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Thursday, January 27, 2011

three days in the woods! (repost but revamped)

note: this is a repost of  Wintercamping!! The problem is one of the founders of this awesome completely stupid idea is not gonna be there. VoHo  it will be wierd... (if you are new or old to this blog you NEED to read this is worth the 5 miuntes)

1.Hubble Space Telescope (crashes into an asteroid)
2.Julianne Moore (a hot ginger)
3.Bret Michaels (heart surgery, may not make it)
4.Naomi Watts (just another actress nominated for awards)
5.Alec Baldwin (popped for DUI)
6.Khloe Kardashian (shot by irate person, er I mean irate HERO!)
7.Car recalls (so what….)
8.Justine Henin (retires again)
9.Stock market (plummets what the f* else is new…)
10.Disney Dream (sinks after horrendous collision while in port, hundreds missing)

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Wintercamping!! Camping in the winter. Cold weather camping.

In just a couple days the Band of Brethren will assemble for the annual rite of insanity known as Wintercamping. I could tell you all kinds of secrets, but why? The first rule and only universal man-law is what happens in the (woods) stays in the (woods). Las Vegas stole that phrase from the man-law rule book.

Yep! Tuckmonster and I are gonna be gone for a few days! We will be camping! Wintercamping!! Tucker is so excited he cannot believe it! he keeps asking

I can share that it is a three day thing. I can share that it is in the winter. I can share that it is only guys....I cannot tell you particular events as I am beholden to a higher law....Man-law...

I will share this. It is fun. It is cold. Sometimes it is really cold. Sometimes it snows. Sometimes it rains. Rain sucks, but there are no bugs. And you don’t get sunburned. The beer stays cold and wine can freeze…. It is cold and there are no mosquitoes here.

I can also tell you this. Ice-cream sandwiches do not stay frozen unless they are stored at less than 20 degrees Fahrenheit. Actually ice-cream needs to be stored at zero degrees. They still taste yummy, but they are more work when they are mooshie….

Some guys sleep in tents. I sleep in my truck. Setting up a tent is work, and I can work any time…

I can also let you in on this. It is cold. Oh yeah, I already said that. See how cold it is? I get brain freeze just thinking about it. Brrrrrrrr…

This happens during winter, hence the name Wintercamping. And most of the time it snows. One year the Grand Rapids Press front page was titled, “Please stay Home” so we went anyway. They ain’t the boss of me…A massive blizzard is not going to stop me.

Stuff must be done, to continue the tradition!

The Band of Brethren will gather. We will camp. We will dominate nature. We will be cold. Or maybe not. We will survive. We will have FUN. Much will happen, but nothing will happen, because what happens in the woods stays in the woods…

I COULD tell you what goes on at Wintercamping, but then I would have to kill you….

Just another day in paradise

see you on MFFT monday!?!
i will be out of action till sunday, with a new post on monday, most likely, if i survive, I hope all of you have a great week end!

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

TuckEr 2sday 1 25


1.Taco Bell meat (is really meat!)
2.Zsa Zsa Gabor (losing the other leg)
3.Katie Holmes (is stalking me now)
4.Annette Bening (cougar hot!)
5.Nicki Minaj (rising star)
6.Jon Bon Jovi ( in hospital, in serious condition)
7.Fantastic Four (thinking about adding a fifth, of crown royal!)
8.Oscar nominations (i got snubbed again…damn you, academy!)
9.Medicaid (the forms alone will make you sick)
10.Cloud computing (same as cloud seeding but with computers)


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 A  LICKITY woofcome to new BIA Kage at sex, sequins+ sociopaths daddy and i find her funny!

nom! nom! nom!
i love snow!
helloz tooz youz guyz!

I am tucker. I am a puppy. I am growing up! I had a lot of fun this week. Puppies always have fun. Life is fun for puppies. Fun. Fun. Fun.

I watched some stuff in the big black box in the living room. I woofed at it. And growled at it! Daddy laughed at me. He thought it was funny. The voices on the black box talked funny. Daddy says they were from the yeastcoats or something like that. I don't know. But that is where I  got "tooz youz"

here i am watching the big black box!

i was looking at the big black box
and then daddy said
so i looked at him

Mr squirrel was outside this week and I chased him and he ran, it was a fun game, but then he ran up a tree.Then he chattered at me!


Daddy threw a stick up a tree and I jumped up and grabbeded it out of the tree. Daddy acted like I did something really cool. He gave me two treats and lots of oh Tuckers! When I do stuff that is good I get Oh Tucker! and when daddy is not happy with me he just says TUCKER!

I chased Mrs. Bunny this week too! She is much faster than mr squirrel.

Daddy was better this week. He is over two weeks without is smokie-treats. He is having a couple candiayan whiskers a week now. He seems to be much better...Every one is happy for him.

