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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

tUcKeR2sDaY...4 26

1.      Ali Landry (hot? Preggers? Married? Break-up?)
2.      Vera Svechina (Google made her do it)
3.      The guy who will not be named dumped (go figure)
4.      Michael Douglas (dies of complications due to syphilis)
5.      Omega-3 fatty acids (I dropped fatty acids once…whoa. duuuude!)
6.      Emmylou Harris (sings a song)
7.      Haley Barbour (not running for president….thank god!)
8.      Smartphones (suck, and blow)
9.      World War Z (must have slept thru 3 and the entire alpha bet…what year is it?)
10.   Vilonia (thoughts and prayers)

A hearty and happy BIA welcome to the frisky virgin! stop by and give her some love and yell go MAVS!!!

i am tucker. i am a puppy. i have been busy.

busy busy busy!

playin and chewin!

finding neat smelly stuff, diggin' holes, and just general puppiness, as i plot-an-plan for world dogmanation!

you are getting very sleepy!
i have trance-y eyes!
you are under my command!
it's world dogmanation, youz guyz!

daddy is so lame!
we will play a game!
7 facts about me
i am tucker. i wonded this award!
This award has rules.
1. link back to awarderer... done did that below!
2. tell 7 facts that people may not know about you...
3. pass this on to as many blogerers as you want to!
     (tucker!  it think the rule is 15, but...)
4. i will pass this one to and lickity lick three of youz guyz

Tucker lifted this text from my last post..

StepahnieC at seriously??? reeeally???...seriously totally funny and a dog lover so we click. she has some crazy shizz in her mind!


Pencil girl at conquering the world a girl that loves to write that keeps erasers busy...i actually have just started following her blog, thru a glitch in  the googgleboner system  but have rectified that grievous error...

  1. i am a puppy.
  2. i like to write blogs.
  3. i have more puppiness than you do.
  4. i will not ever grow up.
  5. you will love me.
  6. lickity lickity.
  7. i am a good puppy.
  8. i love bellyscratches
  9. i love long walks on the beach
  10. i love sniffing butts
  11. i love being wiggiliy jiggily
  12. i lickity lickity people
  13. i am ascared of the bathroom
  14. daddy, mommy, and mylibbean are my rescue humans
  15. bonus! i lickity lickity you all!

editors note: there may have been more to this post, but mr squirel and mrs bunny were in the yaed, so tucker ran off to play with them...

Tucker told me to pass this on for him, to these people, and it is easier than arguing with him.

Lori at Little Scotia  a nice mix of all things and a dash of this and that!
Lyndylou at The Gigglefest Lyndy is  a great inspiration and one of my favs!
Bubbles at Bursts of Bubbles artsy and fun filled, check out her other blog at make my day...

it's 2sDaY, it's tUcKeR!

go check these ladies out!

see you next week.
i will be funny
cuz i am cute
and i am a puppy!


  1. Yay for Tucker and his awards. Yay for The Frisky Virgin joing your ranks! Yay for the Flyers leading in game 7! :) I'm such a happy woman!

  2. You are a smart puppy, and deserve many awards, Tucker! Oh, and I like #15 the best. Lickety licks for all!

  3. Yay Tucker, glad you got the award.

  4. Well Tucker you truely deserve this reward more then any other blogging don't tell me there are no other blogging puppies that is not the point............

  5. aww - I want to scratch your belly!

  6. Doggie props to Tucker! I hope you both will be having a cocktail to celebrate this special honor. Congrats to the lovely bloggers you bestowed this award to as well. Happy Tuesday!!

  7. awww Tucker, belly scratches really are the best!

    Thanks for the mention and the award, mega chuffed :) Have a great day chasing squirrels.

  8. awardiness!

    Neats! I will go put it on right now. RIGHT NOW. Ooohh, Tucker *scratch scratch* Who's a good boy? oooh, YOU are! *scratch scratch* Arrrr, Tucker, you gave me an AWARD? Award? Awww, *scratch scratch*

    You're so CUUUUUTTTTEEE....*pats*

    (That last one was for Bruce.)

  9. True fact - Wallene walked up behind me while I was reading this post and the first thing she saw was "I sniff butts." Then she said "What - you have a Tadpole that sniffs butts?" Bwahahaha - then I had to explain yes, yes I do have a tadpole that likes to sniff butts, but that he is a puppy. giggle.

    That'll teach her to read over my shoulder. heehee

  10. Excellent post Tucker. You deserve being given an Award!

    Lucy and I send you big hugs and say CONGRATULATIONS too!

    Also, we think you picked some great gals to award too - we will check them out!

    Cheers, Jenny

  11. Congrats Tuckers and thanks for passing it on to me, here are some kisses for you... and thanks for the lick on the face your the first dog to do that :D. I'll add it to my collection.

  12. congratz on the award Tucker...and here's to world dogmanation!

  13. Well said Tuck! Especially the part about SQUIRRELS!!!!!!!!!!!!! Damnit now my dogs have run off!

  14. Congratulations Tucker!!! You are definitely all that and a slice of rye!!!

    Hang onto your puppiness, you wiggly jiggly, and lickety lickety.

    Love you puppy....

  15. tucker's retort!

    jewels- yay! for you!

    On my soap box-lickity licks for all!!!!

    Jo Anne-i am the besest blogging puppy!

    shelby- i love belly scratches!

    Empress- daddy says any excuse to drink is good by him...

    bubbles-yay! i am first!

    bushman-dogs so love mr squirels!

    tory- awww thanks!


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