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Wednesday, September 7, 2011

tUcKeR 2sDaY 9 6 11

editors note!
the opinions expressed in this blog are that of a puppy.
any advice, direction, or ideas should be judged accordingly! 

1.     Aerosmith (Farewell tour!)
2.     Prince Harry (Not Harry Potter)
3.     Amanda Knox (is prolly hot but I really don’t care who she is)
4.     Appetizer rec… (?Rectums?)
5.     Sarah Palin (said yet another really stupid thing)
6.     Joe Jonas (pregnant!)
7.     Carlos Zambra… (ski?)
8.     USPS broke (really?)
9.     Babesiosis (urban
10.  Bankruptcy (the financial system in the USA)

i do not remember.
it was all so cool!
i am tucker! i am a puppy. i wented to minnesota with my daddy, or as some of you call him, bruce.
i just call him daddy! and i lickity hims all the time! we had lots of adventures!
i discovereded minnows!
i was looking in the water and i saw some little fishes. daddy calleded them minnows. i calleded them fun for hours! i never caughteded one, but i spent a lot of time chasing thems. i also chaseded a lots of frogs!
lakes superior!
lake superior looks very much like lake michigan. daddy and i loved the water! me more than daddy. daddy got mad for a bit. he said something about blowing out a flip flop and stepping on a  pop top....then he laugheded. daddy also said flip flops are a sound of summer, and he should wear them all the time!
i make friends!
i met a bunch of new peoples! i also met a bunch of new dogs! this dog was very short. it had little legs. i was much bigger than this dog. it had a name, but i don't remember it. it does not matter. puppies rely on the smell of another dog to remember. daddy says to say something about butterface and it is the butt of the joke, but i don't know what it is all about...sometimes daddy says stuff that is not very sensible. i just look at him, and get all wiggily-jiggily.
i caughted all these fishes!
well me and daddy did!
i fished everyday at least once! we threw a lot of fishes back. we kept some. this day daddy and jimmy and i caught a bunch. i had to be a good puppy and watch cuz jimmy was using my fishing pole.
last morning on the dock!
i spent a lot of time on the dock. i learneded to jump off the dock and daddy was so proud of me. i jumpeded after treats, or the monsters of the deep would eat them! i even jumped after a duck or two. but they just swimeded away.
the bass monkey on the fresh painted trailer.
all loaded and ready!
daddy and i painted the trailer for the bass monkey! i helpered a lot when i was not hunting frogs and minnows. daddy painted it black, instead of white, so i would not look like i had a lot of paint on me, when i helpered him! it took daddy for. eve. er to get it painted. he took lots of naps. i took lots of naps! we had lots of fun! it lookeded really good!
we all need more sunrises in our life!


  1. You are learning lots of things and having lots of fun Tucker. And so good to know that you can help Daddy with his painting.
    You are such a clever puppy :)

  2. Hey Tucker - I wished I was fishing too...I miss fishing, now I feel like fishing so I'm going to my fridge to fish me out a nice cold beer - what do you think about that? know what Tucker, Lucky just rolled over when I mentioned you and she said isn't it time for Tucker to come over to our house for a play date...hmmm.

    Yup, that's what Lucy with fur ask your daddy if he has time to bring you over...he knows how to reach me, okay!

    Bye for now,
    Jenny (and Lucky too!)

  3. Tuck monster - how great to see you buddy. Looks like you and Daddy had a wonderful time, always nice to get away, eh?

    Please give daddy a big hug from us and a couple of lickity licks from your pals Spot & Scoob.

    Love ya, Skippity do dah

  4. Tucker...what a lot of things you are learning! Jumping off docks is one of the most fun things about summer...well that and flip flops, fishing, boats, ducks, minnows, and beer...if daddy doesn't share this with you don't be angry though. A big scratchity scratch behind your ears and on your belly from me to you.

  5. So glad you and Daddy got to get this time together away to fish, nap and relax. You've got a good Daddy. Be super good to him. He's my little bro!! Love, Auntie Barb

  6. aw tucker what a lovely trip you had and chasing minnows is fun i use to do that as a kid. give daddy a snuggle for me and tell him HI

  7. everyone!
    once again google chrome is making life miserable...

    thank you all for your excellent comments...daddy and i love you all!



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