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Saturday, November 27, 2010

Follow me on this..

1.Mila Kunis (bitchyhot) 2.Jessica Alba (invisohot (again)) 3.Mark Wahlberg (marky-mark no more) 4.Savings accounts (who can afford this?) 5.Mandy Moore (MMhot) 6.Jessica Simpson (still not smrt, er uh i mean smart) 7.Squinkies (buy these NOW! buy these NOW!) 8.Holiday cards (send 'em e-mail or be sorry) 9.Burlesque movie (sounds to me like a skin flick) 10.Medicare (medihot) 


    If you are new to the bloggering world do not be alarmed, it really doesn't hurt. But you have to ask yourself why do i write? Cuz it beats playing 4 square on ice? Cuz it is better than dropping a 10 pound barbell weight on your foot? Prolly both, but I think the reason is…

  I got this one from one of my top 3 (but who is counting...) fav bloggerers of ALL TIME Kara...if you are not following her, I am gonnahavta send my EvilTwin over to your house and he will drink all your beer and sleep with all your wimmens...cuz he is crazy like that...
     WELL, MEBBE...most likely not...
i would like to thank my wife and kids and tucker and my followers and my agent and my manager and my family and my editor...
yeah riiiight, editor...that's funny...obviously you do not have an editor...
but mostly my followers...
(oh and Kara...)
without you i am just telling this stuff to my family
and believe me they are REALLY sick and tired of my stories..and jokes and stuff...
and without further is the blog...
   We all want to be heard. Seriously, we do. It does not matter if you are at work, at home, or on a blog. You want people to listen to what you have to say. We all blog for different reasons. We all have different points of view and different frames of reference. The common bond that unites us is communication. And we are artists, as Fickle Cattle, a blog I follow, so aptly put it, here
     Communication is the art of sending and receiving information. I know I sound a bit more technical than the usual lightweight banter but hold tight, I will get back to Bruce soon enough….
Like now…
    I have been writing this blog for about 11 months and my EvilTwin has been writing for a little less than a month. I started about a month ago to really blog every day. At times it is very difficult to come up with an idea, let alone flesh it out and worst of all make it interesting enough to read.
Okay. I lied. Wait for it. Funny. Now…
   The object of blogging is to be heard. And to be heard one must gather up a flock of interested parties to read your blog on a daily/regular basis. GoogleBrother calls these people followers. But in reality they are BloggersInArms or  BIA…fighting to be heard among the din of 6 billion other inhabitants of the planet we call earth. Kinda like the CIA but real people. And not spies. and not a part of the GovernMonster... So really nothing like the CIA…
     In the CyberWebberWorld, we now have BIA’s that we rarely physically touch but touch us daily or a few times a week. They visit our blog and read our stuff. And some times they leave us a comment  and as Kara says, well just check her out, cuz god knows we can’t be just killin’ kittens all willy-nilly     Our posse are the people that read our blogs. Our peeps…did you really use that played term…yup. You did.  Our BIA I am an applause junkie. I need attention. Kinda hard to believe, but yes, I do. And this is what I have learned…(and hats off to SimpleDude  for some of this knowledge.)
  1. We like to be heard
  2. In an effort to be heard, we become BIA’s to others
  3. If we leave comments we are more likely to be heard
  4. We like comments
  5. We like BIA’s
  6. We do not like the captchas
So how do we get more BIA’s?

That is a good f-ing question, of which I haven’t a clue. But I would guess…

This is you...All alone in TheBloggerSphere...
throwin' it out there...
seein' who bites

go out and find six bloggers
they are your first BIA's

they EACH find six more...
thats a lot of bloggers
is this Amway?
i ain't buyin' no soap!

Oh yeah, that looks like amway. I guess it worked for them. It could work for us
but what actually happens is you~go~find~six~and~BIA~then~find~six~more~from~each~of~those~six~and~
BIA~those~and~comment~on~all~of~them~and~next~thing~you~know~you~are~BIA~with~67,980~blogs~and~have no~time~for your~own blog, dammmit!

Or mebbe try this:

Content. Pimping or BlogLove. Awards. Contests. Twittering. FB. Leaving comments. (did you check out SD yet?)( or kara?) make sure you eviltwin is thirsty...
Dropping f bombs.

  When you leave a comment. Make it good. Be nice. Be kind. Check another unknown BIA commenter out. Read their blog. Drop a comment. Every time you view.Cuz we love comments. and Kara...and kittens...but mostly we love to be heard...
thanks agian Kara!!!

Leave your Name
Leave your link
Make it easy to get people to your site…

bruce johnson jadip


  1. You're welcome Bruce! It was deserved.

    Plus I love seeing my name this many times in someone else's blog.

    It makes me feel important.

  2. Congratulations Bruce! Certainly I think it's well deserved, I've awarded you myself, if I can ever get the damn post finished and up ... so you're a two timing ... um that should be *time* winner, it's just not obvious yet LOL. Jeez what a week. Later today, the post will be up, promise

  3. Kara- you are important...just ask me..or something like that...when you hit a hundred BIA, i may have to quit giving you so much blog love but until if you gave me an award and BW...well i know i am in good company..

    Mustang Sally- *what a week*...hope all is well... and the *what a week* means busy but all cool stuff...can't wait to two uh i mean get a second award...

  4. sorry I am late, kept getting tied up at evil bruces blog. Finally retrieved the key to the handcuffs and escaped. Thats my excuse for only just following this blog and im sticking to it.
    Will please teach me how to link in comments. I am clueless and I have seen you and SD doing it.
    Oh and congrats on the award, So very cool

  5. Mynx- i blame a ton of sttuff on eb...he is a bad guy....

    thanks for the congrats...

    at the bottom of the post, just above the just another day logo there is a sample of the html code...

    plug in the url for your site (you can copy and paste it in from your browser) in between the "" marks and then the blog name in between the <>

    if you type (h r e f) anywhere on a comment it will not let you post until you have a proper html...

    if you have any further q's email me at

  6. Bruce...when I first followed your other blog I could have sworn I hit this one too. Sorry bout that. Looks like we both got a good spanking didn't we? This is a great award name. I'll go back through this later and see what I've missed.

  7. Barb...

    no biggie...i figured you were just bouncin the links since i usually link the together...

    but hey THANKS!!!

  8. Thanks for the help. now to see if it works


  9. I'm such a jackass for not seeing this post earlier. But I love it. You basically said everything that I believe - I just didn't have the time or verbiage to say it.

    As long as you're writing something people care to read, the followers will come. Seems almost too simple right?

    Thanks for the pimpin!


  10. Glad you don't turn comments off on old threads. Came here from "50 BIA and wednesday [sic] night's"

    I wanted to find out what "BIA" meant. See, I didn't want to have to ask about another acronym/abbreviation if it had already been defined.

    Found it, thank you.

    I get it. It's JUST like Amway, only instead of destroying friendships, you gain them.

    Of course, one supposes, it IS possible it could go the other way. (Let's see, how many people can I dis' today? BWAAAHAHA)

    Cheers, Rick

  11. Same here... now I get the acronym!

    Seriously?... Reeeally??... Seriously?

    It's like that old shampoo commercial (and she tells three friends, and they tell their friends...)

  12. rick and steph

    i wonder how many people have actually checked this link or they just wonder what the heck BIA means.

    of course some bIA actually have read this before!

  13. And this is where I finally became a BIA and you taught me how to link. I guess this part of my stalking is done. HKCN


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