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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

tUckEr 2sDaY

editors note: the opinions expressed on this page are that of a puppy....
no representaions expressed or implied are legally binding...

i am a puppy....


i maded you worrieded again with my adultedness...
it is nearly summer
daddy says i have no concept of
we will go to the  beach!
i am wearing a
cuz it is cool.
capes are!
some people may call it a towel...
i call it a cape!
i am a puppy...

1.Palin parents (sleep with guns…too bad they didn’t use a condom)
2.Demi Lovato (getting fat = preggers?)
3.Muslim hearings (are getting heated)
4.China ambassador (falls asleep at meeting)
5.Gwyneth Paltrow (my latest stalker…)
6.Dragon Age II (sucks)
7.Facebook movies (are banned in most countries)
8.Brad Womack (loser)
9.Katy Perry (nice rack)
10.Day of gladness (seriously?)


this week the JADIP blog is sponsored by
a collage of words and images that make you think and feel

i am Tucker. i am a puppy. puppies are cool. daddy's friend Mynx-y has a kitty. her kitty posted a blog this weekend. kitties are cool, but they think they are better than puppies.  so do bunnies and squirrels. they are all just wishin' they were...

tru cool...or trey cool.

like me!

they are not!

i am a puppy.

puppies are the bestest!

now that daddy got a new 'puter, i have decided that puppiness is one

My site was nominated for Best Animal Blogger!

go vote for me and daddy now if you haver not alreadies doned this!~
daddy and i went all over the place this week but daddy is so lame that all of his pictures of me on ginormous snow mountains did not turn out at all! he said it is cuz i am so fast, cuz puppies are fast, and move like the wind. i do. i am a puppy.

i have lots of puppiness.

we did go many places and i made many more people my friends.! loves me!


saturday the snow was melting and it was raining, so the garage got floodeded. daddy made lots of frowning faces and said lots of cussing. i am begining to think daddy does not like ice. he said lots of cusses when the REDWINGS lost after being up 4-1 heading into the third...

they play hockey on ice, don't they?

i lickity lickity daddy and he laughed.

while daddy was preventing the house from flooding and  was not paying much attention, i got on the 'puter and played with the video stuff. 

i made a little movie for your enjoyment! 

see you next week when we discuss very importanter stuff about things...


got you again...
you thought mebbe i was growed up


  1. "1. Palin parents (sleep with guns…too bad they didn’t use a condom)"

    haha! tucker! you naughty boy. but you are right about capes, they are pretty cool.

    tell your daddy i voted for him :)

  2. That's a great video. Mine does the same thing. He'd rather chew it to bits than roll it around and play with it. Go figure.

  3. Tucker, puppies are the coolest. You made me giggle which made her highness stalk off flicking her tail in a rude manner. I think we need to get you two together for a playdate so you can teach her how to have fun

  4. Tucker you are so right puppies re cool and i voted good luck

  5. I'm so glad I already voted for you and your Daddy, are by far the coolest little puppy in all the land. Big puppy hugs to you. Have a fun day...and so glad you are lickity'ing your Daddy and making him laugh-he deserves lots of laughs. You keep making him smile, you good boy, you!

  6. THANK YOU FOR NOT MENTIONING CHARLIE SHEEN IN YOUR TRENDING! Bro, I'm so sick of hearing about him. Tucker's movie was very entertaining. Love the scene with the black screen! haha. Love ya, Sis.

  7. Tucker, you completely owned that ball; no "versus" about it, cutiepie.~

    Capes are indeed awesome. Especially for Super Puppies!!

  8. I really love that dog! With a cape, Onwards to the beach!!!

  9. Well, I'm off to check out Katy Perry's rack. Later.

  10. tucker tells us...

    Kage-thanks, i will tell daddy! he thought lots of people would like his comment on stupid palin...

    beer 4 shower-thanks for the vote...and chewin'=playin'

    Mynx- i love playdates! daddy has th eboat all packed to head down to see you...i will love to play with princess kitty then! daddy says he is bringing skippy and barb!

    becca- thanks becca! lickity lickity!

    jewels- lickity lickity to you! happy daddy = happy tucker....and this is all about me!

    sis- daddy says that LL and CS will not trend anymore. i am a puppy. i know things! dadddy sends his love!

    kat- daddy says you rocked a jumpsuit so you know all about super heroing, just like me SUPERPUPPY! i am thinking of a sequel, and wearing a cape..and i so owned mr ball!

    elexerdelex- the beach is the awesome! so are capes! on to the beach!

    OFT- thanks!

    dudemeister- they are awesome! but being a puppy i am a leg man!

  11. I'd love to hear the story of the super hero pup that saves the stick.... that cape really suits you now you just need some glasses and a cigar :D

  12. Puppiness it is! Fun, fun, fun, that's what puppy's love.

    As always a sweet "puppiness" post Tucker!

    Lucy is sleeping in front of "her" fireplace but I know she sends you "puppy-love" and in a few minutes I'm going to wake her up and take her for a long walk!


  13. I love Tucker tuesday - cool vid

  14. bubbles- daddy says i can have glsses and a cigar after i get a job! i have to pay for mys owns stuffs...i will be making a movie about my stick saving heroics when the weather gets warmer!

    jenny-say hi to lucy with fur and send her over for a playdate!

    g-thanks! i keep telling daddy it is me they love! i should be here every day!

  15. Hi Tucker and Tucker's daddy - Moo has sent over all the stuff for my play date with you.

    Can't play play...

    Bye for now,
    Lucy with too much winter fur - time for Spring and a lighter coat! (but Moo says I look good in my fur coat!)

  16. Tucker, you are almost the coolest puppy ever, next to Bailey, of course. :) I voted for ya! And don't worry about your daddy fussing about those Red Wings. He's just being silly and rooting for the wrong team.

  17. lucy- have moo send again? daddy never got it?

    krissy- daddy says 6 finals, 4 cups, 20 straight the last 20 years, i don't know what that means...he says you will know WTH the is saying...and then he laughs!

  18. Tucker.. You are a good boy, but don't relay that kinda drivel, hon. I have a bone right here with your name on it that says you don't believe in that stuff your daddy says! :)

  19. I sent it again Bruce - hope it gets there!

    And...I hope your spirits have picked up, it saddens me to read that you are in a low spot.

    Anything I can say or do to cheer you up - just let me know! I'll even do a guest post if you need a day off.

    Sometimes when you're deep in the forest it's hard to see the light - but that's when you stop and listen instead.

    Hugs, Jenny


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