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Friday, April 29, 2011

flashback friday 4 29 11

editors note: sorry i have been missing on commenting on your blogs and replying to comments and such, the 3d world has been beating me like a red-headed step child...i have been reading as much as i can, but well, you know... i will try to get back on my routine but...


still got that lazy thing working in my MoJo as well...


1.      Chelsy Davy (who cares)
2.      Lara Logan (not important)
3.      Cee-Lo Green (whatever)
4.      Tanya McDowell (booooo-riing)
5.      Two and a Half Men (recasting….me! as he who will not be named’s replacement…)
6.      Amy Poehler (hot in a funny goofy sort of way)
7.      Steven Tyler (has huge lips)
8.      Royal wedding (so over this…couldn’t care less)
9.      Kung Fu Fighting (everybody was…you know they were…at the fucking royal wedding)
10.  Mona Lisa (men have named you)

repost of a post that seems appropriate again...

whats that door do?
on your shirt...                     it opens and closes
funny if you haven't heard it all before
it is just
yet another door

doors DO open
and doors DO close
they keep you in
enclosed and safe
they keep you out
excluded, confused
they lock latched  at last
 they swing swiftly shut
they creep carelessly open
or carefree quickly close
not all doors
have windows...watching
and some
have blinds...unseen
 open a door
stand at the threshold
walk....thru the door...
unsure of what
  the other side
there are doors
that slam
there are doors
that swing

walk past a door

(we know)(we) should open
and walk thru
but (we) stand in fear
or never
never knowing
what a door will hold
until you use it
standing in a room full of doors
i do not want to walk back thru
the door
from where i came
that door is closed to me now
swinging shut
with a thundering thud
i stand and stare
at all these doors
wondering where
they will take me
wondering where
i will go
knowing where
i have come
until i choose
which door
(is best)
to open 
what's that door (do?)
Just Another Door? In Paradise


  1. Good (re)post. I never know where my doors will take me, I just know they will heartily disappoint my parents!

  2. Too many doors and I'm just confused...confused about which one to open, which one I just closed. ???? Where was I again? Screw it!
    I prefer windows. Transparency is underrated.

  3. I just want to open the door that is going to keep me here one more day. And one more day...and so on.

    That is my door. Join me in walking through it my friend. :)

  4. A room's a room and a door's a door.

  5. excellent repost and well said

  6. Thanks for reposting as I hadn't seen this one before. Sending good thoughts your way my friend!

  7. I'll have to write a post someday on why I got the nickname "Diana Doors". This just reminded me of that. Hope you're doing good. I've been lazing and not doing much here! Hugs, Sis.

  8. Ok here I go again and if the internet stuffs up on me again I am likely to hell loud enough to be heard there...........I had this great comment written a bit long but so what long is good and then the internet decided it didn't want to work any mor for me...........

    Now let me see if I can remember what I wrote bet you I can't............

    I like this post never read it before, I have often felt that we should have more glass doors so we can see what is on the other side as I am chicken shit and afraid of change and maybe if I could see what would be on the other side I would not be so scared to walk through, then again maybe not as I said I am chicken shit.........

    Hubby has had no interest in the royal wedding so I waited till he went to sleep and flicked over in time to see them say their vows, did think Kate's dress was beautiful and not over the top like Diana's was.......

  9. Yeah...sliding glass doors! Those are even better than windows. I just thought of that. Took me a minute...err...hour. s.

  10. The Doors......great band. What wrong context? Sorry can't get the music outta my head now!

  11. nice re-post... Doors doors everywhere, endings and beginnings

  12. blogger is tarded still cant see what i writing
    so pardon the typos...oh na trying to set the cursor...fagggedaboutit

    bushman- i am the lizzard king

    beer 4 shower- is a lose lose..i hear ya..

  13. jo anne- glass doors are the way to g...glad you got to watch a bit of the brits...


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