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Sunday, February 24, 2013

Dogs love trucks!

i am tUcKeR...

i useded to be a little puppy.
i am growed up now.
but daddy says i am still a puppy.

yesterday daddy and me went on a dogspedition.
we took his truck.
i love trucks.
the can go where the snow is deep and the play is fun!

we went to wintercamping and i was up all day. i did not taked a nap!

That makes me all growed up!

i still love puppy stuff tho'.

we only went for the day cuz daddy was not able to go over night.
i am always having fun!

he is kinda old and slow.
not fast and fun like me.

i wented everywhere. we were in the woods.
a barked at the smelly and loud snow machines that roared by our site.
i scaried them good!

there were sticks and snow and we had a big fire.

i still kinda smell like a burning fire, but it is ok.
i likeded the fire...

it was ok.

but i likeded the big piles of snow and all the fresh winter smells.

i fetched a lot of sticks and even got hitted by a big one.
i yelped and everyone laughed at me.
they said stop being a big baby...
i was fine, tho, cuz i am not a little puppy anymore.
so a ran and got another stick.

i love the snow!
there was lot and lots of snow.

i did not take a nap.

daddy did not either, but he slept in today...
he is old.
i am not.

i am ready to go again!

just another dog in puppydise!