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Friday, April 29, 2011

flashback friday 4 29 11

editors note: sorry i have been missing on commenting on your blogs and replying to comments and such, the 3d world has been beating me like a red-headed step child...i have been reading as much as i can, but well, you know... i will try to get back on my routine but...


still got that lazy thing working in my MoJo as well...


1.      Chelsy Davy (who cares)
2.      Lara Logan (not important)
3.      Cee-Lo Green (whatever)
4.      Tanya McDowell (booooo-riing)
5.      Two and a Half Men (recasting….me! as he who will not be named’s replacement…)
6.      Amy Poehler (hot in a funny goofy sort of way)
7.      Steven Tyler (has huge lips)
8.      Royal wedding (so over this…couldn’t care less)
9.      Kung Fu Fighting (everybody was…you know they were…at the fucking royal wedding)
10.  Mona Lisa (men have named you)

repost of a post that seems appropriate again...

whats that door do?
on your shirt...                     it opens and closes
funny if you haven't heard it all before
it is just
yet another door

doors DO open
and doors DO close
they keep you in
enclosed and safe
they keep you out
excluded, confused
they lock latched  at last
 they swing swiftly shut
they creep carelessly open
or carefree quickly close
not all doors
have windows...watching
and some
have blinds...unseen
 open a door
stand at the threshold
walk....thru the door...
unsure of what
  the other side
there are doors
that slam
there are doors
that swing

walk past a door

(we know)(we) should open
and walk thru
but (we) stand in fear
or never
never knowing
what a door will hold
until you use it
standing in a room full of doors
i do not want to walk back thru
the door
from where i came
that door is closed to me now
swinging shut
with a thundering thud
i stand and stare
at all these doors
wondering where
they will take me
wondering where
i will go
knowing where
i have come
until i choose
which door
(is best)
to open 
what's that door (do?)
Just Another Door? In Paradise

Thursday, April 28, 2011

thirsty thursday

ManCave Thursday has been temporarily disabled.

1.      Pippa Middleton (COULDN’T care LESS)
2.      Lily Allen (cake eater)
3.      Oprah jury excuse (lame no matter what, sorry Mrs. Hyde, could not resist)
4.      Paris Hilton (waste of flesh)
5.      Jessica Alba (my latest stalker, but acceptable)
6.      NFL trade rumors (I am not being traded, contrary to popular belief)
7.      Honda (filing for bk?)
8.      Mutual funds (mutual = all of ours? Did not think so)
9.      Allergic asthma (sucks, cuz you can’t suck air)
10.   $5 gas (about time…gas has been too cheap for too long…oil companies are not making enough profits…gone are the days of 7 billion profit per quarter…blame that on cheap oil)

Great sorrow has befallen the clan of the ManCave...

ummm beer....

Where ever you are right now, drink a beer for me, as I will do for you!

Just Another Day In Beeradise!

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

tUcKeR2sDaY...4 26

1.      Ali Landry (hot? Preggers? Married? Break-up?)
2.      Vera Svechina (Google made her do it)
3.      The guy who will not be named dumped (go figure)
4.      Michael Douglas (dies of complications due to syphilis)
5.      Omega-3 fatty acids (I dropped fatty acids once…whoa. duuuude!)
6.      Emmylou Harris (sings a song)
7.      Haley Barbour (not running for president….thank god!)
8.      Smartphones (suck, and blow)
9.      World War Z (must have slept thru 3 and the entire alpha bet…what year is it?)
10.   Vilonia (thoughts and prayers)

A hearty and happy BIA welcome to the frisky virgin! stop by and give her some love and yell go MAVS!!!

i am tucker. i am a puppy. i have been busy.

busy busy busy!

playin and chewin!

finding neat smelly stuff, diggin' holes, and just general puppiness, as i plot-an-plan for world dogmanation!

you are getting very sleepy!
i have trance-y eyes!
you are under my command!
it's world dogmanation, youz guyz!

daddy is so lame!
we will play a game!
7 facts about me
i am tucker. i wonded this award!
This award has rules.
1. link back to awarderer... done did that below!
2. tell 7 facts that people may not know about you...
3. pass this on to as many blogerers as you want to!
     (tucker!  it think the rule is 15, but...)
4. i will pass this one to and lickity lick three of youz guyz

Tucker lifted this text from my last post..

StepahnieC at seriously??? reeeally???...seriously totally funny and a dog lover so we click. she has some crazy shizz in her mind!


Pencil girl at conquering the world a girl that loves to write that keeps erasers busy...i actually have just started following her blog, thru a glitch in  the googgleboner system  but have rectified that grievous error...

