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Sunday, April 24, 2011

Sunday blogwhore snippet 424

i feel that i be needing to:
thank some people
that know some people that...
that blogloved some people...


1.      Jim Belushi (goes to blows…on broadway)
2.      Nicki Minaj (very stealthy)
3.      Kelly McGillis (, seriously…gay)
4.      Those who will not be mentioned (LL and CS)
5.      Netflix (going broke? Filing chapter 11)
6.      Heidi Montag (she can TAG me MON!)
7.      Boston Celtics (will win it all, next year you can bet on it)
8.      Background checks (I have nothing to hide..well except that one time…)
9.      Tsunami debris (scuks)
10.   MBAs (got mine on line and still can’t find a job)

some peoples gave me some blog lovin!
i have been a bit slow to represent...

content warning! there may be some psuedosexuality in this post....there are a lot of links in this blog post! if you are not in clicking mood, that is ok... just leave me a comment explaining why you did not click...the best comment will get:
a) a guest post by moi
b)a blog post dedicated to them
c) absolutely nothing as i am full of shit
d) some kind of odd rash
e)none of the above

screw! fuck! that!

i hate contests...

i finally have all the disks copied for my last contest..and what the fuck was i thinking?  I am ready to send them out but have been kinda lazy/ those of you that won are gonna get your prezzies...just have to wait a bit longer...

on the plus side they are signed by me...


i am an awardwhore, manwhore, blogwhore, attentionwhore...
whatever kinda whore relating to blogerering there is, i am...

most likely...

but in a totally sexual  platonic and brotherly way..

how about a warm BIA welcome to id at sometimes i like taffy...from my little stalking of her blog, I am sure you will like it! stop by say hi and leave a tasty comment...

Jenny at Pearson Report gave me this award!

she writes,
"This is long overdue and it’s time for me to 'pay it forward' and say thank you!
Let me start with The Boys…

I have affectionately dubbed them “The Three Amigos.”
Bruce at JADIP (and other great sites) Thanks Bruce for the Versatile Blogger Award!
Oilfield Trash at Make Daddy a Sammich and
Al Penwasser at Penwasser Place"

there are no rules! hells yeah!

so go check out Al and Oily...(You are already checking me out, in  a totally sexual and blog stalkerish way, and I love it, so go ahead, go check out AL and Oily...
it is really OK ladies to rub them down and undress them with your eyes..they will not mind)

StepahnieC at seriously??? reeeally???...seriously totally funny and a dog lover so we click. she has some crazy shizz in her mind!


Pencil girl at conquering the world a girl that loves to write that keeps erasers busy...i actually have just started following her blog, thru a glitch in  the googgleboner system  but have rectified that grievous error...

both gave me a versitle blogger award, but tUcKer will be doing that because he thinks he is all that and a slice of rye...sheesh blogdogblog....look forward to a special tUcKer2sDaY where he unveils the inner workings of a puppibolical mind bent on world dogmanaiton!

(or talks incessantly about Mr squirrel, the orange store, Mrs bunny, riding with daddy and, chewin' and playin'...)

also Jo Anne Mother and Nana... leaves a comment on every post, and that is sooooo awesome! and she love Bruce Willis me! walk, run, or wander over and say hello...

And I have another person that is a personal fav,  the bushman . This guy rocks the post every time... go say hi to him and leave a comment... his blog is real!
BTW...he has labs, lives in MI and drinks beer...
what is not too like about that..

Jewels and I are gonna do a blogcrush blog swap on 2 of the finest teams in the NHL! Our two fine teams  are in the playoffs look for that soon...

Oh and if you may have forgotten about who I root for? here's a little crazy about my allegiance

Happy Thursday er, uh, I mean Sunday
happy easter..happy re-birthday Jesus! whatever...

Just Another HoliDay In Paradise


  1. I saw the beer award, it was pretty cool.....

  2. Sounds like you are still coming down off of Wednesday. :wink:

  3. Glad you liked the award - just wish I could be sending the real brew not just a pic.

    But...I did drink a couple when I made that award - good intentions you know!

