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Sunday, January 22, 2012


the other day, on January 10th, as a matter of fact, I had an anniversary of sorts.

one year smoke and cancer free...

i know, not really like a big deal, people survive cancer all the time.

and people quit smoking everyday.

some by choice, some by death.

i have been back to work (sorta) for 3 months as of that day as well.

my plan to work has been changed. i started  a business to sell and manage construction jobs, but again find myself on job-sites more than i want to be, doing more than i prolly should, but i am making money.

my life has changed.

i am unable to do what i did before, like i did before. i cannot work  physically like i used to.

age has changed me.

illness has changed me.

i still know how to balance a check book!

i have very little energy after the day is done.
but i still go and do what i can.
until i cannot do it anymore.
and pay the cost with a heating pad and self medication...

what else is there to do?
sit home and die?

and now i will may need to address my self-medication drinking habits.

i would rather have a  bottle in front of me than a frontal lobotomy, right?

fucking right!

so all that being said, on that day, i was on my way to a job site.

i see a school bus up ahead.

stopping at a driveway.

ok you say, it is rural america. that is the way it is.

i took a picture with my mind's-eye-mental-imaging-device...

see below:

and no i did not hit the school bus!
mebbe a little piece of me wanted to.

what you ask is wrong with that picture?
aside from my amateurish rendition?

someone drove their kid 100 yards to the bus stop.
let that settle in a bit...

100 yards...300 feet...

i walked a half mile or so, took us about 20 minutes.
(i googled it and by car it was 7 tenths of a mile, or 9 minutes drive time but we had short cuts...)
up hill both ways!
in the blinding snow!
Michigan summers are cold too!
year round!
cuz we used to roll like that!

and we had never lost a war back then!
('Nam was still going, but not yet considered a war, simply  a police action... and we all know there are no winners and losers in a police action...just like in AYSO)

mommy kept the car running...
so junior(ette)
would not get cold/lost/abducted/dead...

at the end of their fucking driveway.
more settling...
or unsettling...

and then drove back to their house.
100 yards away.
300 feet...

the uberpussification of america starts at home.
the United States of America?
more like...

Ubberpussied Stupidiocracy of Asinine.

i would rather fight off zombies, biblical plagues, and douchecanoe terrorists, than deal with the next generation of kids that cannot handle walking 100 yards in Michigan winter.

to a bus stop...
at the end of the driveway.
of their own home...
three-fucking-hundred feet away...
visible from the picture window of your rural McMansion...

why not just drive your demonspawn to the school?
you would have used less fossil fuel.
and emitted less greenhouse gasses.

it is Michigan.
you live here.
it is cold and snowy
9 months a year
get the fuck used to it!

BTW, this year has been exceptionally mild.
temps in the 40's F
in January!

so anywhat...

if you are that stupidiotic...that  that you cannot dress your kids appropriately for the weather and trust that they can wander down the 100 yard driveway by themselves without:

a. getting hit by a car. (the thing that TAKES YOU EVERYFUCKIN'WHERE)
b. getting hit by the bus. (it's that big yellow thing that you ride on to get free day care an education) 
c. getting lost and/or freezing to death in 4 minutes. (better pack junior a lunch.)
d. getting nabbed by a rampant sexual predator biker gang. (cuz it happens ALL the time!)
e. all of the above. (we can only hope)

then...your contribution to the gene-pool is not needed.
what the fuck are we not teaching these kids?

these same kinda kids...
cross the street, not in the cross walk, without a care, in front you as you drive.
they then feel like you need to stop, cuz they have the right of way.
and then flip you off for nearly hitting them...
and have no idea that there are cross walks for a reason
except that they are for OTHER people
and do not know how to balance a check book, but have 12 years of math.

stupid as well as pampered...

the Ubberpussied Stupidiocracy of Asinine.
next thing you know, they will be cancelling school for a wind advisory...
not a hurricane, or tornado...
just strong winds.

cuz little johnny's ball cap, that he wears cocked sorta sideways or sorta backwards may blow off and he will get brain damaged by flying squirrel shit.

jus sayin.

he is already there...

yeah, there are prolly a hundred good reasons for someone to be that overprotective.
i cannot think of one.

mebbe it is just me.
you know, hard-assed, lard-assed, uncaring bastage, that i am.

not every kid is a winner.
they all do not deserve a medal.
the world is made up of winners and losers.
some people ARE losers.
some kids will not excel at anything, save for mouth-breathing incompetency.

i am thankful that i will not be alive long enough to watch as the Ubberpussied Stupidiocracy of Asinine completes the transformation and we get our asses handed to us by the rest of the world that has prepared its offspring for a modicum of adversity.

and checkbook balancing.

see ya soon!

it is, afterall,
Just Another Day In Paradise
and i am
Just Another Dog In Puppydise