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Friday, April 1, 2011

a superdooper guest post! read NOW!

editors note: my bloggerer crush Mynx-y and I are blog swaping today! enjoy her post! I am at her site today...(give her a warm welcome or i will sick my evil twin on your ass...)
G’day mates.

You may have noticed that I am not Bruce..or Tucker.

Let me introduce myself, I’m Mynx, pleased to meet you and what I am going to tell you next will hopefully allow you to forgive me and Bruce for what follows.


Okay, now with that out of the way, I want to talk about Hockey.

Now I know about hockey, even played it at school. Hockey 1, Hockey 2 etc, wooden sticks, hard white ball....yep, field hockey.

But what I am supposed to be talking about here is what you guys consider to be real hockey. With ice..and beer. Beer I believe is an essential component of all hockey games.

Why Ice Hockey? Well the very sexy Bruce emailed me from the rink the other day where he was watching a game and me being me, decided to adopt his team as my team.

So here I am, the totally clueless new supporter of the Griffins and the Detroit Red Wings. Don’t try to convert me, I am loyal, once I pick a team, no really, I am. Totally.

(Just don’t ask me about the AFL teams I go Essendon)

So I need to find out exactly what I am supporting.

I went to the internet and I thought I would watch the game that Bruce was watching.. sort of a buddy thing.

Nope, my laptop isn’t in Canada so I wasn’t allowed to watch free streaming of the Red Wings Vs The Maple Leafs and as much as I love my Hockey, be buggered that I am going to pay for streaming.

And we won yay. See I did pick a cool team to follow.

Off to Wiki to get some facts.

The size of the rink is 85 x 200 ft and edged in plexiglass. (I am guessing so you don’t get a player in your lap)

There are 30 member clubs in the NHL, 6 from Canada and 24 USA. The NHL started in 1917 after WW1.

You can have up to 22 players on a roster but only 6 on the ice at one time.

The whole idea is to get the puck into the opponent’s goal net. See easy.

Most common injuries are lacerations to the head scalp and face which bleed...a lot.

Fighting is not allowed officially, but is actually unofficially condoned with teams having players in the role of “enforcers”. (well that is what I read).

Ahhh the testosterone...grown men with sticks and sharp blades beating the crap out of each other while pretending it is all about putting a little round thing in a net. No wonder it is so popular.

The average NHL game lasts 2 ½ hours and is split into 3 periods with the ice cleaned between.

Plenty of time to eat junk food and drink a lot of beer.

So how am I going? Am I getting it figured out?

Onto Youtube and I get a taste of the colour, noise and excitement of a game.

Can only imagine the buzz of really being there.

Big men in helmets and padding. Oh and Google “hockey Players” for images. 2nd pic on the page I got was naked hockey. Now that could be dangerous if you fell over. Perhaps I won’t include it here.

It is fast, physical and I can certainly see why women enjoy it as much as the guys.

I did find out that we even have a Ice Hockey team, right here in my city. They are called “Adelaide Adrenaline” . Perhaps I might even have to check them out sometime.

But until then, hand me a Red Sweater, an inflatable Stanley cup, a beer and a hot dog.

And Go Redwings.


  1. Fabulous - you and Bruce are very good at this. :)

    Go Redwings! But no picture - aww, you could've made up for Bruce's fuzzy pic on the AFL. We need the eye candy.

    Glad you enjoyed it - and I have never seen a blow up Stanley Cup.

    I simply need to get out more. sigh

  2. hi mynx how is your visit hope evil bruce doesn't leave you a mess this time. as always great post and i'll see you whenyou return home

  3. Great synopsis on ice hockey Mynx! Suddenly I am feeling the need to google hockey and check out that naked photo you mentioned ... yes, I am a perv...

  4. yay for hockey!

    i honestly thought we were the only country in the world that actually watches it, lol

  5. I love hockey! I'm a Colorado Avalanche fan, even though we suck this year. I miss the rivalry we had with the Detroit Red Wings. You want some fun? Youtube "colorado avalance detroit red wings brawl" and enjoy the most epic brawl in hockey. Even the GOALIES throw down. Now THAT was some hockey.

  6. nice post minx - I'm more of a rugby fan but love the odd game of hockey...just for the fights - handbags at 10 paces lol

  7. mynx-y so good of you to do this awesome blog post! i loved it! i know it is my blog and all but i could not have picked a better partner in crime for this blog swap...thanks a bunchie!

  8. Nice job Mynx - great research - now you know more then most of us watching the bloody game - I'm impressed!
    Bruce can be mighty pleased - you've done his site proud!

    Now...I've got a craving for a Beer and a Hot Dog - I'm off to check the Canucks schedule!

    Cheers, Jenny

  9. Mynx this was a great post.

    I liked all of it except for the part about the Red Wings, but I am not a fan of theirs so I will forgive you!!! lol

  10. Skippy, i found this cool one of two guys hitting the plexiglass and there was also the naked one... but we went with the logo, which is very cool too.

    Becca- I have BET sorted :)

    Empress- You go girl

    Kage- I am gaining an appreciation ;)

    ABFTS- I am so going to do that.

    G- They do seem to love to fight

    Sir Bruce- This has been such a giggle. I loved it nd you may not be able to get rid of me now

    Jenny- Thanks

  11. Mynx-wonderful post about my favorite sport ever...but really--you should have talked to me before picking a team! The Flyers are MUCH better! Not everyone can be as perfect as me-but you are forgiven. I blame Bruce for leading you astray...but I digress. Wonderful post, dear!

  12. I didn't not know that fighting was unofficially condoned, but I'm not surprised.

    Loved seeing you here, Mynx-y! This sports blog swap was such a cute idea.~

  13. OT & Jewels- I was so waiting for your opinon on the team I now follow hehe

    Kat- See lovely lady, I have gone "red" oh and my hair too as of last night lol

  14. Wonderful post Mynx, but you left out one important aspect of history of ice hockey.

    Before hockey rinks were edged in plexiglas the word "Puck" was invented. It rhymed with the word a fan yelled out when he got hit in the face with that hard disk which is NOT like the hard disk in your computer. :-)

  15. Welcome to Hockey Town Mynx!!
    You couldn't have chosen a better team to cheer for. The next step would be to despise the Colorado Avalanche and get a wing nut hat.

  16. As tough as I pretend to be, I can't get into most sports. Too much blood and guts for me. And spitting. And blowing noses without tissue.

    I think I just threw up a little.

  17. Naked hockey and beer? I am so there! ;-)


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