:

if i stopped following your blog it is nothing personal...

i simply do not have the time to devote the attention to all of you that richly deserve more than i can give.

i say this not as the snarky guy that writes (or used to write) 4 blogs but as a fellow comment and attention addicted bloggerer that can't find the time to write  his own blogs, and respond to the comments, let alone read and comment on others.

please accept my humblest of apologies...
if you respond in kind i totally understand...

but remember i know where you live...
of course i do not even have a clue as to where you live...that was a joke...

Bruce and tUcKeR
just another day in paradise
just another dog in puppydise

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

tUcKeR 2sDaY 8 23 11

i am tucker. i am a puppy! i do lots of fun things with my daddy. we go everywhere together.

some pics of when daddy and i were in Minnesota!

the day we arrived was very nice! we wered the first ones there. we ran out to the dock! well, i ran out to the dock daddy just hobbled behind. he is slow. but he was happy. we both had big smiles on our faces!
daddy drank a few of these!
i drank lots of water.
he said it took him way back...
he calleded it GrainBelt premium...
in longneck bottles!

the second day there we had a big storm. it lasteded!  daddy is telling me it blew thru fast and was nice by the afternoon. i do not know. i am a puppy. i do not know five minutes from five hours.
this cloud formation ascaried  me.
daddy said it was awesome!
then he said something about lightings.
and thunderers...
we fired up the motor
then we went in to the cabin...
daddy was singed this song....
"riding the storm out...
waiting for the fall out..."
keep an eye on your line, tUcKeR, daddy says! i do! fishing is very fun, but you have to be very quiet! no running around the boat! until we catch one! then  i get all wiggily -jiggily!

fishing is not catching.
it is not for the easily boreded.
i spend a lot time watching the pole!
sometimes we catch fish!
i think i will catch these fishes right here!
i tried to catch the monsters of the deep
sunrise on the lake is the bestest time! daddy says he used to enjoy a smokie treat and just watch the sun rise, and thank god for the beautiful day. now he does not need smokie treats, he has me! we sat and he petted me and told me i was a good puppy! then guess what?

i lickity licked him!
a beautiful sunrise!
cuz some fish are early risers!
but mostly cuz daddy and i diggeded the solitude
daddy and i caught this big one. it was nineteen inches. it took a long time to get in the boat. the drag was reeling out, and daddy was reeling in. daddy was panting like he just chaseded a ball for a long time, after this one was in the boat.
19 inch bass are fun to catch!
daddy and i fought with this one a long time!
daddy says it is not often that the lake is like glass this late in the morning. he says we were lucky. woofever. it was nice like this a lot. mostly everyday the lake was like glass. i thinked he may have been being a bit of a spoofer. i do not know. i do not remember it being icky while we were out there. it was always beautiful!
tUcKeR! get the net!
i hearded that alot!
but usually daddy got the net
and i lickitied the fishes!
many nights we had our own private sunset festival. daddy said it reminded him of being in key west.  daddy would  tippeded his bottle to the sun, and taked a drink of beer. he would scratch behind my ears and i would lickity his face! he would tell me I am a good boy!

i am a good boy! i am a puppy! i am tUcKer!
every day was....
Just Another Day In Paradise!
and i was
Just Another Dog In puppydise!

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

tUcKeR 2sDaY 8 16 11

editors note: 
the opinions in this blog 
are that of a dog
beware any tips
that pass thru his lips!

i am a puppy!
trending NOOOOOO!!!!trending NOOOOO!!!
1.     Sara Bareilles (bad dream)
2.     Halle Berry (still hot at 45)
3.     John Mellencamp (died)
4.     Jessica Alba (popped puppy #2)
5.     Kate Plus 8 cancelled (fucking finally someone got some sense!)
6.     Jennifer Lopez (still has a big booty)
7.     Missing blimp (actually stolen by a 90 yr old)
8.     401(k) (save for a rainy day…Tut! Tut! Pooh, it looks like rain)
9.     Tainted beef (better than tainted love!)
10.  Energy stocks (soar…invest now!)

day 1 of the big trip!

i barkeded at this guy!
i think i scarrieded him.
he stood perfectedly still!
cuz im scarriest! thats why!

i am tUcKeR. i am a puppy.

i go everywhere with my daddy. we went to Minnesota to fish. it was a road trip! not just to the big orange store. the moose above was at Bass Pro Shops. they are puppy friendly. daddy and i walked around. i got lots of treats. and lov-ins from everyone.

cuz i am cute. and i am puppy!

the windy city!
lots of cars...
daddy said shit a lot...
and mentioneded going to bars!
chi town as daddy called it. lots of traffic. lots of big buildings. lots of cussing. i barkeded at some people too! i said to daddy said mebbe we spent too much time at Bass Pro Shops! he laughed. he said you can never spend too much time there!

a beauty sunset
as we headeded west!
we are going fishing
it is the best!
i tolded daddy to not take pictures while driving. he does not listen. he still thinks he is the alpha dog. he is not. i am tUcKeR WORLD DOGMANATOR!

somebody is smart
doggy treats in a vend!
i think it is cool
and a new money trend!~
daddy said i had enough treats, SO HE DID NOT BUY THESE FOR ME! but i still think this is a gooder idea than most. i will be looking for this trend to continue. stock vending stock now!

daddy take the wheel
i am going to rest!
a long day of driving
my daddy is the best!
we drove until 1 am. or so daddy said and rested a while, cuz i brought my bed! daddy was comfy all stretched out in his seat. (and my seat too)...i got kinda pissed at daddy's feet.

the breakfast of champions
or so daddy says
it lookeded quite gooder than
my kibble...
and i have no rhyme for this picture!
daddy said that the portion was okay and that it was better than gas station hot dogs...i don't judge. we are on vacation. and i got a small chunk of Canadian bacon!

