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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

tuesday with TuckMonster v4

 1. puppy love  no TuckMonster...
1.New York earthquake (rocking the big apple) 2.Eliza Dushku (exotic hot) 3.Kara DioGuardi (no idea who this is will somebody google it for me?)4.Vitamin supplements (drugs) 5.Credit cards (are very bad for you)
6.Michael Douglas (old guy) 7.Kardashian debit cards (very stupid) 8.Hair restoration (bald faced lie) 9.Carnie Wilson( fat again?) 10.Eva Longoria (super hot)

no i am not wearing contacts

     this week i was with daddy a lot. we were OTR. i do not know what that means to daddy but i know what it means to me. it means playin'. playin'. playin'. and sleepin in daddy's bed. and drinkin daddy's candyian whiskers.  
yucky daddy pop!
     although i promised Mustang Sally at functionalkaos i would not drink daddy's drink, this weekend i did. right after a made him drop it. cuz he was not payin' attention to me. so i jumped from my couch to his chair and the drink spilleded. i did not get much and it was yucky anyway, but i think daddy's red hair was agoin' as he says... 
     gdammit! tucker! which is not my name...cuz my name is tucker, not gdammit tucker. daddy is so funny. i think he is old and he forgets a bunch of stuff. like that my name is tucker, not gdammit tucker. 
     ....but then we were playin'. playin'. playin'. cuz dady loves me. he says i am the bestest dog in the whole world. and he proves it to me cuz he takes me everywhere. like to the big orange store. where he buys stuff to cuss at. like that stuff he put around the scary area in mommy's and mylibeans bathroom. daddy called it a shower from hell.
     i don't know what hell is , but i do know i will not go more than three steps into a bathroom. and daddy was in there a long, long, loooooong time. fixing something. and cussing.
    i was ready to i went and got all my toys. well, all of them that i could find cuz i have lots and lots of them. and i set them all by the door. and daddy tripped over them. then he bounced around and fell on the ground like he was ready to play. i jumped on him. and again he called me gdammit tucker. and then he laughed and said, "go for a ride?" i got all wiggly-jiggily, and ran to the truck.
   we got in the truck and we had to go back to the orange store. daddy was cussing about plumbering and three trips for everyf*ing plumbering job...he did not seem happy. but i was. i. was. happy. happy. happy. cuz iwas goin' for a ride. with daddy.
    when we got to the orange store and i jumped out of the truck. daddy made me get back in the truck. i was not happy.not. happy. at. all. so i dumped daddys cup of coffee over while he was gone. and i found a stick in the backseat so i chewed that up in daddy's seat. he was not happy either...again he called me gdammit that my real name? i don't think name is tucker...
    so we played all weekend. i slept on daddy's bed. i played with all my toys and went on lots of rides. we watched lots of sports and daddy stared at the 'puter a bunch. i barked at him all the time to get him to play with me. cuz we played a lot.
   mommy and mylibean came home from where ever they were and it was all kinds of happiness cuz they were gone for like three dog years...or four days. i don't know but they bought me a new collar. daddy laughed at it and said it was girlish. which must mean it is

see my new girly collar...girly must mean cool!!!
i find it funny that when mommy ad mylibean are home daddy does not call me gdammit tucker. not at all...there's a squirrel...gotta go! gotta go! gotta go!


  1. .Kara DioGuardi was a judge on American Idol for two years (don't quote me on the time)


  2. CBG-

    gave you some love on my EvilTwin site, cuz you had the answer for the AI judge...thanks!

    in my "follow me on this" post i give the secret recipe for making your link html compatable, fyi...

  3. Bruce you crack me up. Do you have any other personalities that we haven't met yet? haha.

  4. BB-

    i am thinking of one for after the first of the year but it is still a long way from life, and i do not have all the details...

  5. Tucker is very observant. And he's right about "plumbering" jobs taking three trips to the store. I hate "plumbering" as much as Tucker's dad.

    I am really enjoying "Tuesdays with Tuckmonster". Give him a treat and tell him he's a good boy!

  6. Tucker, you need to tell your owner that he needs to call you by your real name so you stop being confused!

    And MS is right, Canadian Whiskers is a bad drink for a dog. But if you really want it, you have to get him to spill it on a wood or tile floor.


  7. @Dr snarky- thanks...i am a good boy!!! treat? treat? did someone say treat?

    @Kara- im a puppy...and boy puppy...i will always be confused...but i like the idea of spilling on the tile...

    signed tucker

  8. TUCKER!!! I am so disappointed :( I KNOW sometimes you just have to try things for yourself, but if you were going to break your promise I would have hoped it would be for something GOOD ... like tequila. Canadian Whiskers ... no, scratch that ... ALL Whiskers is just nasty! You don't want to grow up to be dumber than a box of rocks do you?

  9. oh lord! it is girly! Tuck!.... even Kalei got a camo star urban collar!... It compliments her tortie color fur....hope yours doesn't have a silly bell.. we definitely know where K. is at all times!.

  10. @MS- iam sorry i was just being a puppy nad daddy was ignorering me and watching sprots...daddy says somtimes that i am dumber than a box of rocks, but then he laughs and i lick his face..i will try to find some of this tequillliya your talking about...

    @KBF- mommy put a tag on my collar so i kinda jinglly around the house...daddy says he will find a red collar and just kinda lose this one...


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