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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

TuckEr 2sday 1 25


1.Taco Bell meat (is really meat!)
2.Zsa Zsa Gabor (losing the other leg)
3.Katie Holmes (is stalking me now)
4.Annette Bening (cougar hot!)
5.Nicki Minaj (rising star)
6.Jon Bon Jovi ( in hospital, in serious condition)
7.Fantastic Four (thinking about adding a fifth, of crown royal!)
8.Oscar nominations (i got snubbed again…damn you, academy!)
9.Medicaid (the forms alone will make you sick)
10.Cloud computing (same as cloud seeding but with computers)


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 A  LICKITY woofcome to new BIA Kage at sex, sequins+ sociopaths daddy and i find her funny!

nom! nom! nom!
i love snow!
helloz tooz youz guyz!

I am tucker. I am a puppy. I am growing up! I had a lot of fun this week. Puppies always have fun. Life is fun for puppies. Fun. Fun. Fun.

I watched some stuff in the big black box in the living room. I woofed at it. And growled at it! Daddy laughed at me. He thought it was funny. The voices on the black box talked funny. Daddy says they were from the yeastcoats or something like that. I don't know. But that is where I  got "tooz youz"

here i am watching the big black box!

i was looking at the big black box
and then daddy said
so i looked at him

Mr squirrel was outside this week and I chased him and he ran, it was a fun game, but then he ran up a tree.Then he chattered at me!


Daddy threw a stick up a tree and I jumped up and grabbeded it out of the tree. Daddy acted like I did something really cool. He gave me two treats and lots of oh Tuckers! When I do stuff that is good I get Oh Tucker! and when daddy is not happy with me he just says TUCKER!

I chased Mrs. Bunny this week too! She is much faster than mr squirrel.

Daddy was better this week. He is over two weeks without is smokie-treats. He is having a couple candiayan whiskers a week now. He seems to be much better...Every one is happy for him.

But not me. I miss the old smokie-treat daddy! 

He does not come outside as much as he used to. He used to come out with his smokie treats and we would play! play! play! He does not have as many treats in his pockets, now. Daddy does seem to be getting better, though, and It is good. We played a bit more this week. but he still is very slow and he pants. a. lot.

(so not really missing the old smokie-treat daddy, right Tuck?)

We went on some rides to some places and hung out. But not like we used to. Daddy said I rode “shottie” I don’t know what shottie is but I rode like I always do. In the front seat. But we did not go Not like we used to.

I love riding.

And playin.

I got a new chewie, Daddy calls it a water bottle puppet. I call it fun. Fun. Fun. It makes krinkly trwinkly sounds!

Daddy says I am dog-pretty. I lickity him. And give him nibbly bites. He likes to take my pictures. But I like to get my picture taken, I guess.

Daddy said we are going to try to do a vlog soon. I can't wait! I don't know what a vlog is, but if it is with Daddy...I am sure it will be fun. fun. fun!

that's it im outta here!
see ya next week!
Just Another Dog in Puppydise


  1. Tucker you are so cute! And so smart to be blogging so well when you're just a puppy! I know about mommies and daddies and their panting. We tend to do that a lot when trying to keep up wit you. Just remember that you have twice as many legs as we do. ;)

  2. Squirrel!

    Made ya look!

    I love TucKer 2sDaY. :-)

    P.S. Thank you for being patient with Daddy while he is learning to ignore his smokie treats. You are a good pup.

  3. What a good puppy! Always enjoy Tucker!

  4. who's a boo? who's a snuggly woo? who's my baby boo? who's my snuggle-faced cuteness bear?!

    oh, and please say hey to tucker for me, bruce.

  5. tucker you're the coolest dog in town

  6. Ah my favorite blog day of the week when Tucker posts.

  7. I love this dog. Very photogenic. Why can't I be as photogenic as this dog? He needs to tell me why. He seems like a smart dog. Why, Tucker, why????

  8. I think Tucker should meet Lottie the Wonder Dog and form a beautiful friendship. But Lottie's spayed, so maybe that wouldn't work out so well...

  9. Tucker, if only everybody had a pup as cool as you. We would be better off for it, that is for sure. Be well little puppy, be well.

  10. Awwww, what a cutie. Looks like quite a character.

  11. Oh Tucker, you are such a clever puppy for getting the stick out of the tree.
    You are just going to have to remind Daddy to go play outside now he is feeling better.
    Keep chasing Mr squirrel and Mr Bunny. They need the exercise

  12. tucker says!

    Katsidhe- thanks for finding me cute! Daddy thinks i am a great puupy! i will try to remmeber that mommies and daddies only have two legs!

    On My Soapbox- where's the squirel?where's the squirel?where's the squirel?

    Bouncin' Barb-thanks for stopping by, i always enjoy You!

    Kage- i am a puupy...i am much more snuggle-faced cuteness bear than daddy. he let me know...he is still dancing around like he just got a treat!

    becca-i am the coolest dog! rhanks becca!

    OFT- (tucker blushes)

    A Beer for the Shower-(daddy says) i have to take 100's of pics to get one or two, cuz tuck is always on the move! tucker says (be a puppy)

    LottieSpartacus-(daddy says) tucker does not know that he is fixed, i have not told him yet)

    ib-everyone needs a tucker!

    PastorMac's Ann-(daddy says) thanks for the stop by! tucker is the bets!

    Mynx-i am glad you are getting moved in. daddy says you have a pool. i am a puppy, i love to swim!

  13. AW. Tucker. Such a good dog. Tell Bruce I'm glad he's getting better not having smokie treats. We're all rooting for him.

    And thanks for the award Tucker! It made me happy!

  14. tucker says-
    Kara- i will tell daddy. and you aer woofcome for the award!

  15. it's a good thing you're cute, because if anyone else had whitewashed me, i'd be giving them "the full treatment" instead of snacks.

    jus' sayin'.

  16. Oh Tucker Look at you! You ARE growing up. Looking more like a big dawg everyday.

    Something you ought to know Tuck ... squirrels are a tease! They WILL chatter at you (they are either laughing at you or bitching you out depending on the circumstances), and some will even throw stuff at you ... like pine cone cores after they eat the outsides. Yeah, I know, I have been beaned, right here on my own porch.

    Squirrels are little smart asses that THINK they are really clever (and invincible for some bizarre reason) but how many squirrels you ever see that wrote a blog huh? You got it all over Mr. Squirrel

    Somehow you always convince me to come out from under my rock when I come around ... you are a pretty special puppy Tuck. Tell Daddy I said hi.

  17. Tucker says:

    CB- we were playin.playin. playin.

    cathey - good to see you out and about! i am getting big. daddy says feb 12 is my birthday! i guess it will be all about tucker and i will tell daddy you said hi! thanks for the head up on mr squirel..

  18. hahaha cute dog, I like that he has so much to say :D

  19. First time I have came across this, will be sure to check in every week now, HILARIOUS!

  20. Marty- thanks for stopping by!


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