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Sunday, March 6, 2011

sunday snippet 3 06

1.Anna Faris (hot! very hot!)
2.Miley Cyrus (preggers, is her father is the father? If so, would she be a father f*cker?)
3.Heart Attack Grill (stock plummets after spokesman dies)
4.Gary Busey (has a heart attack)
5.Bedbugs (bite, don’t ya wish they would just nibble?)
6.Courtney Love (hole is an adequate description)
7.Isla Fisher (loves me, and I love her…hellz yeah! cuz she is hot!!!!)
8.Airline pretzels (discontinued, due to high cost)
9.Flu (the fifth season)
10.Wisconsin layoffs (and the economy just keeps getting better and better.)

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I got a new 'puter today. The old one was just too slow and froze up too easily!

It has been a struggle to get it set up....

right outta the box, my ass.

Oh and by the way, windows 7 is a much more difficult thing than I thought it would be. I am not sure I like it. I am  getting used to the old keyboard, but I really haver to re-learn the touch.

But the worst thing is the drivers for the printer, a lexmark, do not work, and the disc was not loading and well..fuck me freddy...

It is fast as shit, though, and that makes it all worth it? I can look at your posts at uberspeed now...

still cannot type for shit...

see ya's all later!

Just Another Day In Paradise!


  1. Shit's getting more technical and less intuitive day by day.. Survival of the (very) fittest amigo

  2. Good for you for the new puter! You deserve it!!

  3. congrats on the new computer mr. speedy

  4. Congrats on the new puter :D

  5. I'm just lucky my guy is an IT guy. He makes it look so easy it would make you sick. hahah

  6. Windows 7 sucks. I'm still tryna figure it out and I got my laptop back in July.

  7. I need a new puter too so I am having puter envy of your new one. Grrrrrrr!

  8. Don't mind windows 7 but I moved from xp.
    I love your new puter cause it sent me an email. :)

  9. Yeah, I remember when I bought my new computer. At the time Vista was all the rage but I hate it so much that I spent an extra $90 to have XP loaded into it.

    Best $90 I ever spent.

  10. hand of zues- absotively- posolutely

    Sis- yup...i had a little help from mom, tho', cuz i don't have the cash...

    becca- coolio julio! now i am speedy gonzales!

    Jax- thanks! i loved your saturday post BTW!

    crets- lucky you! i had to struggle and i ended up getting a driver that was not the best, but at least the printer will print...lexmark dropped the ball on this one...

    hyde-im gonna be there with ya...i do like the upgrade of excel tho'

    mynx-i had xp...i am slow to change, but whatever...i guess all i have to do is send you emails to make tou smile! awsome!

    lyndy-it was just amtter of time before i got all redheaded on my lappys ass and tossed i had a lot of help from my just spending all my inheritance early...

    g-yeah, i hear ya...i will give this a try, but if it is too sucky i will have a friend help me load xp...

  11. Yeah a new puter... thats great but sometime the advance programmes are a pain as they are so much more complicated.

  12. Give me windows 3.1

  13. Yay for new computers!

    I'm diggin' this new font, too, boss. It kinda looks like how Tucker would right.~ ^_^

  14. New computers rock! Even though they take a little while to get used to. The speed is unbelievable when you look at your old one. Congrats! Tucker will be thrilled to see how fast things load since dogs are so A.D.D. :)

  15. I always love getting a new computer. Even if it'll be outdated in a matter of weeks.

  16. I love new computers almost more than new phones. I don't get a new computer as much as I get new phones however. That's ok. I LOVE mine.

    Good luck with Windows 7.

  17. bubbles-the learning curve is great but i am getting it!

    G- and tape drive!

    kat-it was tuckers choice!

    krissy-tucker loves the new black box! he never did like the laptop...i did, but a good lapy is still really pricey...

    beer 4 shower-i picked one out online saturday night and it was no longer available on yeah, i hear ya!

    shelby-windows 7 is a trip thru hell...and i hate my phone...but only cuz i have verizon...


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