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Monday, November 29, 2010

more bloggerese...please...

1.Jared Leto (musican/actor of little talent)  2.NeNe Leakes (real bitch from Atlanta) 3.Kate Middleton (sexy, but would be sexier if she followed my blog)  4.Stella McCartney (overpriced crap) 5.Depression (to sade)  6.Wal-Mart  (please boycott) 7.George Harrison (dead Beatle)  8.Wilson Phillips (lost a bunch of weight or got really fat) 9.Stuxnet virus (sucks)  10.3D TVs (wait for it to come down in price, can you say beta player?)

Mustang Sally fr bloggerese (must ang sal ly) A great blogger pal. If you are not following her blog, you are missing out. Visit her at Functional Kaos. or my eviltwin will move into your basement and drink all your....wait i think i have used this threat before...ok if i have to stop this blog and force your browser, your gonna be VERY sorry!!!

Minx fr bloggerese (Mynx) A new follower. Visit her at Dribble.... for a tasty dose of down under...

Bouncing Barb fr bloggerese (Bounc in Barb) A new follower. Visit her at Bouncin Barb... for an excellent bounc through this and that...

dingta fr bloggerese (ding ta) The sound made by a malfunctioning doorbell.  The doorbell did not chime correctly *ding-dong* instead it went ding-ta, shortly before I hit it with a hammer. Then it was REALLY fixed.

facties fr bloggerese (fact ies) Assholes spouting facts that are not based on any kind of reality or fact. Kinda like my blog.  Cliff Claven was an expert at pouting facties. EvilTwin may spout some facties as well...

cousner fr bloggerese (cous ner) A step-cousin. My step-kids have three cousner's. They are my sister's kids

cuzed fr bloggerese (cuz ed) Having sex with a cousin. In Montucky, there is a class in high school called cuzed.

readew fr bloggerese (read eeewwww) A really bad text message. (see here and here)

seysawa fr bloggerese (say saw a) The Inuit Tribe that decided to not cross the land bridge and perished in northern Russia. The Seysawa tribe has not been seen for a long time. Say what?

bloutpot  fr bloggerese (blout pot) Really really bad weed. The car accident didn't harsh my buzz as much as the bloutpot.

valiouta fr bloggerese (val ay out a) The act of a valet bringing your car back from valetville.  I was waitng way to long for the valiouta, and I got really cold.

tranopat fr bloggerese (armys fug) Pat..if I`have to explain this you need to youtube it...

rator fr bloggerese (ra tor) A person that fills out numerous cyberweb surveys. My mother fills out a survey every day, she is a rator.

malls fr bloggerese (malls) seriously? You need to ask what this means?

dished fr bloggerese (dish ed) Tossing a pass in basketball. Rip dished to Tayshon in the paint!...He scores!!!

award fr bloggerese (a ward)  A prize given to DESERVING people. Like Me! yup! I got another award, from my pal and BIA MUSTANG SALLY....thank you! thank you! THANK YOU!!!!

thank you fr bloggerese (thank you)  A phrase of gratitude. I want to say thank you everyone that reads this blog and of course MUSTANG SALLY, cuz she bestowed this prize to me...

Just Another Day In Paradise fr bloggerese (JADIP) it is Just Another Day In Paradise!!!


  1. Thanks for the advertising for our blogs. I sure appreciate it. Just 1 more follower and I hit 50. Very exciting. Lots of new blogs to read too.

  2. Barb...
    it will happen soon....but that is sooo awesome...

    i never thought i would have 10 followers...

  3. You might be proud to know that evil twin is a banned site in the UAE. Would love to read, but it's been judged inappropriate!

  4. And you are MY 50th Barb, so thank you! Feels like some kind of milestone. I been so hit and miss with my jumpy week that I bounced right over to your blog to become YOUR 50th also (wouldn't that have been cool) BUT when I got there realized I just started following in the last few days and didn't even remember it ... so it won't be me.

    Bruce, you are very welcome and quite deserving. I know that when I'm having a shitty day I can pop on the computer and click your link and within a few minutes I'll be smiling. Thank YOU for that.

    I'm sorry I haven't made it to EvilTwins blog yet ... but I will get there eventually. It's just that you've had me checking out so many links lately I haven't yet made it to that one ;) but I know I can find it through here.

    And oh yeah. Scratch the spot behind Tuckers ear that he likes for me.

  5. Sarah- proud is the word. yup...that is f*ing cool!!! suffice it to say, there is a lot of f-bombs and other jackassery involved...i have been banned by a whole country, and that is cool...i guess i could clean it up...nah..that will never happen...i guess i could copy and paste it into an e-mail, but that would prolly get you arrested or something...

    MS-thanks again for your kind words and the cool award...tucker has been scratched and will be working on his latest blog after i go to bed..

  6. Thank you for the shout out Darl'n. Cool award, dont have that one myself. Congrats.

  7. Sorry I hadn't made it over here to give my congrats yet.

    But CONGRATS!!!

    Well deserved.

    Also, how do you link your blog on comments? I feel dumb asking this, but at the same time I don't know how to do it.


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