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Thursday, March 31, 2011

thought of you thursday

editors note: altho' i have had a few posts lately i am not completely back to the blog world...getting there, tho'. Tucker and I will post something on our new deal early next week and I will catch you up on awards that I need to post about and our collective bargaining agreement.

also i am tucker still taking likes for licks!

a very special post tommorow. if you miss it you will be so very lame. and uncool.
don't be uncool.
i double dog dare ya!
to be cool!

1.Sara Ramirez (divorces Manny)
2.Katy Perry (has big boobies…the standard answer to anything katy…)
3.Warren Beatty (died...) ( know how this goes, by now, right?)
4.Carrie Ann Inaba (your guess is as good as mine…I’m guessing preggers)
5.Insider stock trading (e-trade baby BUSTED! )(you heard it here first)
6.Elizabeth Warren (is talking blah blah one is listening...nah nah nah. boring)
7.George Clooney (some people wish he was not american)
8.Silvio Berlusconi (has a rilly hard to pronounce name, so he or she is prolly foreign)
9.Credit cards (will get you in trouble…try saving money to buy something for once, America)
10.Big Lebowski 2 (will suck…sequels always do…ALWAYS. I tells ya!)

Welcome new BIA (read this link to figure this out)
Jenn at williams girl. 
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editors note: this is not a recent thing just a recent is bright and sunny...

Bright and Sunny

It was bright and sunny. This brightness and warmth were totally in contrast to the day and its events.

It is funny how one event can push your life in a direction you never thought it would ever go. How one small blip in the grand scheme of things forever modifies the perception we have of what is a perfect life.



It is spring. The world is renewing. All around is vibrant color replacing grey and dreary. The possibilities are endless. The rebirth is contagious. The world is alive.

It is no longer grey and dreary. The rain is gone, replaced with brilliance, in yellows, oranges, and shades of life bearing greens...

If the phone rings at 2 am nothing good comes from it. Someone needs something from you. Something bad is going down. Bad is expected at 2 am.

2 am. You have been drunk dialed, or butt dialed.

2 am. You are needed to post a bond.

2 am. Someone is on deaths door or has passed.

If the phone rings at 9:30 am on a sunny spring Saturday morning in May, the bottom does not drop out of your world. That would be unexpected. That is the kind of thing that changes someone forever.

The unexpected.

He set the phone in the charger. He looked at his new bride. And his new kids. They had only been a family for 2 months.

It is expected to be dreary and rainy when something like this happens. Or 2 am.

It was not.

9:30 am.

It was bright and sunny.

Dad is gone.

And he was never the same.

just another day in paradies?


  1. It certainly isn't a day in paradise. That is for sure.

    Sorry bruce. Truly.

    Hug the family, snuggle the Tucker - and it will be okay. Promise. It is what I do when I think back. :)

    Love you my friend, my friend.

  2. Hey bruce I hope you are doing fine.Just take care and you will be fine. A very well written piece straight from the heart. Just take care.
    Much love

  3. I've typed then erased, typed again, erased again - I'm never really lost for words, until now.
    This is a heavy, poignant piece of writing - very deep.
    I'm letting out a weighted sigh - you okay Bruce - I'm sending some serious blog love your way.
    Hugs, Jenny

  4. skippy- just some of the things that wiegh you down you know..memories..

    BH-it is good to see you back on th eblog roll and to hear from you! i will be fine.

    jenny- thank you! this is a piece that needed to be done as it has sat for too long in the hopper.

  5. I know how this feels, I have never been the same since my mum died. Life can change in the blink of an eye and the world keeps turning. It sucks.

    This made me tear up. (((hugs)))

  6. Interesting thought.

    Had the roughly the same thing happen with my dad.

    Sunny day.

    Phone call in the mid to late morning.

    Peace to you and yours.

  7. It was around the same time of day when I found out that my dad had passed away.

  8. lyndy- sorry, while it is real it was long ago... i hear ya...we never quite recover from our losses...

    becca- it was long ago, but the day reminded me of it...

    g- back at ya my friend...peace to you and yours as well...

  9. Beautiful and sad Bruce. Sending you hugs.
    Curious about the special post...

  10. Life is constantly changing, in good ways and bad. Strange how we tend to like it when things are status quo, yet life changes whether we like it or not.

    I just saw my dad today. {{hugs}}

  11. mynx-y you are so funny...LOL

    soapy- my father got me into construction...i sign my fathers name to every job i do...

  12. OMG Bruce this is so fucking heart breaking. And also very freakishly coincidental because my dad died suddenly in May, too, and I don't talk about it much online, but the Red poem I just did, the start of it is about that day.



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