But not me. I miss the old smokie-treat daddy! 

He does not come outside as much as he used to. He used to come out with his smokie treats and we would play! play! play! He does not have as many treats in his pockets, now. Daddy does seem to be getting better, though, and It is good. We played a bit more this week. but he still is very slow and he pants. a. lot.

(so not really missing the old smokie-treat daddy, right Tuck?)

We went on some rides to some places and hung out. But not like we used to. Daddy said I rode “shottie” I don’t know what shottie is but I rode like I always do. In the front seat. But we did not go Not like we used to.

I love riding.

And playin.

I got a new chewie, Daddy calls it a water bottle puppet. I call it fun. Fun. Fun. It makes krinkly trwinkly sounds!

Daddy says I am dog-pretty. I lickity him. And give him nibbly bites. He likes to take my pictures. But I like to get my picture taken, I guess.

Daddy said we are going to try to do a vlog soon. I can't wait! I don't know what a vlog is, but if it is with Daddy...I am sure it will be fun. fun. fun!

that's it im outta here!
see ya next week!
Just Another Dog in Puppydise

Monday, January 24, 2011

MFFT Monday 1 24

I lost a bet with Oilfield Trash on the JETS/steelers game and while I am a Jets fan, unless they play the LIONS...It should be known....I hate the steelers. I have hated them for years, so this is gonna hurt me a lot more than it is gonna hurt you... 

i have to wax poetic and nut up about the steelers...(many thanks to G at Cedar's Mountain wherence i borrowed the two linked phrases, but they were perfect for the following little bit of food for thought!)

The steelers came to play. they are AWESOME!  they controlled the game from the onset. the JETS forgot to suit up, hit the field, or stop the steelers in the first half. it was ugly for the JETS but totes awesome if you were a STEELERS fan! ( and who isn't?) it was a beating! as a pitt fan it was a thing of beauty!  (god i hate the steelers!)

in the second half the Jets roared back and the steelers allowed 19 unanswered points, but when the game was on the line, the steelers showed why they were (f*ing AWESOME!) the better team at the end of the game, they had scored more points.

end result: the steelers win 24 to 19. moving on to the StuporBowl

Congrats to my good friend Oilfield Trash at make daddy a sammmich his team is moving on my team is going home. And while I find this very hard to say the steelers were the better team and won! THEY ARE F*ING AWESOME (SINGSONG VOICE)

onward to more gooder things~

1.McRib (I do not like these but some folks do)

2.Emma Bunton (chokes on a McRib)
3.Black and Yellow (Green and Gold? Who the F* cares)
4.Lung cancer (is very bad)
5.Food delivery service (is very good!)
6.Flavor Flav (not very tasty)
7.Obesity and sleep (really? Your blaming sleep on obesity?)
8.Steve Harvey (and the rest of the story)
9.Bret Michaels (died)
10.Moscow explosion (yet another tragedy. Terrorists f*ing suck donkey balls)

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  It is Monday. That meas we have to have some food for thought. Just to kick off the week. But before all that...

Hey! I won an award!  (as a matter of fact i won two! i am an award whore!) I love awards. They give me  things  to write about!

Becca from My life
On My Soap box from On My Soapbox

presented me with.....              

And this!!!!!!

so this makes me twice as funny as i used to be?

And the rules of this award?
1.Link to the person who gave you this award. (In a post, or in your sidebar, wherever you have this)  DONE

2.Pass the award along to seven other people who post about at least slightly amusing things and tell them. Either by emailing them or commenting on a post, etc.  DONE

3.Say seven(X2)  things about yourself that no one knows. (Or at least you think no one knows.) DONE 

4.Pass these rules on. (copy and paste this winners!)

  1. My wife and I were married in a diner, we wore tie-dye. We were covered by a local new program and were on TV. She set it all up, cuz she knew I am an applause junkie.
  2. I have never been out of North America. But I think that is good for the rest of the world...
  3. I have never broken a bone in my body but I have had over 100 stitches. Most of these were in my first two years.
  4. I absolutely cannot stand people that do not use their turn signals. Hence, I am glad do not a gun in my car.
  5. My kids are not my kids by birth but most people think they are spawn of my seed my biological offspring.
  6. I will replay funny commercials (mostly beer commercials) when I am watching a game on DVR, if I recognize it when I am ff thru them. I also will cuss at the ones I find are really stupid.
  7. The world does not revolve around me, but my mom still thinks it does! I love my mom!
  8. I never really know what to blog about but thru the week shit just pops into my head. I post snippets into the bloggerer in draft and work on them whenever I can.
  9. I do not understand the music my daughter listens to. Not the classic rock stuff, but lady googoo and the hippity hoppity bullcrap/
  10. I have never understood why people cry at weddings. Except for the father of the bride. that poor sad sack licker  guy is stuck with all the bills...I can understand his tears.  
  11. Any team I bet on will invariably lose the contest. I no longer bet for money, but sometimes bet for things like writing glowing posts about the other team....
  12. The first football game I remember was in 1968 and it was a LIONS game. I was six.
  13. When I was  around 19 I got high in the parking lot of the neighborhood McDonalds and went in and asked to see "The King"
  14. I rarely think anyone's baby is cute, so I rarely say your baby is cute. If I do say it, I mean it.

