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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

our trip to the land of oz..

trending noooo!!!!

  1. iPhone 5 (is totally stupid…don’t buy it, unless you are a fucktard)
  2. Jessica Rabbit (hot cartoon?)
  3. Christina Mil… (blah blah blah…)
  4. Elizabeth Olsen (not the twins)
  5. Susan Sarandon (keeps stalking me)
  6. Andy Rooney (say goodbye to hollywood!)
  7. Guns N' Roses (reunion tour!)
  8. Stock prices (dropping like a rock, sell now!!!!)
  9. Flu vaccine (or chicken noodle decide)
  10. Pink Floyd pig (flys over london! Fucking cool!)

tucker on steroids?

My good friend Mynx at Dribble....
....had a little house warming party!  (and here) way back in the past. tucker decided to write about it...i did not let him post it. here it is...

yeah, i finally relented...

this is me!
the other picture is not me...

~i am tucker! i am a puppy! daddy let me do the drawererings!

(yes tucker....there's a stick, got get it! daddy has work to do!)

As you all know, I love a party! I promised Mynx that I would float on down to the party.

here we are!

this is me!
a puppy!~
it says daddy!
by tucker!
cuz i am cool!
and a puppy!
Thanks tucker!
Those are some good pictures!
(he also drew the following pictures as well and added them while I took one of my famous daddy naps!)

i have a boat. it is daddy and my's boat. we call it the BASSMONKEY. it is prolly not the best sea-farring vessel, but i do not care...daddy and i lovererly love it!

me in my's boat!

 daddy did some modifications to it...

"ho. ho. ho.
now i have a machine gun..."
bassmonkey amphibmobile
deluxe version...

Opps...Tucker! That is the wrong f*ing picture...

hehehe! daddy is so easy! i meant this one! i am tucker. i am a puppy!

bassmonkey amphibmobile
hey there's a squirrel...
mr squirrel...
gotta go!
gotta go!
gotta go!

While Tucker is off, I will let you know, we had to load up on supplies. As some of you may have heard, I like to  drink. Just a tad.

and yes i brought clean underwear.

THE RED LINE is there route I should prolly taken.

THE GREE LINE is the route I downloaded from my GPS tracking device! i may have gotten a  bit lost.

Just Another Day In Paradise
Just Another Dog In Puppydise