    Great post - great links and I will be (if I haven't already) clicking my way over to check out these sites.

    Have a great Sunday,

  4. OMG (and any oher stupid text letters you can think of) That award is the ultimate. I'm as jealous as Dan Quayle at a spelling bee!
    I checked out the bushman guy What a Freak! Soon as I get back from dinner at inlaws I will be clicking on the others. Dogs? Who loves Dogs?
    On wings...the worst superstition I ever endured was my friends wouldn't let me watch the game with them for a whole series. Ouch! bastiches but it worked and well let's just say for the Wings it was worth it!

  5. Love the beer award, right up your street ;) Hope you are having a wild weekend

  6. Yes little brother, you're all that and more. I'm so glad you're the modest one in our family!!! hahahaha. Nice post. You're awesome. Love ya, Sis.

  7. I didn't clickity click as I'm already multi tasking so would collapse in a heap if I did more... looking at schools for my niece.

  8. I can't wait for our blog swap...going to be good! Congrats on your awards and look for one more from me tomorrow!

  9. I didn't clickety click, for if I did clickety click, I just might find some more blogs to follow and I'm at the point where my brain is becoming sozzled from too much reading.

    To quote a Gary Larson cartoon (for he is a God among us mere mortals): Professor, may I be excused? My brain is full.

  10. What the hell you sending me over to more blogs which you know I will like and will follow every day I seem to find more blogs to follow and ya know what that means I get to spend more time on my fat I mean beautiful ass in front of the that a bad thing........mmmmm I think not.............

    Second think I got a mention I got a mention yippee yippee yah.......not a big deal you say well it is to me I like getting menitoned.......

    Third congrats on the award now if only you could print it then have the printed page turn into real beer..........yeah I am strange

    Little Leo just told me I am a bully and mean because I said he couldn't have a 4th bowl of ceral he didn't eat all the last what does the bully do she gives him chips instead, oh well his mother is in bed and won't know.....Now watch her get up.............

  11. I really want that odd rash so I am going enter my comment in the fake contest anyway.

    I did not click because have been completely taking advantage of the easter holiday and my attention span wouldn't last through that.

    Mmmm. Spiced Rum.

  12. I didn't want to continue the previous comment and ruin my chances of winning, but I did want to say congrats on the awards. Always well deserved.

  13. Oh you total Rockstar
    Congrats on the awards sexy sir Bruce
    Well deserved. I shall have to clickety click when I get back to laptop land.

  14. Congrats, dear Brucie. Thanks for the blog love.

    Ella is sleeping awkwardly on my lap/laptop right now, but she thinks it's pretty cool, too!

  15. Congrats on all the awards!! :D :D
    I did clickety click even though I shouldn't have.. (Exam tomorrow. You might be wondering what I'm doing here in the first place.. :\ ) Followed each one of them! :D :D
    Thanks for all the great links! :D

  16. How brilliant is a beer award?? It's so perfect for you, boss! Congrats!

  17. Congrats on the awards! They're much deserved. Particularly that first one. Which I'm wanting to drink right now, and am pawing at my screen helplessly.

  18. Look at all the love goin around! I feel a little ferklempt!


  19. aww, thanks for sending peeps over to my blog, you are like the BEST blog stalker EVER!!

  20. I just found you through my friend Jewels' blog. Can't believe I'm just now discovering your blog! Dang.

    I'm definitely gonna be following you! Hope you will stop by my blog when you have the chance. :) I like the male perspective on things. :)

  21. I <3 you...tell Tucker hi from Jasper and me as well :)

  22. bushman- i hear ya on the WINGS! cant think of the number of times i have blamed others on a WINGS loss..

    bubbles-no prob!

    jewels - it will be so AWESOME!

    Jo Anne- it was the only thing i could do, mention you, you always leave a comment!

    stephanieC- you rock and don't you forget it! and so does ella!

    JM- thanks!

    beer 4- i printed it up and it still was just as dry as the screen!

    frisky-welcome to the madness, fun and festivities!

    shelby-aww love back at ya! and jasper!

  23. OMG Kelly McGillis? I was just told that I look like her! lol


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