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Monday, April 11, 2011

MFFT Monday! 4 11 11

what's the 411?
i could not resist...

the world is smaller today
yes it is.

the tru dat 411...
the world is smaller today!

1.nothing (is) (nothing)
3.trending (not, nooooo!!!)
4.except the two (they will not be named)
5. attentwhores (they are)
6.can you imagine (it is a nightmare)
7. the demonspawn (of their unholy union)
8. if the two that would not be named (had a baby)
9. that is the antichrist x 10 (ARMAGEDDON)
10. jus sayin

this post was fucking awesome. but blogger ate it. yup googlebuttfucker chrome. is.the.devil.

sorry to start of in full on fuckmode...i am so pissed...

i will get over it..

i am trying to recreate a masterpiece...
but no one is dying over it...

~~~~~~~hang on this could be  wild ride~~~~~~~~~~~

This post was originally going to be IN a new feature that i will call free ass friday...

as opposed to free ball friday?

which was prolly last week...
i don't remember...
it was a GuyWeek...
drinking was involved....
and lost...


and keys?


you know how it is under a drunken moon
you do, don't lie

or being mooned by a drunk!
that may have happened

i may not have gotten  dressed.

i was definitely  mebbe outta fresh undies... 
so commando it is..
er, uh,  i mean was...

on the menu today in MMFT monday...

fuckin chinese take away...
 cuz i'm lazy...order by number don't forget the egg roll!

When I started this blog and I was basically just shouting out to no one, like we all did. Now I am shouting out around the world.

unfortunately for the world!

I have met some cool dudes and groovy chicks from around the globe.

you all have touched me. this is dedicated to the ones that wear the shoes of which i speak...
you know whoz youz iz! (and it may be more than one of you but it is not more than 93...)

i read you

i read everyday
and of
i may never meet
nor touch other than thru a keyboard
does that make them any less real?

what is real?
           who is real?
why are we wrapped up in reality?

is the space between us real?

you show me your shoes...
to let me walk.
i try them on for size..

because i cannot touch you.

fist bump!
high five?
shake hands...

hug? or kiss? 

touch in 3d life.

      is that real?

what is real?

truth and lies?
can be as real as reality.

And yet.
i feel your smile
i feel your sigh
i feel..

we walk together over miles.
and share moments.
laughter and pain

in each others shoes..


not me
not a touchy/feely guy

but everyday...

you all are there
all ya all.
every day.


                                       nearly everyday.
we laugh.
we talk.
we listen.
not spoken.
but said none-the-less.

and shoes are left exposed.
and filled.
a little more everyday...

these people.
that do not exist.
are not real?

are just like you and I.
do they not?
bleed when cut
and feel hope
and pain.

do they:

walk off with the shoes...

for no apparent reason
what did i say?

                         did i fucking swear too much?
but i do not care.
i can buy a new pair...

you donut know me
i am krispy kreme-ish
you know what that means?

not good for you
i am like a drug

and i dint care...
but you dint care either
cuz you lovez me
and i lovez you back

we care over miles
over electronic smiles
and internet dials

leaving happens
life is half loss
of a glass half full...

the door is open, but don't let it hit you in the ass on the way out?
waiting for the other shoe to drop...
just like when i was ten
and they left again.

Someone once told me that there is no reality in the cyberwebber.

Or mebbe that was me.
                    Telling myself.

No one out there is real.

They are all just liars, hiding behind anonymity.
(janedoe meets johnsmith
they 'ave a cyberbaby?)

-from past experience?
                those chat room days...
i was more a lurker
could not type fast enough...
           and forum days....
i was a player.. and got played
                  by and of..
invented relationships.
Of Who
you WERE
                 or pretend to be.


those shoes did not fit
so i need not those shoes...

But the 3d world.
is fucking real!

How is this webberworld any different?

Who has never...

been lied to?
By a *real * person?
hurt by a *real* person
left a *real* person

I never understood...could not see.

the idea of a pen pal.

you changed all that...

Of a written word and distance relationships.
Of bonds so stong.
               yet never touched.
                                    or felt.
                                  flesh to flesh.

I get it now.


!!!!!!Thanks to all of you that have made my world better.!!!!!

i know, right...

you thought this was gonna be about farts or mooning didn't ya?
or mebee plumbers butt crack...


Just Another Day In Paradise.


  1. Awesome post Bruce.

    And on a side note, there is no such thing as "free ass".

  2. This, my friend, was fucking gold. GOLD I tell you! *MWUAH*

  3. Two thumbs up for this post Bruce! It is always great seeing new and different sides of you.
    Big bloggy hugs to you my friend!!

