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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

wednesday night's a great night for bloglove...

1.Sextillion (how many followers i should have) 2.Reese Witherspoon (hotty hot hot hot)
3.Jon Gruden (dumb jock) 4.Pompeii collapse (or my last bundt cake experiment)
5.Depression drugs (make me sad)
6.Kim Zolciak (another reason to...i forgot...whatever...)
7.Hanukkah (happy hapy) 8.Susan Boyle (???)
9.Unemployment benefits (are not enough cash to live on)
10.Background checks Big brother is watching over you)

   it is official. my editor quit. he sucked anyway, but now i have to do all the edits, so if this is worse than the usual unrefined BS, sorry...well, not so much, but..

    It is official. In the month of November, I managed to sucker cajole amass 1037 page views. That is 30 over hits a day...34.567 to be exact....and my mom doesn't even read my blog...I know, who is the .567 page views? Prolly the TuckMonster. He is only a little over half a human...i know that is not that much, but c'mon, my mom doesn't even read this so that has to count for something, right ...i mean a mom is good for at least 10 hits a day right?....however...I gotta say...


   The best part of blogeringglife is sharing. Our thoughts, our hopes, our dreams and...AWARDS!!! I got two this month and one a hell of a long time ago, but i did not have any one to give it to, so now it is time to pay it forward..

firstly.... the Creative Blogger award.
I got this from Carol Lynn at pop and ice way back when i first started bloggering,
but i did not follow too many blogs so I just kept it... 

this award is going to
    Chrissy at Kalie's Best Friend cuz she is very creative and i (and TuckMonster) yike her stuff.. she makes an awesome collage and then has a post that ties it all together..check her out!!
  Karen at My Blather, by Karen Sather, cuz she always has a great group of pictures and. and. stuff.
like poems and little quick read stories...and cuz she's from Minnesota, where I was conceived...
    Barb at this and that cuz she always has a great blog and was my first BIA at the EVILTWIN site...
    Lynne H. at Bits of paper and Glue pics, poems and an awesome style. plus she thinks i am funny...
if you don't check out these blogs you will be missing out...

secondly....the happy !)! 101 award. and since i do not know who has what f*ing award, i am just gonna throw it out there...if you have it twice, sorry, just pay it forward to someone else and what ever...but i am giving it to you because of what you mean to me and my bloggeringlife
i got this from Mustang Sally at functional kaos

    Krissy at Talkative Taurus. She is a sports fan, so I love that about her, and she is thinking about adopting a pet...eventho' it is a cat... and she is a great person...even if she is a Pens fan...but we are still friends... and her blog is real and I like that about her. Go check her out.
    Sarah at sandpit diaries...She alerted me to the fact that my EvilTwin is banned in UAE...and BTW, Sarah, due to a glitch in my follow BIA button I realized I am not following you, but I will correct that soon...
   Minx at dribble... a Australian of impeccable taste...she also has another blog that is kinda naughty, but i confess to having sneaking a peak at it a couple times...
check these out as well...these bloggerers are the bomb-diggity!!
   Cb Michaels at Canadian Blogger Girl...she needs a bit of happy happy joy joy and...BTW, your husband will go to the doc as soon as he can't handle it any when you start peein' blood...Jus' sayin'

 tanned hide blog award...
I got this award from Kara at  visions unto myself
these people all follow my other blog,
but when you have as many personalities as i do...
they all just blend together...

      Mrs. Hyde at a bitch called mom.  I  know she just got this award from Kara at  visions unto myself but I was gonna do it before she did. But Kara doesn't write two blogs..and she is cool, so I guess great minds think alike..and it is the thought that counts... and Mrs. Hyde is a self proclaimed Awards whore, so WTF.. plus, she will have to give it out to two people...and that is work, so she will love me for that..
     Oilfield Trash at make daddy a sammich cuz he rocks and all that...he is a funny, funny guy,  follow him or i will be disappointed...and we all know at This time of year it is not good to disappoint people..
   it snowed to day...i feel a nasty bout of tourette's Syndrome comin' on...better get over to the EvilTwin Blog and purge my nasty...
    The Empress at the ranters box...cuz she rolls like evil twin does but not as coarse...and is funny and a ranter...check her out...

   i love blog love and it truly is


  1. Awwww, bruce... I am truly touched!! I got my first award from you!.. I think. OMG how special is that??? Even though I am not near 101 posts yet, I will cherish it! And yes, I tried to adopt another animal, but my dog Bailey is my love. It didn't work out (because she tried to eat the kitten!) so I'll have to adopt another dog. I think she reminded me we are canine people anyway. :) But you will never convince me that I'm a Dead Wings fan. Love ya, my new friend! And thank you SOOOO much for giving me the shout out.

  2. Congratulations to all the award winners! I've found a lot of blogs I like through Bruce and I'm sure if I can ever get all the way caught up on my blogroll I'll be adding a few more now.

    You just keep on making my "to do" list longer Bruce, and when you're not expecting it I'm going to spring a photo of "Spiderzilla" on you. I've been holding out with that one because I think it will make half my posse want to run and hide.

    ah, I just kidding ... well not about Spiderzilla, but about using the pic in retaliation for finding me things I like to read ;)

    Good job mate.

  3. Whoo hooo, thank you bruce, i love it. I now have the cupcakes form you for Dribble and from Mrs Hyde for Secret Pleasures and we all know you can't have too many cupcakes.

  4. Well, Bruce, I am touched!. U are the first to give me a creative award!. I will definitely display it on my page!. Love your two pages as well and also your pup!. :-)

  5. Thank you, honey! I am more than happy to get this award twice. That means I kick twice as much ass!

  6. Thank you for the award. I will post about this on Friday.

  7. Thanks Bruce! You made my day! Btw - hubby went to the doctor today, said "doctor" (military doctor, just saying) that hubby had a cold/virus, handed it off to our daughter and I and then we gave it back to him in a different strain!?! Quack doctor.


  8. are welcome...

    @krissy- you deserve the award...# of posts are overrated...content is the sizzle....adn i do understand about the wings thing...i wouldn't have it any other way...cuz now when the pens and wings meet in the scf...i will have someone to joust with about the game...not just me homies...

    @chrissy- wow...i can't believe you have not gotten a creative award...cuz girl you are creative!!!

    @Mrs. hyde- girl you more than double rock! and more than kick double ass!!!

    @OFT- dude you are funny. and don't pull punches...can't wait to read your post!!

    @CBG- glad i made your day. you sunded so bummed.. and now you know why guys don't like docs...they are all quacks...oh and guys don't need docs cuz that's why god invented duct tape, and you can always just rub a little dirt on the wound...

  9. @ mynx- and these cupcakes are magical cupcakes...they have no calories..

  10. Thanks for this Bruce. I appreciate it more than you know.

  11. Wow, I am totally impressed, happy, thrilled and feel really, really good with your kindness and the nice things you said about my blog! I am so new to this blogging world and I just have soooo very much to learn....just keep giving me the FYI's in case I don't know what is going on! Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

  12. Thank you so much for the recognition Bruce. I feel truly honored. I will be sure to put the award up in the trophy case later this week.
    Big hugs!


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