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Thursday, April 28, 2011

thirsty thursday

ManCave Thursday has been temporarily disabled.

1.      Pippa Middleton (COULDN’T care LESS)
2.      Lily Allen (cake eater)
3.      Oprah jury excuse (lame no matter what, sorry Mrs. Hyde, could not resist)
4.      Paris Hilton (waste of flesh)
5.      Jessica Alba (my latest stalker, but acceptable)
6.      NFL trade rumors (I am not being traded, contrary to popular belief)
7.      Honda (filing for bk?)
8.      Mutual funds (mutual = all of ours? Did not think so)
9.      Allergic asthma (sucks, cuz you can’t suck air)
10.   $5 gas (about time…gas has been too cheap for too long…oil companies are not making enough profits…gone are the days of 7 billion profit per quarter…blame that on cheap oil)

Great sorrow has befallen the clan of the ManCave...

ummm beer....

Where ever you are right now, drink a beer for me, as I will do for you!

Just Another Day In Beeradise!


  1. Have one--or twelve for me--ugh this no drinking nonsense is bullshit. My mouth is watering looking at that picture!

  2. you should have a drink for every one of your followers and then come online and write a blog.

  3. 5,6 and 10 made me choke on the beer I am drinking FOR YOU. giggle.

    Too funny!

    Nice way to try and kill Skippy off Bruce. SVU will be there shortly.

    [And if you don't watch Law and Order, SVU we simply cannot be friends anymore.]

  4. I'm having a blueberry vodka and soda for you dahling!

  5. Bravo lil' brother. If I had a beer in the house I would drink one for you!! Hope you're doing ok! Love ya, Sis.

  6. I believe in BEER!

    How u like that Oberon?

  7. Beer is good, prefer wine unless it is stinking hot.
    Hope you get man cave thursday back soon sweets

  8. Just read your post...headed straight to the fridge, cracked a GI Lager (see your award for reference) and here I am sitting in my LR with the telly on, dog at feet and brew to my right - arms reach...and the hockey game on!

    I hope nothing serious is going on with the ManCave clan - I'm not sure if I missed something in a past post - but I'm thinking of you and having a drink on your behalf.

    Cheers, Jenny

  9. Well I will not have a beer for you don't drink the stuff but will a couple of Southo and Cokes be ok........I love Southo and Coke which I think I have mentioned before.........

  10. I shall have vodka cocktails and prance around in my tiara all in your honor my word pervy buddy. Bloggy hugs!

  11. Aww I hope that whatever it is will work out ok for you. As I don't drink alcohol (even alcohol free ones).. I'll have an orange juice on your behalf :)

  12. beer is good for the soul as are most forms of alcohol! lol

  13. i don't drink so is a diet coke ok and whatever has happen hope it all works out for you. hugs

  14. Man Cave Thursday in Jeopardy?
    Oh no!
    I lost my man cave Thursday a long time ago.
    Now I just have Thirsty Thursday.
    It's nowhere close.
    Hang in there!

  15. I will have a great big glass of red wine for you since it is the only alcohol I am allowed right now. Hope you are okay.

  16. I will raise my glass to you and Tucker! Take care, my friend.

  17. Jewels- it is bullshit! but you will thank your self oh, dead sexy one!

    lovkyne- i will try sounds like fun...

    Jo Anne- southo and coke will work too...

    Empress-nice! very nice!

    bubbles- OJ works as well!

    bushamn- thirsty thrusday has been my deal, as well, the past few weeks... we may have to pick a new day...wghen everyon getsw back from circling the globe and shit

    On Soap Box- thank you!


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