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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

i calls this one...

I-am-Tucker is on facebook go like him now, and get all lickitty!

1.Britney Spears (Fucking sucks)
2.Demi Moore (another facelift?)
3.Jackie Chan (kicks ass)
4.Angela Merkel (married to steve erkle?)
5.Mega Millions winner (is me!)
6.what is her name (the one we will not mention, female)
7.Mortgage loans (go for the 15 yr payoff)
8.Brock Lesnar (bad ass to the bone)
9.Alzheimer's (I forgot)
10.CRKP superbug (aka stehphen king’s the stand)

A picture paints a thousand words, so 30 pics will get me thirty thosuand words, right?

i calls this one:
a saltine dancing on butter...

Just Another Day In Paradise!


  1. abstract...Im liking your savoury period!

  2. The darker saltines are my favorite.

    Just saying. [And what in beejebus did you do to the top of your butter. Were you rolling corn again Bruce?*]

    *This comment made no sense to anyone but me. And Tucker.

    Ask him. ::wink::

  3. So happy that Tucker is on fb!
    I feel like that saltine is looking at me through 13 little eyes(yes, I counted them)...Weird!

  4. I have nothing, once again, Bruce, you leave me in giggles and unable to form coherant sentences

  5. Such talent! I'm in awe!

    I'm also behind in my blog roll, but don't worry I'll get to the previous entry I missed here and at your twin's place soon, boss.~

  6. Did you give it a couple of one dollar bills??

  7. I have nothing constructive to add... just HELLO Brucie and Tuckmonster.



  8. "a saltine dancing on butter" is a gripping photograph representative of our times. it reminds me of the deepest crevices of my soul. in fact, if all the deepest crevices of my soul were penetrated by spears of salty goodness, the resulting spawn would all be illegitimate cousins of "a saltine dancing on butter."

  9. Always liked Tucker before, but now it's all official and stuff.

  10. G- thanks. *bowl of soup* did not turn out so well..mebbe next time.

    skippy- tucker says yummy! what ? squirrel? bunny? then he walked away, so he was no help.

    mountain momma- he is glad is part of our collective bargaining agreement as he wants to be the star of this blog, and i still want to be the star too... we are close to settling...

    mynx-y -making you giggle is my pleasure and my world!

    kat- no worries, you rock the bloggererwebber, so you are free to come and go as you when you stop by, understrand when you ya either way!

    oft- yup...even paid for a face dance, just before i munched her!

    stephanieC- with all you have going on, ie wedding plans, i am just happy to see presence adds to my blog...hugs baby!

    kage- says tucker! you are so cool! thanks for liking me! lickity lickity!

    Lovkyně- excelllent- i love this comment. i love the twisted nature of your mind...from one warpped individual to another...adn i hav enot forgotten about the award you gave me...look for a post about it soon...promise and pinky swear...

    becca- your adoration is muchly appreciated...and reciprocated, cuz i too adore you!

    krissy- yup yup...and we ahve not forgotten about a playdate at your place...tucker and i just have to get our shit together!

  11. That saltine's got MAD MOVES. :)

  12. I love crackers and I love them with butter - so, your work of art is a visual taste bud teaser - I am going to the kitchen and making myself a little treat, right after I post this!

    Hope all is going along great in your world - I've been out of commission lately due to computer wars!

    I can always count on your site(s) to set the universe straight!

    Cheers, Jenny

  13. JM-i try to be a fun read... glad you enjoyed it.

    shelby- it does! glad you saw it week dancing with the stars?

    bubbles- he gets a few crumbs if they break.

    Jenny- your comment is so appreciated! glad i can help set the universe right!


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