Seven (14) funny blogs to pass this on to. (in no particular order, don't read anyting into it!)  the debate between me and the TuckMonster....

I picked 7 and the TuckMonster picked 7. (figure out who picked which!)

  1. Blah coo coo blah at Blah coo coo blah very LOLish w/ a dash of crazy and a gallon of trey cool!
  2. G at Cedar'sMountain  intelligent and insightful humor, wit and stuff!
  3. SkippyMom at i make soap Skippy is funny direct, and real. and that is very cool!
  4. CkretsGalore at  kick her right in the habit just flat out funny! (she is  on vacation right now)
  5. Simple Dude  at  simple dude complex world  If you are not following you are missing out on a laugh every time. and he has the best commenters on the CyberWebber!!!!
  6. Stephanie C at  seriously??...really?,,,seriously????. Not only is she funny but she's got my back!
  7. Peanut at living life @ africa time  she has a unique twist on the world! I LOL every post ! 
  8. Copyboy at NOT WORTH MENTIONING Spit your drink out your nose funny!
  9. Oilfield Trash at make daddy a sammich  If you don't laugh at this guy, check your pulse!
  10. Mrs Hyde at a bitch called mom uses colorful language, but flat out funny and well written!
  11. ib at the habitual hobbit this guy uses self deprecation like a rapier and is FUNNY!
  12. Yandie, Goddess of Pickles at inspriation strikes. in the kneecaps Funny stuff and a must read!
  13. The Restaurant Manager at the Restaurant Managers Rants read it follow and laugh!
  14. Kara at Visions Unto Myself This was tuckers first pick. He LOVES Kara. She is REALLY funny!
And food for thought...
On the menu today....

Stuffed Red Pepers! Red peppers cored and stuffed with brown rice boiled in a stout beer (of your choice) bacon, ham chunks, green oinions, mushrooms, black olives, fresh garlic and topped with pepper jack cheese and baked sprinkled with cayenne pepper~ yummery!

Sunday, January 23, 2011

sunday snippets 1 23

just some quick sunday snippets for you all!

1.Mean Girls 2 (another stupid sequel)
2.Kourtney Kardashian (why the f* do they have yet another show?)
3.Nicki Minaj (on SNL soon…who the f* cares)
4.Ben Affleck (new movie same boring ben)
5.Heart disease (will kill ya)
6.Ashton Kutcher (peeing on your own property is a crime! who'da thunk that?)
7.i phones (are very expensive)
8.Tax filing (cash you check fast, there is no money I our government’s account)
9.iPhones (totally blow and are too expensive)
10.Refinancing (soon they will be charging negative interest, the market still sucks)

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 A warm welcome to new BIA
 Lynne H. at Bits of Paper and Glue

I have been smoke free for 14 days today. I am happy about that! It is starting to feel like I am getting back to normal. We’ll see what the week will bring!

Having that former official in the booth with the fox guys is completely ridiculous. replay is all guess work and judgment calls anyway. Just had the replay guy on the field say the exact opposite of the the fox replay official in the booth said. or is it just comedy relief?

I have a theory. There is a pie. And it can be cut into infinite pieces. Infinite pie. Don’t be greedy. Don’t take more than you need there is plenty to go around. share it with everyone.

The infinite pie.

I do not need to have the whole pie. I want to share it with you! This principle can be applied to everything! Try it!

If you don’t have something funny to say, say something nice. Or nothing at all. Don’t be a hater. (and all haters will be deleted.)  This does not apply to comments, you can just type gibberish for comments. Hell, groovy guys and groovy gals the way I type half my posts/comments  are gibberish  but this applies to  to non CyberWebberWorld life.  saying gibberish in the CyberWebberWorld will get you put in a nice white coat with the buckles on the back!

next time someone asks you how it's going, just say... "Just Another Day In Paradise. " You will be surprised at the number of people that smile at this phrase! It always gets a laugh for me...

However, I do not recommmend saying "all over it like a pornqueen" that may get you some looks of disdain. Not that I know from actual experience.

Respect is one missing ingredient in the world today.

Another is love. And not like I wanna get in your pants love, which is in short supply as well, but love, love. luv y'all. Thanks for stopping by.

Tucker has this to add.

i know what your thinking!
come and get your puppy love!

There are not enough belly rubs being given. And not enough sticks being thrown. And somebody out there needs a face wash from a puppy tongue! Lickity lickity!