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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Tuesday with TuckMonster


1.Lee Majors (the six million dollar man!!!)
2.Kim Zolciak (?) 3.Kourtney Kardashian (just go away) 
4.Jennifer Grey (dirty dancer?) 
5.Obama MythBusters (hes REALLY an american) 
6.Natalee Holloway (?)
7.Tiger Woods (eldrick what have you done now?)
8.Most dangerous cat (all of em)
9.Stock market (crashes into the sea) 
10.Denver Broncos (are being sold)

hi my name is tucker. i am a puppy. well, i am almost a year old now. i like to answer your questions...if you ask me anything i will give you and honest to dog answer...
   this picture is me getting ready for a lions game with daddy. i am wearing a lions jersey. it used to belong to mylibbean, the human puppy in the house. she is like 2 1/4 in dog years. she can drive. i can drive too. i sit in daddy's seat in the truck when daddy goes to get stuff and do stuff.
   i drive the car while daddy is on errands. he is gone some days when i am driving while daddy is gone i change the radio station. daddy does not know it is me. he laughs and blames it on ghosties. i do not know what ghosties are, but i think they are cold and wet and on the end of my snout.  
   daddy and i watched the lions game this weekend. daddy yelled a lot. daddy made lots of gestures at the tv. daddy had a lot of those drinks with the ice cubes and brown stuff and more brown stuff...he calls them candyian whiskers and coke or something like that...
      when the game was over, he cussed a bunch more and we went up stairs. i went up with him. the we played! i grabbed a toy and daddy tried to get it from me. he is old and slow so i sometimes let him have it. what was that? what was that? what was that? WOOF! WOOF! daddy says i scare everything away...that is my job...i protect the pack.
     then we went out side. daddy had a daddy treat and i chased a bunny. daddy told me those fluffy long eared things are bunnies.i like bunnies. i like them a lot, but they run away form me all the time and hide under the deck. daddy also told me those other things with  fluffy tails are squirrels. i like them too. hey there's one now...get the squirrel! get the squirrel!get the squirrel!
    the other day I was outside. it was wet. not lake wet but wet. i like water. i was sniffing around and stuff. i came inside. it was 0darkearly. daddy was still in bed heating his back. he is old. like 7 dog years...he is no longer a puppy. old. old. old. he has all kinds of grey around his muzzle..oh yeah, so i was inside and i was in the hall. i had found a squishy white thing with a yellow head out side. it was fun. it was squirmy. i was playin' with it. playin, playin. fun fun...i snuck it inside...
   mylibbean  walked out of her room. she asked me what i had ...i tossed it in the air and showed her. it was a squirmy little with thing with a yellow head. she screamed. it scaried me...she yelled again. mommy had to come and get the squirmy white thing with a yellow head. she called it a grub. i just called it yummy...

there's a squirrel...see you next week... gotta get it.gotta get it.gotta get it.

me when i was a little puppy


  1. Hey, Tuck,
    Does your Daddy ever by accident pour that dark, fizzy stuff into your water bowl??? oh and does he share his snacks w/ya?

  2. he occasionally leaves his beer around and i will get a quick lick of those, but he never lets me near the brown fizzy drinks, he says those are like gold...

    mommy says he is not allowed to share his smelly smokie treats with me or smokie treat in the car when i am riding...

    and he always listens to mommy..

  3. Thanks for stopping by and checkin me out! have a new follower on both your blogs!

    your kind words were well recieved!


  4. Hi there Tuck!
    I know it's hard to believe but trust me on this, you really wouldn't like Daddy's "candyian whiskers". Although I did live with a dog once that DID like anything with alcohol in it ... so much so she would knock any drink lower that top of the refrigerator level over so she could lap it up. And it was a pain in the behind having to hide our beer (well okay, the hiding it wasn't so bad, it was the finding it again).

    Now that might sound clever, but she was dumber than a box of rocks ... even before she started drinking. You don't want to end up having to ride the short bus Tucker! Stick to driving, it's less dangerous.

  5. Tuck is adorable, Bruce! I'm almost scared to ask this, but I think I'm having a blonde moment. What the hell is the white squishy thing with the yellow head?

    The Yorkie I used to have drank some Captain Morgan off the carpet that had spilled. Although I kept checking her later to make sure she was still breathing, it was funny as hell to watch her try to walk across the room. She was walking sideways, finally hit the couch, and just passed out!

  6. @Mustang sally-

    glad you stopped by..i will not get into daddy's candyain whiskers mommy says daddy's drinks are yucky...i will stick to driving, cuz i am sooo good at it...

    your puppy sounds like and i know all about fun...too bad she is not around anymore...i like friends...

    @ Krissy-
    it was a grub...yucky grub...that yorky sounds like a hoot...the tuckmonster has not gotten that much booze yet but not for lack of trying...

  7. The Yorkie only weighed 10 lbs so it didn't take much! And I thought I got most of it out of the carpet, but I came back to the room to find her furiously licking up what was left. I wish I had video of that scene to show you though. Too funny!

  8. You would have fun chasing all the bugs around my house, Tucker


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