  4. Nice post! Finding some great new blogs to read off your site as well.

  5. You know, I think we all should go commando much more often. I'm usually scared, I'll forget to close my zipper and expose myself...

  6. I never know what to tell people when they ask why I blog. Now I know but I'm still not gonna tell 'em. Friends by keyboard, mouse and internet beers. Salud!!!!!!

  7. At first I thought I was evil bruce's site - that was fierce. :) Wow.

  8. *Insert groovy/hip finger snapping HERE*
    Although I am not wearing a turtleneck
    or smoking
    (ew, hack hack)
    That was far

  9. Free form at its very best.

  10. Got to love Guy Weeks...and I love your shouts to the world!

  11. Awesome post! That's all I got. :)

  12. Seriously-you caught me on one of my emotional days and I fucking made me cry. I love you. That is all there is to say...i love ya.

  13. That was a fantastic post Bruce!!!

  14. Awesome post!!! High five!! :D :D
    I love my cyberwebber friends!! :D :D

  15. Fuck da high fives....c'mere & let me give ya a hug even tho you not a touchy feeler.

    Oh...going commando is awesome! (just don't tell anyone I told you that)

  16. Bruce, that was an amazing piece of writing.
    Truly profound.

    I count myself lucky to be one of the 93.

    Hugs, Jenny

  17. Your post disappeared and for some minutes so did this comment box, I couldn't say what I wanted to... maybe someones decided its time to close the door... or maybe not! As its let me in now... this is a super cool post and I love it, I can also understand what you mean with writing letters to people across the world.

  18. awesome post as always your writing is spot on. hugs

  19. This is so true! I have said before that my cyber friends mean so much to me and are just as real as any in "real life". I love you to pieces! Who knew you were a poet?

  20. "cuz you lovez me"

    I sure do, boss-man! *hugs*

    This is beautiful and so true. I think one of the reasons that people who meet online are such good friends and form such bonds is because we inadvertantly show so much of our inner selves on here. Unlike the "real" word where you don't see the inner person for a long time.

  21. many of you i could respond to personally...

    thank you all for commenting! it means the world to me!

    those that i could not email,

    Dude-totally commando more is better!

    bushman -cheers, bro!

    mamma-thanks, it is more than enough! :)

    jewels- I love ya too baby! no crying until the cup finals...when the wings crush the flyers....hehehhe big hugs my sweet J!

    bubbles- thank you! i know you have pen pals, i really get it now...

    Becca- thank you, you always make me smile! :)

  22. That was by far the great post I've ever read. I mean that sincerely. It's so true and I know that we have come together here for a reason. You have become a great friend and a fabulous "little brother". Thanks for this. Love ya! Sis.

  23. I loved summed up feelings and emotions that I am grateful for every single day...thanks for being you!! Hugs.

  24. I saw your blog mention on Mynx's blog so I came over to have a look at what was so awesome and have to agreee this was an awesome post and I am glad I came over and have decided to follow you so I will be back................

  25. Not sure which Bruce I am talking to as it seems that this post has shades of many.

    Great Post!
    Fantastic Post!

    Anything at Anytime

  26. barb thank you so much! love ya sis!

    nic- thanks, glad you agree!

    Jo-anne- welcome aboard and thank you

    Dan- good to see you back on my blogroll and thank you!

  27. Excellent, Bruce! Just when I think there will be a post about wimmin or whiskers (the puppy or drinkin' kind), you surprise me. Love it!

  28. Awesome! High fives and fuckity fucks to you my friend ;)

  29. omsb- i ma full of it...i dont know what it is but i am full of it!

    lyndy- yep!

  30. This is great and you said it well. This web world is just, if not more real than the things I can tangibly touch. Well written and I hope these keys can keep us in touch for a long time to come :D

  31. Google chrome gave my computer the equivalent to digital herpes. Been harder to get off than fucking glitter … or a eunuch.

    What happened to free BEER friday? (where are my pants, and where's my TV?)

    The one hug we've ever shared was unbearably awkward. I didn't really think about it going in. I'm a huggy kind of guy. So it seemed natural until we made contact. And after that nanosecond, I realized that we had never hugged before. I don't think it's happened since. And I'm pretty sure we're both okay with that. I've stood to benefit far more from the words we've shared than any physical contact.

    I'm glad you've discovered the value of vicarious relations with those outside of your three-dimensional space, but I hope it hasn't happened at the expense of those who share your physical reality.

    : )

    peace, love, and hippie-ness!

    P.S. I think I sharted....

  32. Two thumbs up Bruce!


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