  1. i am a puppy.
  2. i like to write blogs.
  3. i have more puppiness than you do.
  4. i will not ever grow up.
  5. you will love me.
  6. lickity lickity.
  7. i am a good puppy.
  8. i love bellyscratches
  9. i love long walks on the beach
  10. i love sniffing butts
  11. i love being wiggiliy jiggily
  12. i lickity lickity people
  13. i am ascared of the bathroom
  14. daddy, mommy, and mylibbean are my rescue humans
  15. bonus! i lickity lickity you all!

editors note: there may have been more to this post, but mr squirel and mrs bunny were in the yaed, so tucker ran off to play with them...

Tucker told me to pass this on for him, to these people, and it is easier than arguing with him.

Lori at Little Scotia  a nice mix of all things and a dash of this and that!
Lyndylou at The Gigglefest Lyndy is  a great inspiration and one of my favs!
Bubbles at Bursts of Bubbles artsy and fun filled, check out her other blog at make my day...

it's 2sDaY, it's tUcKeR!

go check these ladies out!

see you next week.
i will be funny
cuz i am cute
and i am a puppy!

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Sunday blogwhore snippet 424

i feel that i be needing to:
thank some people
that know some people that...
that blogloved some people...


1.      Jim Belushi (goes to blows…on broadway)
2.      Nicki Minaj (very stealthy)
3.      Kelly McGillis (, seriously…gay)
4.      Those who will not be mentioned (LL and CS)
5.      Netflix (going broke? Filing chapter 11)
6.      Heidi Montag (she can TAG me MON!)
7.      Boston Celtics (will win it all, next year you can bet on it)
8.      Background checks (I have nothing to hide..well except that one time…)
9.      Tsunami debris (scuks)
10.   MBAs (got mine on line and still can’t find a job)

some peoples gave me some blog lovin!
i have been a bit slow to represent...

content warning! there may be some psuedosexuality in this post....there are a lot of links in this blog post! if you are not in clicking mood, that is ok... just leave me a comment explaining why you did not click...the best comment will get:
a) a guest post by moi
b)a blog post dedicated to them
c) absolutely nothing as i am full of shit
d) some kind of odd rash
e)none of the above

screw! fuck! that!

i hate contests...

i finally have all the disks copied for my last contest..and what the fuck was i thinking?  I am ready to send them out but have been kinda lazy/ those of you that won are gonna get your prezzies...just have to wait a bit longer...

on the plus side they are signed by me...


i am an awardwhore, manwhore, blogwhore, attentionwhore...
whatever kinda whore relating to blogerering there is, i am...

most likely...

but in a totally sexual  platonic and brotherly way..

how about a warm BIA welcome to id at sometimes i like taffy...from my little stalking of her blog, I am sure you will like it! stop by say hi and leave a tasty comment...

Jenny at Pearson Report gave me this award!

she writes,
"This is long overdue and it’s time for me to 'pay it forward' and say thank you!
Let me start with The Boys…

I have affectionately dubbed them “The Three Amigos.”
Bruce at JADIP (and other great sites) Thanks Bruce for the Versatile Blogger Award!
Oilfield Trash at Make Daddy a Sammich and
Al Penwasser at Penwasser Place"

there are no rules! hells yeah!

so go check out Al and Oily...(You are already checking me out, in  a totally sexual and blog stalkerish way, and I love it, so go ahead, go check out AL and Oily...
it is really OK ladies to rub them down and undress them with your eyes..they will not mind)

StepahnieC at seriously??? reeeally???...seriously totally funny and a dog lover so we click. she has some crazy shizz in her mind!


Pencil girl at conquering the world a girl that loves to write that keeps erasers busy...i actually have just started following her blog, thru a glitch in  the googgleboner system  but have rectified that grievous error...

both gave me a versitle blogger award, but tUcKer will be doing that because he thinks he is all that and a slice of rye...sheesh blogdogblog....look forward to a special tUcKer2sDaY where he unveils the inner workings of a puppibolical mind bent on world dogmanaiton!

(or talks incessantly about Mr squirrel, the orange store, Mrs bunny, riding with daddy and, chewin' and playin'...)

also Jo Anne Mother and Nana... leaves a comment on every post, and that is sooooo awesome! and she love Bruce Willis me! walk, run, or wander over and say hello...

And I have another person that is a personal fav,  the bushman . This guy rocks the post every time... go say hi to him and leave a comment... his blog is real!
BTW...he has labs, lives in MI and drinks beer...
what is not too like about that..

Jewels and I are gonna do a blogcrush blog swap on 2 of the finest teams in the NHL! Our two fine teams  are in the playoffs look for that soon...

Oh and if you may have forgotten about who I root for? here's a little crazy about my allegiance

Happy Thursday er, uh, I mean Sunday
happy easter..happy re-birthday Jesus! whatever...

Just Another HoliDay In Paradise