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Sunday, January 23, 2011

sunday snippets 1 23

just some quick sunday snippets for you all!

1.Mean Girls 2 (another stupid sequel)
2.Kourtney Kardashian (why the f* do they have yet another show?)
3.Nicki Minaj (on SNL soon…who the f* cares)
4.Ben Affleck (new movie same boring ben)
5.Heart disease (will kill ya)
6.Ashton Kutcher (peeing on your own property is a crime! who'da thunk that?)
7.i phones (are very expensive)
8.Tax filing (cash you check fast, there is no money I our government’s account)
9.iPhones (totally blow and are too expensive)
10.Refinancing (soon they will be charging negative interest, the market still sucks)

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 Lynne H. at Bits of Paper and Glue

I have been smoke free for 14 days today. I am happy about that! It is starting to feel like I am getting back to normal. We’ll see what the week will bring!

Having that former official in the booth with the fox guys is completely ridiculous. replay is all guess work and judgment calls anyway. Just had the replay guy on the field say the exact opposite of the the fox replay official in the booth said. or is it just comedy relief?

I have a theory. There is a pie. And it can be cut into infinite pieces. Infinite pie. Don’t be greedy. Don’t take more than you need there is plenty to go around. share it with everyone.

The infinite pie.

I do not need to have the whole pie. I want to share it with you! This principle can be applied to everything! Try it!

If you don’t have something funny to say, say something nice. Or nothing at all. Don’t be a hater. (and all haters will be deleted.)  This does not apply to comments, you can just type gibberish for comments. Hell, groovy guys and groovy gals the way I type half my posts/comments  are gibberish  but this applies to  to non CyberWebberWorld life.  saying gibberish in the CyberWebberWorld will get you put in a nice white coat with the buckles on the back!

next time someone asks you how it's going, just say... "Just Another Day In Paradise. " You will be surprised at the number of people that smile at this phrase! It always gets a laugh for me...

However, I do not recommmend saying "all over it like a pornqueen" that may get you some looks of disdain. Not that I know from actual experience.

Respect is one missing ingredient in the world today.

Another is love. And not like I wanna get in your pants love, which is in short supply as well, but love, love. luv y'all. Thanks for stopping by.

Tucker has this to add.

i know what your thinking!
come and get your puppy love!

There are not enough belly rubs being given. And not enough sticks being thrown. And somebody out there needs a face wash from a puppy tongue! Lickity lickity!


  1. Congrats on quitting smoking. I wish I could do it, but there are far too many fucking annoying people in my life for me to give up smoking. I either smoke or they die, so I am smoking. lol

  2. Tucker knows what's going on! Smart dog. This really was a good post and soooo damn true. Not enough niceness out there.

  3. Are you experiencing rude people or haters? I can kick some ass if you need me to.

    Just sayin'.

    Keep up the great non-smoking work, Bruce!
    Seriously?... Reeeally??... Seriously?

    How do I get in on the belly rubs and kisses (by Tucker, Tucker!)

    I'm signed on as me. Sometimes I just do URL. I'm shifty like that.

  4. Wise words! Bruce... As for Tuck, he has 'I dare u' look on his face... My question is: how long will he be allowed to get on the couch?

  5. Hey Bruce and Tucker, there is an award for you over on my blog! :-)

  6. Hang on.. did someone say there was pie? An INFINITE amount? You sir, are my hero.


  7. Hey, congrats!!!

    As for the Kardashians, I have the same question about Ashton Kutcher. Why are they famous again?


  8. congrats on the no smoking and i'm with simple Dude you have ininite pie i want in

  9. I look forward to your "I love the Steelers" post.

  10. OFT- it has been very difficult, but thankfully i have been able to avoid the asshats that drive me to smoke.

    BB- he is one smart puppy...he has a lotta love to give!

    StephC- tucker gives his belly up freely at anytime...he is kinda a belly rub whore! and no i am not getting any meanies, but i am jsut prepping if it does!

    KBF- i was against it but it was a battle i lost with tuck, mylibbean and my wife... it is their couch...i guess if they want to share it with him, oh well...

    on My soapBox- thanks!we love awards!

    SD-INFINITE! yup! i am glad to be your hero!

    Pearl- yup why they are still allowed to grace the tv let alone the world...and thanks!

    Becca- were all in for inifinite pie!

    OFT- it is written...see you monday!

  11. YOU not smoking...makes me happy :) Keep it up friend.

  12. 14 days. It's going to be much easier now. And I don't know about Infinte pie, but when I was a kid I asked my folks for The Magic Pudding every night. Aussie childrens story. Completely awesome - almost as good as the magic faraway tree or Harriet the Spy. Awww now you've got me all nostalgic....

  13. Glad to hear about no meanies... trying to figure out a way to reach Tucker's belly.

    Perhaps you need to upload a vlog belly rub, to satisfy my Tucker love.

    Seriously?... Reeeally??... Seriously?

    That sounded rude/dirty, but was not intended to. lol

  14. I am so proud of you for being smokefree this long.
    Oh and what sort of pie is it? I love apple and blackberry. With cream and icecream

    Big hugs Bruce. (I am so far behind with my reading but I had to pop in to see you)

  15. Congrats on being smoke free for two weeks. Are you doing anything extra (patches, gum) to negate the cravings or is it being done by sheer willpower?

  16. Shelby- awww thanks!!!feeling much better!

    Sarah-i think i could get into magic pudding as well

    StephC- we have been discussing the vlog option. Tucker of course will do anything to get attention. It will happen...don't know when?

    Mynx-ANY typye you want! glad to see ya! you are this weeks sponsor! big hugs!

    G-unfortunately sheer will power. i have tried the patch, gum and lozenges...i need to get rid of nicotine and the oral fix...this is the hardest thing i have ever done..cuz i mean it this time...every other time it was we'll see...

  17. Congrats on the not smoking. I, from experience, know how bad it sucks trying to quit.

  18. I should start saying Just Another day in Paradise. That sounds like a good phrase to you!

    Yay for 14 days of not smoking! 23 going on 24 days of not pulling for me! :)

  19. JM- thanks and yup but i am starting to feel better!

    AD- thanks and GOOD JOB! i hate breaking habits!


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