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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

tUcKeR 2sDaY 8 16 11

editors note: 
the opinions in this blog 
are that of a dog
beware any tips
that pass thru his lips!

i am a puppy!
trending NOOOOOO!!!!trending NOOOOO!!!
1.     Sara Bareilles (bad dream)
2.     Halle Berry (still hot at 45)
3.     John Mellencamp (died)
4.     Jessica Alba (popped puppy #2)
5.     Kate Plus 8 cancelled (fucking finally someone got some sense!)
6.     Jennifer Lopez (still has a big booty)
7.     Missing blimp (actually stolen by a 90 yr old)
8.     401(k) (save for a rainy day…Tut! Tut! Pooh, it looks like rain)
9.     Tainted beef (better than tainted love!)
10.  Energy stocks (soar…invest now!)

day 1 of the big trip!

i barkeded at this guy!
i think i scarrieded him.
he stood perfectedly still!
cuz im scarriest! thats why!

i am tUcKeR. i am a puppy.

i go everywhere with my daddy. we went to Minnesota to fish. it was a road trip! not just to the big orange store. the moose above was at Bass Pro Shops. they are puppy friendly. daddy and i walked around. i got lots of treats. and lov-ins from everyone.

cuz i am cute. and i am puppy!

the windy city!
lots of cars...
daddy said shit a lot...
and mentioneded going to bars!
chi town as daddy called it. lots of traffic. lots of big buildings. lots of cussing. i barkeded at some people too! i said to daddy said mebbe we spent too much time at Bass Pro Shops! he laughed. he said you can never spend too much time there!

a beauty sunset
as we headeded west!
we are going fishing
it is the best!
i tolded daddy to not take pictures while driving. he does not listen. he still thinks he is the alpha dog. he is not. i am tUcKeR WORLD DOGMANATOR!

somebody is smart
doggy treats in a vend!
i think it is cool
and a new money trend!~
daddy said i had enough treats, SO HE DID NOT BUY THESE FOR ME! but i still think this is a gooder idea than most. i will be looking for this trend to continue. stock vending stock now!

daddy take the wheel
i am going to rest!
a long day of driving
my daddy is the best!
we drove until 1 am. or so daddy said and rested a while, cuz i brought my bed! daddy was comfy all stretched out in his seat. (and my seat too)...i got kinda pissed at daddy's feet.

the breakfast of champions
or so daddy says
it lookeded quite gooder than
my kibble...
and i have no rhyme for this picture!
daddy said that the portion was okay and that it was better than gas station hot dogs...i don't judge. we are on vacation. and i got a small chunk of Canadian bacon!

I tolded daddy i want to write a book so we are working out the details...i will call it.... tUcKeR...WORLD DOGMANATOR!

then i will follow it up with a book about fishing! cuz i KNOW HOW to fish!

we have many more tales to tell of out trip! see you soon!

lickitylicks and stuff!

(and daddy)
see you soon!

Just Another Dog In Puppydise!

Monday, August 15, 2011

mfft monday! 8 15 11

the simple dude or as i, and many affectionately call him SD, is one year old today.
well, i mean it is his one year bloggerversary! stop by and say hi.

Jewels at according to jewels is also celebrating... she is my monica on my evil twin site, so stop by and wish her a happy as well.

i am sure a toast and some dom perignon are in order as well, so bring those by my blog and we will ride together...



in my limo!

1.     Tara Reid (Got married…dumbass)
2.     LeAnn Rimes (modeling swimwear?)
3.     Madoff dumped (Mrs. Dumps Bernie…shocking!)
4.     Hilary Duff (preggers)
5.     Low interest rates (money is cheap when no one is spending)
6.     Sherri Shepherd (Got married…dumbass)
7.     William Shatner (tweets…who cares)
8.     Shell oil spill (shell oil…sucks…end of days, man)
9.     Android smartphones (if they were so smart, why would they need us?)
10.  Jim Tressel (sack of shit made over 21 million while cheating his way thru the big ten)

on the MFFT Monday menu today...
peanut butter and banana on swirled rye.
how to make this?


if i have to tell you how to make this, then there are some really big issues in your life....

c'mon, it is peanut butter with banana slices on swirled rye bread...

pretty self explanatory...


i saw this post at Mynx-y's site 

which prompted me to comment this...
...........well, a lot more than just this, but....

"do not mourn for me, for i will not know, but drink with me one last time, as i would surely do for you!

celebrate life!" 

warning: this is not a happy post. tomorrow will be better. tUcKeR has his post almost ready.

I went to my 30th year High School Reunion last Saturday night. I saw many people that I did not recognize. We have changed. I have changed. Surprising that we have.

Time has passed.

Some people have changed very little. Older yes. Wiser mebbe, but still very similar, as if time has weathered them less than others. 

Imagine that? 

I also saw many people I did recognize. I may be getting a bit daft...I had to read name tags more this year than previous years.

However, I saw smiles long forgotten and heard laughter long missed. I toyed with the idea of not going. Of not wishing to rehash the past, or deal with the present.

I decided to go, anyway. 

I am not sorry.

I did what I do.

I drank a bit. Told some tales. Showed pics of my puppy. Talked a ton of shit! For the most part, I left my health out of it. I felt pretty good. And really, who needs the burden of my problems. We were there to celebrate life and accomplishment. Not to share war stories. Not to cry in our beer. 

It was a good evening.

I forgot my issues for as much as I could.

I also found that many more people read my blog than I knew. That made me happy.  


Thru all of this, the day was bittersweet. I have changed. I take a lot less for granted now. I know my life is finite. There is no expiration date for me yet, I know. But the clock ticks louder now. I no longer feel invincible. Time is my Kryptonite.

As it is for all of us.

The ticktock never fades, it is always in the background some days louder than others. Today it is screaming at me. I have been better. For sure. If you are gonna play your gonna pay. Life just turns out that way...

Some classmates have passed on. And some did not show. While I cherish the classmates I did see, the ones absent hit me the hardest. I know this may be the last time I see many of these people. And the ones I did not see I may never see again.

Cancer, in any form, changes you. For me, It is not about rates of survival. It is not about being cured. It is not about remission or treatment. It is about the intrusion into my bubble. I will never think of my health the same as I did BC...

I know I am getting older. I know I still feel like crap. I may not live to see my 35th reunion. I hope I do. I drank with many familiar faces. I toasted them In my head, knowing we may never see each other again.

Each day we deal with the Kryptonite.

Take a bit of time today to celebrate life. Toast your family, your friends, and your bloggerer pals.

None of us know when our path will reach its end. Each day is a commodity that cannot be priced.

So grab  a cup, glass, or bottle and raise your imbibment of choice!

I drink not to mourn your loss, but to celebrate the time our paths crossed, where we walked together, and shared a laugh. I drink to not your loss but your contribution to my life! For those moments I am truly blessed!


(we will be back to our regular scheduled funsanity tomorrow)
Just Another Day In Paradise
Just Another Dog In Puppydise