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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

yet another voice

1. Bristol Palin (go away!!!) 2. Kat Von D (who is this?) 3. Kyle Massey (who is this?)
4. Miley Cyrus (f-ing topless again)
5. Week 12 NFL picks (every one losses but the lions!!!yay!!)
6. Taylor Momsen (man i am outta touch, who the f is this?)
7. Andy Roddick (married to a hottie..way to go dog!!)
8. Health records (about that rash...yeah..about that..)
9. USS George Washington (major drug bust, news at 11)
10. Rental cars (free rental cars!!)

Yay! we have to shout out some bloglove to new follower Canadian Blogger Girl who is totally cool and awesome cuz she follows both blogs...and she has a great blog herself, so check her out...not right this second silly finish this first... let her know that you came from here...i will know if you do not...

as many of you know, i hear many voices...i also have many women's voices telling me what to do...BTW if you do not read the aforementioned links you may not get the gist of this blog...oh wtf...all my blogs are stand-a-loners, but...they are both good reads from the JADIP  blogs infancy...

i like to shop for the immediate. i do not like to grocery shop. that is kinda like work, what with the lists and stuff...i like to wage GuerillaShopFare. you know, when you dash in and grab a few things and leave. like the wind. in and out...with rhythm and feeling... purpose and direction...

but if i do go on a full-tilt GroceryAssault, it is gonna be documented. pen in hand to scratch off the items as they are some kind of ShoppingCyborg. i's crossed. t's must have a ListPath...and of course *stick to the roads and stay off the moors*

i like the days when the sample stuff is out. it is a GroceryBuffet. then even if i go hungry, i leave full and do not wander off the ListPath...which is verrrry dangerous...feelings get hurt, things are said, mistakes were made...the next thing you know you are wandering limping back toward the house and your wife has left you in the store...with cart tire treads on your head and let me tell you, those shopping carts can leave quite a bruise when pushed by an angry red-head...not that i know from experience...Jus' Sayin'

my wife is a train wreck not as organized as i am when she goes shopping, but hey she does most of it so i am happy about the event that i actually have to go all GroceryCartComando i am ready and prepared...and we all know i am the LastBoyScout ...

i always use the self-checkout. al.ways. cuz it is fast. and i do not buy a bunch of stuff. and i usually pay with cash. and then someone bags it for me in reusable bags. well not always in those reusable bags, but we do have a puppy and he. poops. a.lot. so the bags get reused...and even paper bags get used for that IowaCorn thing i do at an IM2BBQ...OFFS it is not sexually related...

if you followed all the links you are by now totally sick of my ramblings so here's the punchline...i always use the self-check lines and people look at me kinda wierd when i grab my balls you mean it is not  aself check for cancer since i am  a is all about speed, preparation, accuracy and a fast get away...sooo...what i cannot figure out is...

why is the voice at the self check a women's voice?


  1. The voice is a woman's because if you heard a man's voice you would do it all wrong, and then a woman would have to come and fix it all for you.

  2. sarah-

    LOL...that is too funny...

  3. ROFL @ Sarah ... I hear that

    Believe it or not I know a little bit about those pissed off redheads ... (who me?)*shrugs* and you're right, it's best to stand clear of the line of fire, 'tho if you're the target we WILL chase you down.

    Happy Turkey Day to you and yours too, Bruce.

  4. Again thanks for the pimpin its most appreciated! Oh and the woman's voice? Sarah has the right answer on that one.


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  6. Mustang Sally-i hear, sister...cuz im a red-head one can only imagine the sparks that fly...when we both are PO'ed

    CBG-no prob on the is much deserved. yeah every one seems to think sarah got it down right...

    oh well...just another of those voices...

  7. You do very well when we go shopping together for groceries ;)


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