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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

tUckEr 2sDay 3 01

Charlie Sheen (Insane)
Lindsey Lohan (Milka Wha?)
Charlie Sheen (Milka Who?)

Lindsey Lohan (Insane, also outsane)

there is nothing else that anyone is concerned about....

editors note: Seem to have come down with Kat's lung krud 

and Tucker is Playin. Playin. Playin.
Chewin. Chewin. Chewin.

so he can't be bothered to do anything other than hit "post now"

i will be back as soon as i can...

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i am dog!
see me stare!
i am tucker! i am a puppy! i am just over 1 year old, but i am still a puppy! it snowed again here in puppydise! i love the snow. daddy was snowblowing and i was playin!


i am digging the snow!
soooo much!
digging is the best thing!
nom nom nom!
i was talking to daddy the other day.
i told him all kinds of stuff
about mrs bunny
mr squirel.

i know lots of stuff. i am not afraid to tell people the stuff i know.  i am also very funny. i tell lots of jokes! And i told daddy about all kinds of stuff. and really funny jokes! then i said
but that is what mrs. bunny said!

funny stuff

the other day i told daddy that we needed to go more places this week. it has been a long time since i went to the big orange store, or anywhere, for that matter. that is not acceptable. he did take me to the place with a lake that we could walk on. and to his friend Marci's house.

but i ask you?

if we do not go more places how will i complete the task of

world dogmanation?

heheheheh! that was funny.
i am still laughing about the funny joke i made up.
world dogmanation!
you are getting very sleepy!
i hope that we go see some fun stuff this week. daddy said  we may go on a roadtrip tomorrow!


  1. Oh Daddy, so sorry you have Kat's lung krud, hope you feel better soon (still staying away from those nasty smokes I hope)
    Oh Tucker you are such a funny puppy. Dogs have much better jokes than cats.
    Cats seem to think it is funny to throw up in the passageway so humans can step in it. bleh

  2. Dang - none of the pictures came up for me Tuck. sigh...but you are a funny boy.

    And your father is bent. Just the way I like 'em.

    We are still looking for a big boy sweater for you.

  3. I'm glad you like snow. You should like it doubly as much since I don't like it. That way the world evens out.

  4. My lil' shayla loves the snow too as long as it isn't too cold and freezes her lil' paws.

  5. fell off blogland for a while, and just came back to find you haven't changed a bit. Well done Tucker. Hope daddy's better soon so he can take you out.

    Did you know that a chew-hide in the shape of a shoe is more expensive than an everyday normal shoe in Dubai? But us sand nomads all wear flip-flops, so we're pretty cheap...

  6. love Tucker and he is right he needs to have world dogmanation he is to cute not to

  7. Tucker is adorable and funny just like his daddy. Hope you recover from the kat's lung krud soon!

  8. omigod, tucker and my baby boy billy should have a snow play day. they would go ape shit!

    and i love the pic of tucker laughing, lol

  9. Tucker, you will always be a puppy as far as I'm concerned. Peace out dawg.

  10. tucker says...

    Oily- me too! and so does daddy!

    Mynx- i like cats...they make dogs look better...and world catmanation just doesn't sound right.

    Skippymom- Daddy says he ca't wait for a sweater!

    Kara-i doubly lovered snow for you!

    Ckrets-cold paws and frozen paws suck

    sarah- i loverly shoes, but i don't ever chew on them, i just move them aorund the house, cuz it is funny..nice to see you back!

    becca-i love you too! i lickity your whole face!

    empress-thanks..daddy is going to drink soem nyquil and go to bed....daddy and i are still praying for you and your friends. we know you will be back someday soon and we will be there for you..(daddy said this is kinda a two post comment and you would know what it means)

    Lyndylou-thank you!

    Kage-it would be totally awesome...dogs love snow...and trucks!

    ib-yes i will!

  11. Tucker, make sure you lickety lick lick lick Daddy until he gets better!

  12. I knew I love Tuesdays for a reason. Even if it's Wednesday. Tucker brightens my day. But maybe that's because my dog keeps pissing on the floor and yapping. Trade you for a day...?

  13. Big Hugs Tucker!
    I had some snow here and Moo rolled a big ball and almost rolled me in it. But I escaped.
    Then the rain came and washed my fun away. Sad me.

    Moo says a big Hello to Daddy. Tell him she smiled on the 27th because of his note!

    Bye, Lucy with fur.

  14. He really does look like he's laughing in the one photo. I love it. he is sooo freakin cute. Bring him over for a play date with my Bowen.

  15. I love Tucker he's such a cool dog - looks like he's having a blast with the snow

  16. tucker says!

    chief/dad- you don't neeed to say hi to daddy, everyone KNOWS i am the brains here! i am a puppy! i am smart!

    on soap box- i did lick lick lickity him and he si still kinda sick. he did better the past two days and we even went some places. then he came home and took naps on the couch with me! WIN/win!

    Lucy with fur-i will let daddy know. i am waiting for you to come over for a playdate! the snow will be gone soon, but then it is fishing season!

    JM- daddy says he would love to go on a road trip! i would love to come over for a play date! it would be fun!

    G-i love snow! i am a cool dog! i always have fun! i am a puppy! daddy says you know a lot about fun too, and he is goin to win some money from those bar tricks!


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