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Thursday, January 27, 2011

three days in the woods! (repost but revamped)

note: this is a repost of  Wintercamping!! The problem is one of the founders of this awesome completely stupid idea is not gonna be there. VoHo  it will be wierd... (if you are new or old to this blog you NEED to read this is worth the 5 miuntes)

1.Hubble Space Telescope (crashes into an asteroid)
2.Julianne Moore (a hot ginger)
3.Bret Michaels (heart surgery, may not make it)
4.Naomi Watts (just another actress nominated for awards)
5.Alec Baldwin (popped for DUI)
6.Khloe Kardashian (shot by irate person, er I mean irate HERO!)
7.Car recalls (so what….)
8.Justine Henin (retires again)
9.Stock market (plummets what the f* else is new…)
10.Disney Dream (sinks after horrendous collision while in port, hundreds missing)

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Wintercamping!! Camping in the winter. Cold weather camping.

In just a couple days the Band of Brethren will assemble for the annual rite of insanity known as Wintercamping. I could tell you all kinds of secrets, but why? The first rule and only universal man-law is what happens in the (woods) stays in the (woods). Las Vegas stole that phrase from the man-law rule book.

Yep! Tuckmonster and I are gonna be gone for a few days! We will be camping! Wintercamping!! Tucker is so excited he cannot believe it! he keeps asking

I can share that it is a three day thing. I can share that it is in the winter. I can share that it is only guys....I cannot tell you particular events as I am beholden to a higher law....Man-law...

I will share this. It is fun. It is cold. Sometimes it is really cold. Sometimes it snows. Sometimes it rains. Rain sucks, but there are no bugs. And you don’t get sunburned. The beer stays cold and wine can freeze…. It is cold and there are no mosquitoes here.

I can also tell you this. Ice-cream sandwiches do not stay frozen unless they are stored at less than 20 degrees Fahrenheit. Actually ice-cream needs to be stored at zero degrees. They still taste yummy, but they are more work when they are mooshie….

Some guys sleep in tents. I sleep in my truck. Setting up a tent is work, and I can work any time…

I can also let you in on this. It is cold. Oh yeah, I already said that. See how cold it is? I get brain freeze just thinking about it. Brrrrrrrr…

This happens during winter, hence the name Wintercamping. And most of the time it snows. One year the Grand Rapids Press front page was titled, “Please stay Home” so we went anyway. They ain’t the boss of me…A massive blizzard is not going to stop me.

Stuff must be done, to continue the tradition!

The Band of Brethren will gather. We will camp. We will dominate nature. We will be cold. Or maybe not. We will survive. We will have FUN. Much will happen, but nothing will happen, because what happens in the woods stays in the woods…

I COULD tell you what goes on at Wintercamping, but then I would have to kill you….

Just another day in paradise

see you on MFFT monday!?!
i will be out of action till sunday, with a new post on monday, most likely, if i survive, I hope all of you have a great week end!


  1. Have a great trip. Enjoy freezing your ass off.

  2. LOL@Oilfield

    @Bruce-That is so WRONG about ice cream sandwiches! They need to be just sliiiiightly smooshy for ultimate yumminess. Ask Tucker, he probably knows.~

  3. You can have that cold, but I'm sure you boys will enjoy it. The no bugs thing is a plus, but I haven't camped since I was a kid.

  4. Better you than me... I don't do camping and I don't do cold. Save me an ice cream sandwich, though, please.

    a bitch called mom

  5. I'm such a waste of a camping trip. I'm content to just sit around a fire, roasting smores. Which you really don't need a mountainous trip for. But they just taste better that way, dammit.

  6. oft- i wll enjoy it! there will be lots of food and beer!

    Kats- they are very good when they a mooshy, just much more work.

    krissy- it will be boyish as it is every year.

    Mrs hyde- i wil try to save a ICS, but tucker is along and he loves IC sammies!

    beer shower- smores rock the house!

  7. Bruce, be safe man.

    Tucker, protect your daddy, okay?

  8. i wanna know what goes on at wintercamping, damn it! no excuses, bruce and tucker!

    i expect a full report on my desk by monday, 9 am. one from each of you.

    then you can kill me.

  9. Sounds like fun. Too bad I'm gonna miss it. Off season camping is the bomb. No other campers. Probably no Fish and Game of Forest Service guys either... Not that they are much trouble, but in my neck of the woods, they tend to be nervous, officious critters, so they touch your groove with their snooping around, holding on to their guns, and acting all important. It's nice to have a party with out them.

    But what happened to Voho, or, what is happening? I read that other post. You don't say. Or do you? It ends with a prayer.


  10. Have fun, and bring lotsa blankets to keep you and Tuck warm!!

    And we got a new puppaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!

    Lab/husky X (I don't see the husky, I see a little bit of pit bull, but I am probably wrong)!!

    Seriously?... Reeeally??... Seriously?

    Nice layout!

  11. ib- we were safe! Tucker dun really good!

    Kage- see tuckers post on 2sday, he is a blabbermouth! monday will not work!!!

    Rick- off season camping is the bomb! VohO will most likely never walk again, and is a quad with limited arm hand motion. it really sucks!I t will take 18 months to find the depth of his disability! thnaks on the new layout!

    StephC- awesome!!!!i expect some pics and stuff..tucker is sooo excited!


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