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Friday, April 1, 2011

a superdooper guest post! read NOW!

editors note: my bloggerer crush Mynx-y and I are blog swaping today! enjoy her post! I am at her site today...(give her a warm welcome or i will sick my evil twin on your ass...)
G’day mates.

You may have noticed that I am not Bruce..or Tucker.

Let me introduce myself, I’m Mynx, pleased to meet you and what I am going to tell you next will hopefully allow you to forgive me and Bruce for what follows.


Okay, now with that out of the way, I want to talk about Hockey.

Now I know about hockey, even played it at school. Hockey 1, Hockey 2 etc, wooden sticks, hard white ball....yep, field hockey.

But what I am supposed to be talking about here is what you guys consider to be real hockey. With ice..and beer. Beer I believe is an essential component of all hockey games.

Why Ice Hockey? Well the very sexy Bruce emailed me from the rink the other day where he was watching a game and me being me, decided to adopt his team as my team.

So here I am, the totally clueless new supporter of the Griffins and the Detroit Red Wings. Don’t try to convert me, I am loyal, once I pick a team, no really, I am. Totally.

(Just don’t ask me about the AFL teams I go Essendon)

So I need to find out exactly what I am supporting.

I went to the internet and I thought I would watch the game that Bruce was watching.. sort of a buddy thing.

Nope, my laptop isn’t in Canada so I wasn’t allowed to watch free streaming of the Red Wings Vs The Maple Leafs and as much as I love my Hockey, be buggered that I am going to pay for streaming.

And we won yay. See I did pick a cool team to follow.

Off to Wiki to get some facts.

The size of the rink is 85 x 200 ft and edged in plexiglass. (I am guessing so you don’t get a player in your lap)

There are 30 member clubs in the NHL, 6 from Canada and 24 USA. The NHL started in 1917 after WW1.

You can have up to 22 players on a roster but only 6 on the ice at one time.

The whole idea is to get the puck into the opponent’s goal net. See easy.

Most common injuries are lacerations to the head scalp and face which bleed...a lot.

Fighting is not allowed officially, but is actually unofficially condoned with teams having players in the role of “enforcers”. (well that is what I read).

Ahhh the testosterone...grown men with sticks and sharp blades beating the crap out of each other while pretending it is all about putting a little round thing in a net. No wonder it is so popular.

The average NHL game lasts 2 ½ hours and is split into 3 periods with the ice cleaned between.

Plenty of time to eat junk food and drink a lot of beer.

So how am I going? Am I getting it figured out?

Onto Youtube and I get a taste of the colour, noise and excitement of a game.

Can only imagine the buzz of really being there.

Big men in helmets and padding. Oh and Google “hockey Players” for images. 2nd pic on the page I got was naked hockey. Now that could be dangerous if you fell over. Perhaps I won’t include it here.

It is fast, physical and I can certainly see why women enjoy it as much as the guys.

I did find out that we even have a Ice Hockey team, right here in my city. They are called “Adelaide Adrenaline” . Perhaps I might even have to check them out sometime.

But until then, hand me a Red Sweater, an inflatable Stanley cup, a beer and a hot dog.

And Go Redwings.

Thursday, March 31, 2011

thought of you thursday

editors note: altho' i have had a few posts lately i am not completely back to the blog world...getting there, tho'. Tucker and I will post something on our new deal early next week and I will catch you up on awards that I need to post about and our collective bargaining agreement.

also i am tucker still taking likes for licks!

a very special post tommorow. if you miss it you will be so very lame. and uncool.
don't be uncool.
i double dog dare ya!
to be cool!

1.Sara Ramirez (divorces Manny)
2.Katy Perry (has big boobies…the standard answer to anything katy…)
3.Warren Beatty (died...) ( know how this goes, by now, right?)
4.Carrie Ann Inaba (your guess is as good as mine…I’m guessing preggers)
5.Insider stock trading (e-trade baby BUSTED! )(you heard it here first)
6.Elizabeth Warren (is talking blah blah one is listening...nah nah nah. boring)
7.George Clooney (some people wish he was not american)
8.Silvio Berlusconi (has a rilly hard to pronounce name, so he or she is prolly foreign)
9.Credit cards (will get you in trouble…try saving money to buy something for once, America)
10.Big Lebowski 2 (will suck…sequels always do…ALWAYS. I tells ya!)

Welcome new BIA (read this link to figure this out)
Jenn at williams girl. 
go stop by and say hi.

editors note: this is not a recent thing just a recent is bright and sunny...

Bright and Sunny

It was bright and sunny. This brightness and warmth were totally in contrast to the day and its events.

It is funny how one event can push your life in a direction you never thought it would ever go. How one small blip in the grand scheme of things forever modifies the perception we have of what is a perfect life.



It is spring. The world is renewing. All around is vibrant color replacing grey and dreary. The possibilities are endless. The rebirth is contagious. The world is alive.

It is no longer grey and dreary. The rain is gone, replaced with brilliance, in yellows, oranges, and shades of life bearing greens...

