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Friday, March 4, 2011

thematic foto friday 136 doubles

1.John Stamos (new and a half man?)
2.Selena Gomez (new single is a flop!)
3.Tia Mowry (preggers and loving it…who cares?)
4.Martin Sheen (disowns chuckles)
5.Car recalls (auto re-dial?)
6.Elizabeth Hurley (evil villian to new wonder woman…well she IS a woman…)
7.Heart Attack Grill (575 lbs spokesman dies at 29…hmmmm, things that make ya go…hmmm)
8.New Bible (removes words like booty and virgin? Wow, what about penis and vagina?)
9.Gabrielle Giffords (remarkable recovery!)
10.BlackBerry (newest crunchberry cereal, Blackberry the Pirate! Comes with free cell phone…capturing the booty! And subduing the virgins!)

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I am Tucker! I AM THE PUPPY!

My goal of World Dogmanation
is going well!

bonus tUcKeR 2SdAy

Daddy and I have a double treat for you today!
playin! and chewin!
i am tucker!
i DOUBLE as daddy's
bestest friend!
this toy DOUBLES
as a fetcher and
a chewer!

Today's Theme is doubles!

Tucker's take
youz noze
2 nose
two too smell youz
 daddy's take!
doubles balls
on the ground
one ball's
in the air!
double trouble
2 get doubled hit by
the ball
youz threwz
tooz doubled
spin this that spins at around the cups
on the cusp
tucker's take!

this is where i do double duty
i eat with my snooty!
and lickity with my tongue from a bowl
cuz youz all will be to knowl

daddy's take!
double shot of coffee!
double shot of vodka!
breakfast of champions?

double double

2 many shots
2 many cups
double good?


double dose
of medicine
makes me all
good again!

For more of this incredible display of
stop by Carmi's site at WrittenInc


  1. I hate when I get my double balls on the ground with my snooty. :(

    I need a setup like Tucker's for my dog farm. They knock their water all over the places. Pssh. Animals.

  2. Tucker is way too cute for his own good as alwayz...he's even good with the rhyming!

    Such a talented puppy he is...Good Boy Tucker!!! You get double belly scratches & double treats!!!

  3. Love the double act of Tucker and "Sir Bruce the Sexy"

    Great pics guys

  4. Tucker, you take such good pictures for not having opposable thumbs! What a talented pup you are. After you give Daddy double lickety licks, tell him you need one (or two) of those Kong toys. They can take hours and hours of your chewin' and playin'!

  5. Shame about the Heart Attack Grill guy.

  6. You are freakin' funny and so is your dog. Glad you were up to writing this blog. Love ya, Sis.

  7. Aww, good ol' Tuck.. I certainly understand the 'double as Dad's friend'....
    Surprised u didn't post the double mint twins!

  8. Bonus Tucker - that's da' awesome.

    Daddy's breakfast is very interesting. heehee - what a fun house you guys live in. I love it.

    Hope you are feeling better today and thank you for the post.

  9. You have the funniest dog known to man. Way to rock a post Tucker!

    ....ohhh and you too Bruce, babe! ;)

  10. tucker says!
    beer 4 shower-i still get food and water all over the place...silly human, it is all part of the MASTER plan...

    AP-daddy did give me doubly belly scratches and doubly treats! it was a good suggestion! but everyone loves me...

    OfT-i am a puppy and i designed it my self! cuz i am awsomish like that!

    Mynx-daddy is still blushing, and i think he is really goofy...i am the puppy! so i really make all the decissions!

    On My Soapbox- mommy bught me a kong and i chewin'ed it up...i chew chew chew ever.y.thing! i gave dddy lickity licks to wake him up this morning...he may have slept for.e.ver... i did have a bit of help with some of the pics, but woof recognition software haz come a long way!

    Dudemeister- daddy says- yeah it was, but dude, he was 575 lbs...that cannot be too healthy...

    BB- daddy says! thanks sis! steadily better this week...tucker says! i am the genius behind daddy...

    kbf- daddy says- he is my bestest friend! just like kalie! i actually looked for a shot of them but them got sidetracked...this one actually took a bit of time...soem kind of problem with uploading and googlemonster...

    skippymom- yeah, daddy was gonna do it all byz hizself and i tolds him i had some great ideas...

    jewels-I am funny~ I am THE PUPPY! i knowz (hehe) what is funny...daddy was not very funny until i showeded him stuff and things...he is getting better, but without me, he was just sad!

  11. Tucker is a beaut. Glad he doesn't take the coffee!

  12. You've done a great job with the doubles, I wouldn't even know where to start with it... except double trouble!

  13. I always love Tuckers posts... a doubly talented dog

  14. haha! a double double coffee here in canada means something waaaaaaaaaay different

  15. tucker says!

    becca- 2s is better...

    bob- thanks bob! coffee is yucky!

    bubbles-you would do this amazingly, you are very talented!

    G-thanks G!

    kage- so what is it? does it involve more than one dog? never mind...

  16. Double balls on the ground. Okay. One ball in the air. How? This logic only works if one were equipped with three balls I feel like I was shorted at birth.............AGAIN

  17. tucker says...

    ib- i have had no balls since just after about cheated...

  18. Bruce as great as ever, your take on double rocks! Each and everyone (quoted and shot!) of them!;)

  19. Karen- thanks for your kind words!


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