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Sunday, July 18, 2010

Here today...goat tomorrow…REVISIT

    since the job hunt is so grueling, i will be reposting one of my all time favs!!!!

1.Marilu Henner (she didn't die did she?
2.Kelly Ripa (i should know who this is but i don't) 
3.Poison pill (good idea for idiots)
4.Credit cards (jacking your rates again)
5.Kim Kardashian (give me a break, stop searching shit for this bitch)
6.Milli Vanilli (resurecting his rap career)
7.John Lennon (sad he was killed by a jackweasle)
8.PS3 update  (free on black friday!!!)
9.Medicare pay (is a head ache) 
10.Liu Xiaobo (rhyming names rock, at least how I pronounce it, it rhymes)

     We only get so many great summer days. Here today…We all should take advantage of the time by firing up the grill and cooking some food. I prefer steak over any of the other grillables…I am a flesh eater. There are few things better in this world than an impromptu BBQ… (Henceforth to be called IM2BBQ’s)
     I have had 5 IM2BBQ’s this summer and all have resulted in the usual shenanigans of summer. However the best is yet to come, I think. but that does not mean that we have not had some alcohol induced ideas of ingenuity. Jus sayin’

As you can see, the deck, while not large, is set up for ultimate IM2BBQ action. Quite luckily for us the deck is fully shaded by 5 ish which really helps keep the sweat factor down and the justifiable beer consumption lower as well. Less beer while cooking leads to better quality grilled food. read: less burnt shit HOWEVER, in full sun the USDA REQUIRES 12oz of beer (or the equivalent) per flesh item cooked…Hey, I do not make this stuff up…yes, you do 
     Here today…A few weeks ago at one of the IM2BBQ’s as we were winding down I mentioned the neighbor’s goat. I blathered on about it being very odd. I think I may have mentioned that it needed to be abducted. My buddy, Jim concurred, although the secret-over-the-fence-mission never quite came to fruition, it has been troubling my waking moments and dreams since. Since that moment, I have noticed that it is keeping an eye on us.
     This goat is not a flesh goat, but merely one made of stamped steal. I really did not pay much attention to the thing until it started moving around the yard. Most likely of its own volition. And they can do a lot with remote drones now days

      After tapping into the FB I application satellite spy city, and even tho' I am techtarded, I somehow was able to procure this high resolution satellite imagery to show that, while I may sound deranged, I am completely sane. As you can see the goat moves around quite a bit, and that is a problem. I admit I did do a bit of photo shopping on this image to overlay all the apparent locations. Could the neighbors have overheard our diabolical discussions and moved the goat? I think not
     I am convinced that it is some kind of Big Brother spying type of device implanted in the yard by the CIA, FBI, NSA, IRS and a bunch of other three letter acronyms, all in order to keep tabs on me and my posse because of our my particular penchant for mischievous malfeasance. All that pot I used to smoke did not make ME paranoid.


I know the quality of
some of these pictures is a
bit suspect but the
damn thing moves quite fast.

I am really getting worried after I saw this location. I did not know that goats could climb, but it makes sense. I know the altitude would make it much better for listening in on all my clandestine conversations...

If anything should happen to me, here today…and I, let’s say, disappear, make sure the police contact the neighbors. Here today…Goat tomorrow…
Just a


  1. true dat anonymous commmenter...

  2. yeah...i know,i told tucker that, but it is really hard to teach adog to write with a mouse.

  3. If I didn't know better I would be thinking someone helped that goat up the tree

  4. HA HA HAAAAAAAAAA!!! I love it :D

  5. this is great!
    and your comment to the anonymous commenter made me guffaw, it was you calling him/her/it 'anonymous commenter' that did it. :)


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