If the phone rings at 2 am nothing good comes from it. Someone needs something from you. Something bad is going down. Bad is expected at 2 am.

2 am. You have been drunk dialed, or butt dialed.

2 am. You are needed to post a bond.

2 am. Someone is on deaths door or has passed.

If the phone rings at 9:30 am on a sunny spring Saturday morning in May, the bottom does not drop out of your world. That would be unexpected. That is the kind of thing that changes someone forever.

The unexpected.

He set the phone in the charger. He looked at his new bride. And his new kids. They had only been a family for 2 months.

It is expected to be dreary and rainy when something like this happens. Or 2 am.

It was not.

9:30 am.

It was bright and sunny.

Dad is gone.

And he was never the same.

just another day in paradies?

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

i calls this one...

I-am-Tucker is on facebook go like him now, and get all lickitty!

1.Britney Spears (Fucking sucks)
2.Demi Moore (another facelift?)
3.Jackie Chan (kicks ass)
4.Angela Merkel (married to steve erkle?)
5.Mega Millions winner (is me!)
6.what is her name (the one we will not mention, female)
7.Mortgage loans (go for the 15 yr payoff)
8.Brock Lesnar (bad ass to the bone)
9.Alzheimer's (I forgot)
10.CRKP superbug (aka stehphen king’s the stand)

A picture paints a thousand words, so 30 pics will get me thirty thosuand words, right?

i calls this one:
a saltine dancing on butter...

Just Another Day In Paradise!

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

tucker does facebook!

i am tucker

yes, virginia...

i, tucker,  hasis a facebook page...

check it and friend me now...

all the cool kids are doing it...

we will be playin'

be the first kid on your block to be a friend of tucker!

cuz you too can be...

just another dog in puppydise

tUckEr 2sDaY #1 (classic repost)

editors note: this post was just before guzzledonger gobblebrother closed my ad sense account. i think we made $11.00 on the day this post came out. soon there after they shut us down for illegal clicks...
this is tuckers first post ever! these are ethe things that were trending that day...notice i had few comments...

1.Maria Sharapova 2.Kate Middleton 

3.Brett Favre (Brett Favre don't go away mad..just go away)

4.Amanda Seyfried 5.Credit Card Rewards  6.Taylor Swift  7.Natalie Portman 8.Leonardo DiCaprio
9.Diabetes Drugs

10.Election Day (seriously? yesteday was the day to trend not today!)

since i am writing a blog almost everyday now, i need a break from the action once in a while... the TuckMonster asked if he could fill in once a week to let you know what it is like from a dogs veiw, since his brethern are gonna benefit from the revenue from the blog, it is prolly only fair...

the new feature is called....
here goes..
hello, i am tucker. i am a puppy... daddy calls me the tuckmonster, but i also get called tucker with an f by the guys at ManCave. i do not care, cuz it sounds similar...and i get to hang with my buddy bentley, who is the bestest friend i have in the dog world...the first time i went i had so much fun...i had so much fun that i forgot to tell daddy to let me go outside and i pooped in the mancave...daddy and the OTHER GUYS got mad at me, but i didnt care..

i was playing with bentley...

chewing on sticks.

chew chew chew

damn i am cute
i have included some picture of me when i first came to live with daddy...

me at six months ...guess what?
i am playin
this week as i enter my first blogpost i want to share with you a little secret...i love being a dog... i like to play. all the time. play play play...and sleep...sleep sleep sleep...

then play play play...

dogs get to do lots of fun stuff... and everyone loves me...everyone...momma says i am so cute that i can get away with anything...even chew up her undies and socks...daddy says i am being bad but i do not really know what he is talking about....

play play play...

woof woof...

i went on a ride with daddy the other day or today, cuz i really have no concept of time, five minutes five hours whats the difference...i love going places...i  know the word makes me all jiggilywiggliy and stuff...and i know the word walk....i get  jiggilywiggliy when i hear that word too.
i know the words treat and eat..i like both. daddy says i have the ghost of 'cino and 'spresso livin in me but i do not know what he is saying...

play play play...

(browndog fatwhitegirl)

woof woof!

i love to chase those fuzzy little guys with the big tails and the other ones with the big ears...i like to bark at anything. did you know that i can hear a butterfly fart? i like to bark at that as well.
i discovered a big pile of crunchy brown things the other day. a big pile of them...i stuck my nose in them and chased them and rolled in fun fun...i like them...i have seen them around before but never in such a big group...

they were crunchitty and taste good...
daddy got kinda pissed cuz he wanted me to stay still so he could make that clicking noise with that little black box that he always has in his hands and says tucker, look at me. then it clicks...then he says dammit...then he says tucker again...then dammit...this goes on for a while and then i jump around in the brown play play...
 look at the fluffy tail thing! there it is! gotta go! gotta go! gotta go get it!!
oh yeah
daddy reminded me to tell you thanks for the cliks
and please keep cliking...
he lost his job so this blog is all he has
and he still has to help the puppies