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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

tucker does facebook!

i am tucker

yes, virginia...

i, tucker,  hasis a facebook page...

check it and friend me now...

all the cool kids are doing it...

we will be playin'

be the first kid on your block to be a friend of tucker!

cuz you too can be...

just another dog in puppydise


  1. Tucker's so kick ass I added him to my favorite pages on my page! Awww yeah.


  2. I am so happy Bruce - and I laughed out loud at the VA reference. I can't tell you how big I am smiling right now.

    So cool. ::laughing::

  3. Tucker, you are such a clever and very cool puppy.
    I shall have to visit you on facebook :)

  4. What a talented puppy! So proud to be his Auntie!

  5. Who WOULDN'T want to be friends with Tucker?! I'm so in!

  6. tucker says!

    thanks to all my likers!

    i lickity like you back!

  7. Tucker, you are way smarter than me, because I don't do SpaceBook! I lickety you anyway. :-)

  8. I liked too and commented. Way to go Tucker

  9. tucker says!

    omsb- no problem, you come to see me here, okay? that i is just fine with me...

  10. tuker says!

    Lyndylou! good to see you on my fan page..or what ever it is ...daddy is kinda fb illiterate so we only did a page.

    momma said i should have my own account...after all i am world wide...

    daddy does not know how to do that so until i figure it out, just like ing me is all..


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