I tolded daddy i want to write a book so we are working out the details...i will call it.... tUcKeR...WORLD DOGMANATOR!

then i will follow it up with a book about fishing! cuz i KNOW HOW to fish!

we have many more tales to tell of out trip! see you soon!

lickitylicks and stuff!

(and daddy)
see you soon!

Just Another Dog In Puppydise!

Monday, August 15, 2011

mfft monday! 8 15 11

the simple dude or as i, and many affectionately call him SD, is one year old today.
well, i mean it is his one year bloggerversary! stop by and say hi.

Jewels at according to jewels is also celebrating... she is my monica on my evil twin site, so stop by and wish her a happy as well.

i am sure a toast and some dom perignon are in order as well, so bring those by my blog and we will ride together...



in my limo!

1.     Tara Reid (Got married…dumbass)
2.     LeAnn Rimes (modeling swimwear?)
3.     Madoff dumped (Mrs. Dumps Bernie…shocking!)
4.     Hilary Duff (preggers)
5.     Low interest rates (money is cheap when no one is spending)
6.     Sherri Shepherd (Got married…dumbass)
7.     William Shatner (tweets…who cares)
8.     Shell oil spill (shell oil…sucks…end of days, man)
9.     Android smartphones (if they were so smart, why would they need us?)
10.  Jim Tressel (sack of shit made over 21 million while cheating his way thru the big ten)

on the MFFT Monday menu today...
peanut butter and banana on swirled rye.
how to make this?


if i have to tell you how to make this, then there are some really big issues in your life....

c'mon, it is peanut butter with banana slices on swirled rye bread...

pretty self explanatory...


i saw this post at Mynx-y's site 

which prompted me to comment this...
...........well, a lot more than just this, but....

"do not mourn for me, for i will not know, but drink with me one last time, as i would surely do for you!

celebrate life!" 

warning: this is not a happy post. tomorrow will be better. tUcKeR has his post almost ready.

I went to my 30th year High School Reunion last Saturday night. I saw many people that I did not recognize. We have changed. I have changed. Surprising that we have.

Time has passed.

Some people have changed very little. Older yes. Wiser mebbe, but still very similar, as if time has weathered them less than others. 

Imagine that? 

I also saw many people I did recognize. I may be getting a bit daft...I had to read name tags more this year than previous years.

However, I saw smiles long forgotten and heard laughter long missed. I toyed with the idea of not going. Of not wishing to rehash the past, or deal with the present.

I decided to go, anyway. 

I am not sorry.

I did what I do.

I drank a bit. Told some tales. Showed pics of my puppy. Talked a ton of shit! For the most part, I left my health out of it. I felt pretty good. And really, who needs the burden of my problems. We were there to celebrate life and accomplishment. Not to share war stories. Not to cry in our beer. 

It was a good evening.

I forgot my issues for as much as I could.

I also found that many more people read my blog than I knew. That made me happy.  


Thru all of this, the day was bittersweet. I have changed. I take a lot less for granted now. I know my life is finite. There is no expiration date for me yet, I know. But the clock ticks louder now. I no longer feel invincible. Time is my Kryptonite.

As it is for all of us.

The ticktock never fades, it is always in the background some days louder than others. Today it is screaming at me. I have been better. For sure. If you are gonna play your gonna pay. Life just turns out that way...

Some classmates have passed on. And some did not show. While I cherish the classmates I did see, the ones absent hit me the hardest. I know this may be the last time I see many of these people. And the ones I did not see I may never see again.

Cancer, in any form, changes you. For me, It is not about rates of survival. It is not about being cured. It is not about remission or treatment. It is about the intrusion into my bubble. I will never think of my health the same as I did BC...

I know I am getting older. I know I still feel like crap. I may not live to see my 35th reunion. I hope I do. I drank with many familiar faces. I toasted them In my head, knowing we may never see each other again.

Each day we deal with the Kryptonite.

Take a bit of time today to celebrate life. Toast your family, your friends, and your bloggerer pals.

None of us know when our path will reach its end. Each day is a commodity that cannot be priced.

So grab  a cup, glass, or bottle and raise your imbibment of choice!

I drink not to mourn your loss, but to celebrate the time our paths crossed, where we walked together, and shared a laugh. I drink to not your loss but your contribution to my life! For those moments I am truly blessed!


(we will be back to our regular scheduled funsanity tomorrow)
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